Learn How To Whisper In The Town Of Salem

Learn How To Whisper In The Town Of Salem


The Town of Salem is a game of coordination and collaboration between players to find a way out of town. All the suspects of the killings are confined in a single space and seek to find a way out. For this to be possible, players must rely on their strategy and schemes to ensure that they can indeed get out of the town alive. They must establish an equilibrium of their resources, alibis as well as their battling over the roles. Communicating with other players is also essential to the Town of Salem as this can help with the discussion of plans and strategy.

At the same time, though, you do not want to put these types of chats out in front of everyone to talk to and know that everyone is going to see what you are talking about. That is why you will want to know how to whisper to someone in the Town of Salem.

Then you can start to get a leg up on everyone and make sure you are able to get your strategy in place and working for you. But in case you don’t know what Town Of Salem is, here’s a brief intro.

What Is the Town Of Salem?

The Town of Salem is an online multiplayer game developed by BlankMediaGames. It’s a tactical game that is heavily focused on player mechanics. The developers had developed the latest version of this game for more entertainment.

The Town of Salem has a role in the players, which will have 100 roles in it. Players will select the best role which suits them. As the game is developed for meditative action, it is necessary for the players to find their role the best from the whole list. The game is crazy because every role has its own ability and weakness.

Important Points to Remember When You Whisper in Town of Salem

The first thing that you need to realize is when you are whispering, it will show up in the main chat. So basically, everyone will know that you are whispering to the other person in the game.

everyone can see that you are whispering

The message that every other live player will see in the main chat box will have something like this, “your name” is whispering to the other “player’s name.” So you will have to be careful how often you are talking to each other, or you could end up getting some suspicion aroused.

The second important thing you need to remember is that when you are communicating within the gameplay, the blackmailer in the game is able to read all of the messages you are sending and all the replies you are receiving.

That is going to hold true even if the blackmailer has been killed within the game.

How to Whisper in Town of Salem

example showing how to whisper in town of salem

To whisper in the game, you will need to do a couple of steps.

The first is you need to type the letter or words like this w/ pm/ or whisper/.

Once you have these types out, as shown above, you will need to put in a space after the slash mark.

After “one” space, you need to enter the player’s name, which you want to communicate.

Once you have completed the above-listed steps, you need to enter the text you want to convey to your fellow player.

Once you have received a whisper from someone, the next step will be to reply to them. In order to reply, you need to follow exactly the same steps as you do while initiating a chat.

Note: Make sure to double-check the player’s name you have typed in before pressing the “enter” button.

Now you might ask me why it’s important to double-check the name?

Well, by default, other players within the game can only see with whom you are chatting. They can’t read your private messages. So if you, by mistake, type in the wrong name and send your message, he/she will be able to read your private chat.

If you don’t want to get into the confusion, you can always use the user-id ( which is basically the numerical id of the player ) instead of the hame. This way, you will not be messaging “just” anyone and eventually will not be broadcasting your entire message to your enemy.

How to Block Someone

If someone is annoying you too much or is sending you spam messages, then you do get an option to ignore that player in the game.

Ignoring a player in the Town of Salem will essentially block their annoying messages from appearing in your chatbox. But remember that whenever they will try to contact you will hear the notification sound but stay assured that their’s message won’t be visible to you.

Please follow the steps listed below if you wish you ignore someone in your gameplay.

Your first step is to type the following in your chatbox: /ignore.

In your second step, you need the press spacebar for once, followed by typing in the player’s name you want to block. Instead of the name, you can also type the player’s number.

Your whole message should look like this: /ignore gamers_name_here.

Important note: You can only ignore any player when you are not in the lobby. When you are in the lobby, and that player is also there, you just can’t block their messages. Also, note that the ignore in the Town Of Salem works only for one specific session. So when you log out of the game and when you start your gameplay again, all players to whom you had ignored in your previous session will be unignored automatically.

How to Unignore Whisper in the Town of Salem

Well, let’s say you want to unignore a player to whom you blocked before in your gameplay session; to do so, you will need to follow the steps listed below.

First, in your chatbox, type the following: /unignore.

Then your second step is to press a spacebar and then type the player’s name or number.

Your whole command should look like this: /unignore the_gamers_name.

What’s Next?

Well, we would love to hear your comments on this guide. Also, if you have got any questions or suggestions, please share it with us in the comment section below.

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