Let’s take a trip back in time, shall we? Remember the uncontainable excitement whenever a truly ‘new’ piece of tech graced our world? Well, fasten your seatbelts because on 26 July 2023, we were hit with a wave of nostalgia: enter the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5. A refreshing, adorable—not to mention, innovative—little device that feels like it’s winking at the past while striding confidently into the future.

Now, I’ve had my hands on a plethora of foldable smartphones and flip phones (including OPPO Find N2 Flip, and Motorola Razr 40 Ultra); I’ve felt the highs, endured the lows. But this? This was something to pause and marvel at. Let’s get the obvious out of the way: a bigger cover screen to play with, a hinge that whispers—no, promises—durability, and an SoC that feels like it’s been sipped from the elixir of tech gods. The screen? More resilient than ever. Battery life? It’s like the energizer bunny took a double shot of espresso.

But hold on, before you get too starry-eyed, there’s a slight catch. Our beloved Z Flip5 seems to have taken a little snooze in the camera hardware update department. Surprising, yes. A dealbreaker? We’ll delve deep.

So, join me, as we embark on this intricate dance of exploring every nuance, every crevice of the Galaxy Z Flip5. Dive in, for this is not just a Galaxy Z Flip 5 review—it’s a revelation.

Overall Design Aesthetics And Hinges

To me, a large screen smartphone enthusiast, the Samsung Z Flip 5 is more so about being ultra compact, functional, looking cute, and just being fun to use. And with its enhanced hinge design, it surely doesn’t skimp on the functional aspect. The phone fully closes, which significantly reduces dust entry – a past nemesis of flip phones.

Galaxy Z Flip 5 phone fully closes, which significantly reduces dust entry

Now, it feels even thinner when closed. It’s very small, fits in the palm of my hand, and it also effortlessly slides into my pockets, not protruding awkwardly. So. Yeah, I love that.

This revamped design of Flip5 surely builds upon those three core aspects, improving all of them. Another bonus: that gradual screen bend. It’s not just a design stunt; it’s a calculated move to amplify display longevity.

Currently, after a few weeks of my hands-on experience, the crease still looks pristine, showing zero signs of wear. And, you might find it interesting, but I’ve been navigating this device in light mode lately. Not just for the aesthetics, mind you. In light mode, that crease is even more stealthily concealed (check the image attached below).

in light mode crease of Galaxy Z Flip 5 is even more stealthily concealed

Weighing in at a mere 187 grams when folded, the phone’s ultra-light. I usually hold the phone near its base, and the weight distribution feels just right. And while on the topic of day-to-day usage, trying to flip this device open single-handedly is a feat. Yes, the absence of any discernible gap does render one-handed flipping nearly an impossible challenge. But, the counter-argument: opening and closing this phone? Oh, it still delivers that ultra-satisfying feel and visual treat.

Adding to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 phone’s resilience arsenal is its IPX Eight water resistance. It’s comforting knowing it can withstand up to 1.5m underwater for a good 30 minutes. And, not to forget that three-four inch cover screen – compact yet offering an immersive user experience.

Lastly, those hinges. They’re robust, resilient, and versatile. You can prop the Flip5 at almost any angle. Handy when binge-watching videos or venturing into hands-free photography. Indeed, it’s a marvel of engineering, embedded in a device that is so compact and delightful. The Galaxy Z Flip 5 is not just about innovation; it’s about perfecting the craft. And in this iteration, I genuinely believe Samsung’s gotten closer than ever.

Cover Screen (The Outer Display)

The Galaxy Flip with its latest iteration Flip5 brings you an upgraded cover screen which truly covers the entire top half of the phone – an upgrade from what wasn’t the case last year. But does the size of the flex window really matter? For YouTube aficionados, absolutely! Watching videos on this larger outer screen doesn’t feel too cramped. No longer must you flip this phone open to do anything. Accessing apps directly from the cover screen, feels like a breath of fresh air.

Galaxy Z Flip 5 Cover Screen

Now, onto the specifics: a resolution of 720×748, 60 Hz, and 306 ppi might make you think it’s not the sharpest tool in the shed, but honestly? It’s more than sufficient. Especially when you factor in a brightness of up to 1600 knits. Yes, you heard right. Your cover screen is easily visible outdoors, whether you’re checking your notifications under the midday sun or previewing your next Instagram hit.

