Are you fascinated by LED light bulbs and have you used some of them in the last couple of years?

Are you considering getting a fancy light strip for your home to make doors and windows more attractive?

A few months ago, I was in exactly the same situation with these two questions. Some of my friends suggested that I take a look at some of the new LED light strips. That’s when I discovered Yeelight Aurora Lightstrip Plus and it changed my home completely.

It’s one of the most economical smart light I’ve ever bought. In this report, I will discuss what I found so impressive about these smart lights.

Easy UI

Smart lights have already become widely popular among people in the last few years. The ability to control the lights in the house with a cell phone is fascinating stuff. When I got Yeelight, I wasn’t expecting it to have such an easy user-interface.

If you are not a tech-savvy person and you use the mobile phone just to do a few quick searches, then all you need to do is install the Yeelight app on your mobile. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices, and so you can download them from the Google Play Store and Apple app store.


After the installation, as soon as you open the app, you will find several recommended colors, personalized color options, and the ability to adjust the brightness of the light. And, that’s all about it. There is nothing complicated about the user-interface once the lights are installed.

Build quality and design

A big plus-point of these light strips is their build quality. The strip is reliable and flexible, making it easy for everyone to install it in the places they want. I installed the lights on one part of the wall and the ceiling to give it an L-shape. There was no sign of any damage or anything while I was extending or folding the strip at the corner.

I also noticed there was an adhesive coating on the back. This helped me stick the strip on the wall easily. In fact, I tried sticking another strip on one of the wooden doors, and it did a fabulous job.

When I started looking for LED light strips, I never expected they would come with so many essential cables. My Yeelight Aurora Lightstrip Plus unit came with single-button remote, a connector cable, and a separate power cable. I opened the light strip completely, and it measured more than 2 meters in length.

Another thing I was impressed with is the base-color. It was utterly white that made it easy to go with the other colors on the walls and furniture. Some of the fixtures even looked better after these lights were installed.

Furthermore, the whole strip is well protected with a laminated transparent coating. The transparent coating is waterproof, and so it protects the LEDs from accidental water splashes. Since the lamination runs throughout the length (end to end), you can expect it to keep the LEDs safe all the time.

What’s really amazing about this smart light is that you can purchase additional light-strips from Yeelight and then attach it with your previous unit. This unique modular functionality helps you to beautify your office or rooms without needing to connect multiple wires.

Color options

This is the part that has impressed me the most. I never knew the LED technology could provide more than 16 million colors in one single light strip. Yes, 16 million! That is exactly what Yeelight Aurora Lightstrip Plus offers to everyone.

You can also change the lights according to the time of the day like sunrise, sunset, birthday party, movie, night mode, and so on.

I tried all the variations, and the difference in color is fantastic. LEDs have been known to be too powerful to the eye, but that is not the case with Yeelight. The lights have a soothing effect on the room and look fabulous in my bedroom.

I even tried playing with the 16 million colors, and the room almost became a disco. You need to switch the lights on and open the app on your phone. Go to the tab where you can change the color of the lights manually.

There are millions of colors available. To change the color, all you need to do is to put your finger on any of the shade available in the app and keep moving the finger slowly on the screen. You will notice that the light strip starts changing the colors as your finger moves across the color palette.

The effect is absolutely mesmerizing. Once you have found the perfect shade, click on the save button and the shade will be applied. You can repeat the process if you need to change the color.

Third-party control

With the Google Home and Alexa both in my house, I tried using these voice-based smart speakers to operate the Yeelight.

I did check this feature while buying the unit because I don’t have my mobile phone around for most parts of the day.

Both the devices did really well to control the lights. They switched the light on when I told them to, changed colors, changed the mode, and switched the lights off as I commanded. There was no glitch, even for a second.

Bottom line

If you are looking for an LED light strip that will go easy on your pocket but will have a range of lighting conditions, then Yeelight Aurora Lightstrip Plus is the one to choose.

I was so lucky to find this at the right time and with so many lighting colors, I wish I had more to light the entire house with these strips.

This is the ultimate smart light that you will ever come across in the 3k INR budget. Don’t waste any more time and get this unit in your house as soon as possible because everyone will love it!