1600 Nits brightness

Speaking of Instagram, the cover screen has an ace up its sleeve. It doubles – no, triples – as a camera viewfinder, main camera framer, and preview screen for those all-important selfies. I’ve fully relied on to frame up shots and, dare I say, took some of my favorite shots using this feature. Previewing the photo before it’s taken makes it easier to pose, especially when you’re aiming for that candid shot. And, while we’re diving deep into the camera functionalities, the software allows launching double pressing the power button or using the nifty Clock Face shortcut.

But here’s the pièce de résistance: hands-free photos are no longer a thing of the past. With the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5, showing just your palm can be incredibly helpful. Think of it as its own tripod, a feature I’ve actually used quite often. Whether you want to switch, shoot, video or portrait mode or freely zoom in and out, this cover screen has proven itself to be more useful than you would expect.

My verdict on the cover screen? The Galaxy Z Flip 5’s cover screen isn’t just a flashy addition; it’s a game-changer in the foldable Android phone realm. And for tech enthusiasts like us, it’s always thrilling to see what’s next on the horizon.


The Galaxy Z Flip 5’s allure isn’t merely in its sleek design, but in the lots of opportunity for “functional” customization it brings to the table. Peeling back the layers of this device, one discovers that Samsung’s latest venture is both chic and functional.

For those of us who have a penchant for personal touches, there are multiple customizable Clock Face templates available. But what I found to be one of my favorite customizations is the new Clock Face with the oh-so-practical Battery and Date widgets. They’re pretty much just the at-home versions of the typical clock face, yet they carry a certain charm.

Now, let’s talk cover screen. You can set a video, and whenever I wake the cover screen, it just starts playing. It looks really cool, giving your device a dynamic and lively front. Speaking of the cover screen, it’s very cute and very fun. It lets you not just enjoy pre-set features but also lets you run every home screen widget, opening a realm with lots of potential.

As for widgets? I must confess: I find the weather and stopwatch to be the most useful. Initially, I was excited about the Spotify widget, but with the default music player widget showing up, I thought, maybe the widget isn’t necessary. After all, it does the same job in playing tunes to set the mood.

It was a pretty funny thing that Goodluck multistar gives you— the capacity to run practically any app on this phone. So, if you ever want to switch things up, you know where to turn. And for those quick-access moments? It’s really convenient that the fingerprint scanner is nestled right on the power button.

Typing, however, does come with its quirks. On the cover screen, while the full keyboard has commendable haptics, it can be pretty hard to type. But then, isn’t that the case with most devices offering something new?

Physical Aspects of Galaxy Z Flip 5

For this section, we will focus our lens on the design intricacies and tangible appeal of this device. Now, when you first behold the Galaxy Z Flip 5, it’s adorably small and pretty refined; like a futuristic artifact you’d want on your desk. It just beckons; as if the phone is just sitting on the desk wanting someone to pick it up and explore.

On the top side, you’ll notice the AOD (Always On Display) – whatever the clock style is, I definitely wish there were more options. Alas, as of this moment, there’s no further way to customize it, and it holds the same options as the inner screen AOD. A tad restrictive, right?

Moving our gaze slightly, two diminutive camera bumps make their presence felt. Minimal, but there. Meanwhile, the back is where aesthetics have taken a leap; it boasts the robust Gorilla Glass Victus two and glossy finish – a shift from the previous matte. Every time I glance at it, it feels like a canvas yearning to match the texture of the cover screen.

As for the hues? Oh, they are a treat! Personally, I’m smitten by the new Mint color, which feels very fresh. But if minty shades aren’t your style, you can also get it in lavender, black, or cream. I think they all look great – vibrant, chic, and contemporary. And, the aluminum sides? They do more than just protect; they add flair. Yes, the aluminum sides do match the color of the phone, giving it a harmonious, unified appearance.

Diving into the soundscape, the Galaxy Z Flip 5 doesn’t disappoint. It comes embedded with pretty nice stereo speakers as usual. When you play your favorite tunes, it feels like the device is crooning in a language only tech aficionados would understand.

In summation, the physical attributes of the Galaxy Z Flip 5 resonate with modernity, sturdiness, and elegance. Though I wish there were a few more customization options, the design, and colors are undeniably a visual delight. This isn’t just another phone; it’s a statement.

The Screen of Galaxy Z Flip 5

Now let’s discuss perhaps the one most important feature of any smartphone that you will be interacting with every time you unlock it: the display. When you open up the Galaxy Z Flip 5, you’re greeted with a vast 6.7-inch expanse that, surprisingly, is just as tall as the big phones out there, namely the Galaxy S23 Ultra. I do like this aspect ratio; it’s still slim enough to easily hold and use, akin in width to the petite S 23.

At the top, there’s this unassuming hole-punch camera, nonchalantly gazing back at you, underlined by a screen protector that acts as a gentle guardian. I must admit, the bezels, a bit thicker than many contemporaries, bring a nostalgic nod to designs of yore – not quite the same, and I feel like, in today’s almost bezel-less world, they stand out.

But, it’s not all just about looks here. Functionality gets a boost too. Fancy a split screen? A simple two-finger swipe and voila – a divided kingdom of apps for your multitasking soul, really nice for this tall screen. And for those sunny escapades? Fear not; it’s bright enough to see even in direct sunlight, a significant leap brighter than the last gen, especially when juxtaposed with the S 23.

Now, onto a favorite of mine – the flex mode panel. It brings in some pretty cute themes that play into the bend, a special layout, like the Photo Gallery and YouTube. Speaking of YouTube, it gives you a trackpad along with some other controls, allowing a quick 10-second media skip – though, to be honest, sometimes it feels faster to just directly touch the screen.

Another thing to note is that while the Samsung Galaxy S Fold might be parading with deck support, the Z Flip 5 doesn’t dance to that tune. It makes no sense because all the specs suggest compatibility, considering they all have the same SoC. On its own, this screen feels pretty sturdy, setting the tone for a polished, functional user experience. So, while there may be a couple of quirks, the Galaxy Z Flip 5’s screen serves as a testament to Samsung’s unwavering push for innovation.

The Camera of Z Flip 5

Here comes that one aspect of a smartphone that can make or break its entire allure: the camera. Fortunately for all Samsung fans, Z Flip 5 presents a symphony of innovations with a few bum notes in between. Delve in with me; you’ll see what I mean.

At the forefront, only the selfie camera has seen some real improvements since the last generation. And as impressive as that might sound, there’s not much reason to use a selfie camera when you have the main camera and ultra wide for selfies with the updated and enlarged cover screen. Yes, you heard that right; ultrawide selfies do look pretty funny but, trust me, in a good way. The sky is well saturated most of the time, and streets in the back just naturally go out of focus, painting a serene backdrop for your selfie adventures.

But wait, there’s a caveat; both the Z Flip 5’s selfie camera and its ultrawide lens stick to one set focus. As you can see in my hair, and a few other sample shots, this makes for some limitations in depth clarity. Here’s what hits the heart a little: The Galaxy Z Flip 5 misses out on a telephoto lens. So when you’re zooming in, hoping for that intricate detail—well, the zoomed photos show just a tiny bit less detail. For many, this might be the worst compromise for a bigger cover screen. And if you’re hoping to rival the video quality of the S 23, keep in mind that the video is honestly just a touch less detailed, and the phone misses out on the cinematic flair of 8K video recording.

But, on the brighter side of the cosmos, the main lens is almost on par with its siblings—carrying the same main camera as the Galaxy S23. In good lighting, it’s a neck-and-neck race with the iPhone 14 Pro. And the photos? They capture the texture of things really well, being overall less oversharpened, so the photos stand out as pretty decent on this phone. The missing 50-megapixel sensor of the S23 and the absence of high-res photo modes (when compared to the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra) did pinch me a bit. Not everyone uses the high-res photo modes, but oh, I do miss it on this phone.

In essence, while it might not be the crowned jewel of camera tech, it’s just super fun to take pictures with it. And isn’t that what we’re truly seeking? A device that captures the heart as much as it captures a moment.

Performance & Battery Life of Galaxy Z Flip 5

Delving into the heart of the Galaxy Z Flip 5—its beating silicon core—there’s something you should know: it’s powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. Now, in my daily use, this chip performed on par with heavyweights like the S23 and Galaxy S23 Ultra. Surprisingly, it’s the first Android chip to be faster than Apple’s flagship SoC in GPU benchmarks; that’s a laurel worth noting.

What about battery life, you ask? The Z Flip 5 comes armed with a 3700 milliamp-hour battery which, for a small phone, is quite a bit more efficient. Actually, it’s around 20% more efficient during 1-hour social media use compared to its predecessor, which is a great result. But diving deeper: imagine streaming a 4K video at 75% brightness… and after a solid 3 hours, the Z Flip 5 only consumes 36% of its battery. In layman’s terms: it still did okay, especially for lighter tasks like going on social media.

Now, the world isn’t without its flaws and neither is the Z Flip 5. When pushing its Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 to the brink—like with the Wildlife Extreme benchmark game—it consumed 24% battery in just 40 minutes. The main concern? The Z Flip 5 thermal throttles rather swiftly; the top half of the screen is the hottest. However, it’s not too extreme… but, to be frank, that’s actually not a good thing. Consistency is key in the tech world; these spikes and troughs could be smoother.

And if you’re wondering about the charging times—brace yourself. Charging from a near-depleted 1% to a robust 77% takes a mere 50 minutes. Honestly, for its size and capacity, that’s impressive.

In conclusion, the Z Flip 5 strikes a balance between power and efficiency. Its main benefit is the efficiency; battery life isn’t even bad, especially for a phone of its stature. While there are areas of concern—like the aforementioned thermal throttling—on the whole, for daily tasks and performance needs, it’s an incredibly fast chip and the battery… well, it’s honestly still pretty okay.

Price of Galaxy Z Flip 5

Price tags in the tech world have always been a tricky tango—elevated with every iteration, every upgrade. The Galaxy Z Flip 5? It starts at $999. Now, before you pull out your calculators and budgets, I’ve delved into the nitty-gritty, and there’s an asterisk to this price point; technically, it’s even lower if you know where to look.

With a whopping 256GB of storage available right off the bat, one might think it’s already a sweet deal—compared to its peers, absolutely. But here’s the kicker: pre-order. If you’re one to hop onto deals before they’re even out in the market, Samsung’s throwing in a little bonus for you. With preorders, you can actually get a free storage upgrade.

Pause and ponder on that. Free. Storage. Upgrade.

It’s not just about the price; it’s about the value. In a world of cloud storage and monthly subscriptions, a free upgrade offers a tangible, no-strings-attached boost. The Galaxy Z Flip 5 is not only looking to save you some money upfront but is making a statement about the value you receive for every dollar spent.

In a market saturated with options and variations, the Z Flip 5 manages to stand out, not just by its specs, but by the sheer financial acumen behind its price structure.

Pros And Cons of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5


  1. Enhanced hinge design reduces dust entry and is more functional.
  2. Compact design fits easily into pockets without protruding.
  3. Gradual screen bend enhances display longevity.
  4. Weighs a mere 187 grams, maintaining a comfortable weight distribution.
  5. IPX Eight water resistance, allowing it to withstand being 1.5m underwater for 30 minutes.
  6. Comes with a three-four inch cover screen that provides an immersive user experience.
  7. The cover screen acts as a camera viewfinder, main camera framer, and preview screen.
  8. Offers multiple customization options, including dynamic cover screen videos and Clock Face templates.
  9. Large 6.7-inch main screen with multitasking capabilities.
  10. Main camera is comparable to other high-end models and captures detailed photos.


  1. No telephoto lens, affecting the clarity and detail of zoomed-in shots.
  2. Video quality is slightly less detailed and lacks the cinematic flair of 8K recording.
  3. Bezels around the screen are thicker than most contemporaries, making them more noticeable.

Final Thoughts on Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5

Let’s cut to the chase—I’ve really enjoyed my time with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5, but, and there’s always a “but,” it comes with its caveats. On the one hand, I’ve had a lot of fun exploring the unique and pretty good improvements in the software. These aren’t just throwaway additions; they genuinely augment a user’s day-to-day experience. And yet; there’s the itch of lacking better cameras—a surprise coming from Samsung—and not prioritizing the absolute best in display technology.

The addition of a bigger cover screen in Flip5, however, deserves its applause. It’s not just about aesthetics; it’s functional and genuinely useful, providing an expanded view of notifications and apps at a glance. It’s clear that Samsung is offering just a really different mobile experience, one where they’ve traded off some top-tier specs for a form that is ultra compact and brings forth those unique, fun features; truly redefining the foldable experience.

For those who are interested in this type of form—the future, dare I say—it’s essential to consider what this device offers and what it slightly misses the mark on. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 is definitely worth checking out, especially for those looking for a fresh breath in mobile design. Before I sign off, know that this review is not sponsored by anyone. If you appreciate the authenticity and transparency, do help support our blog; because, in this tech world, it’s genuine voices that truly make a difference.