Introducing the 42″ LG C2 OLED – my glorious command center. Among my indulgent buys, this bad boy stands out as one of the top-tier monitor upgrades I’ve made to my workhorse zone.

But, hey, it ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. In this 42″ LG C2 review, I’m about to dish out the nitty-gritty about why I ventured this way, the highs, and lows of using a TV with your computer, and if you should be part of the big-screen supremacy. It’s high time we got down to brass tacks.

Now, computer monitors are a mixed bag. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, decked out with various bells and whistles to cater to different work jives. But there’s a niche that’s been under the radar for too long – TVs. In more ways than you might think, the divide between TVs and dedicated monitors is fading into oblivion, which is why this 42″ LG C2 OLED has me stoked.

Here's My 42” LG C2 OLED That I Am Using As a Monitor On My Desk

If you’ve been keeping tabs on my previous reviews, you might recognize this (👆) LG C2 OLED TV. That’s right, it’s the showstopper of my setup. While LG isn’t footing the bill for this piece you’re soaking up right now, I’ve been riding shotgun with the C2 as my go-to monitor for a solid three months. Add to that, back at my crib, I’ve got a 48-inch LG C10 that I’ve been using as my Windows and PS 5 screen for the past couple of years.

So yeah, I’ve clocked a fair share of screen time with this setup. But for this review, I want to zero in on the LG C2. Not just because it’s the latest OLED TV model from LG, but I reckon the 42″ screen size makes it the more fitting pick for a computer monitor. So without any further ado, let’s dive in this honest 42″ LG C2 OLED review.

1) Summerized Specifications

The LG C2 OLED—man, it’s a beast. You’ve got this killer 4K resolution panel and it’s OLED, no less. Comes right in the name!

LG C2 OLED Ports

This bad boy’s loaded with four HDMI 2.1 ports—more than enough for hooking up the PC, Mac, and all your gaming hardware. It also has 2 Type-A USB ports that you can use to connect your external storage drives. The only miss? A built-in webcam. But we can let it slide for now.

And let’s talk about the perks of that OLED panel: Perfect blacks—like, the color of space perfect—paired with colors so vibrant they’ll make your eyes pop. Plus, for the tech nerds out there, it’s packing a 120 Hz refresh rate for HDMI 2.1 devices, that’s me sorted.

LG C2 OLED TV for Gaming

For those of you living that gamer life, this TV’s a godsend. It’s a top pick for gamers, a big reason why I’ve got a larger model dominating my living room for those epic console gaming sessions. We’re talking 0.2 millisecond response time here, people. No more nasty input lag when using this beauty as a monitor. Every keystroke, every mouse click, it’s all just…instant. That’s some next-level responsiveness.

And let’s not forget, this TV’s got a built-in game mode that cranks up its auto low latency feature. Feels just like a real-deal monitor. So here’s the play: Grab your LG C2 OLED today, fire up your favorite game, and get ready for some jaw-dropping, high-def action!

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2) Why I Choose LG C2 OLED TV As My Primary Monitor

With literally hundreds of brands and their infinite variations on display, why on earth did I go for the LG C2 OLED instead of the bunch of other OLED monitors out there? It’s all about that delicate balance, my friend, between features and price tag.

Other Monitors In The Market

Sure, the OLED monitor market is a bit like searching for a needle in a haystack. We’ve got a few worthy contenders from Gigabyte, LG themselves, Dell, and the rest, but the wallet feels the punch, trust me.

Dell and LG are rocking those Ultrawide OLEDs, and they’re nothing short of spectacular. I mean, I’ve had a hands-on experience with LG’s Ultrawide OLED, and let me tell you, it’s mind-blowingly good. However, if you’re someone who digs the 16 X 9 aspect ratio at 4K resolution like me, well, your options are scarce.

Gigabyte’s beast is a whopping 48 inches – too much screen for my taste. Then we’ve got the ultra-wides or the 1440p ones, which kind of leave us hanging with Asus’s ROG Swift at 41 and a half inches. Now, don’t get me wrong, the ROG Swift has this killer display port, but the price will have your bank account weeping.


So here’s where the LG C2 OLED swings back into the game, though it’s not technically a monitor. But hey, who’s into technicalities? This bad boy packs a punch with its quality, and won’t leave you broke. Especially when it’s on sale, it’s like hitting the jackpot. Real bang-for-your-buck!

3) Console Gaming

In the previous sections, you learned about the LG C2 OLED TV’s specs and why I choose it as my primary monitor. But, how am I actually putting this beast to work? I’ll be honest: it’s a wild ride, but hey, I’ve had this LG C2 OLED TV 2023 model chilling in my living room for some time now. And, no shocker here, it’s become my go-to for console gaming. I mean, I was a die-hard PC gamer, practically religious about it, until life did its thing and blessed me with a kid two years ago.

42” LG C2 OLED for Console Gaming

And you know what? After grinding through the day, busting ass at work, playing Superdad, and showing up for the fam, there’s nothing like kicking back, controller in hand, lost in the gaming universe. It’s pure chill mode. So much so that my last vid was all about this TV in a desk setup, all geared up for console gaming. Let me tell you, that was a high-octane experience. This time, however, I’m talking you through a classic desk setup that’s more versatile.

But console gaming? Damn, that’s a big slice of my day. And believe me when I say it’s epic. The HDR? Man, it’s a dream to game on. Switching to a console? Piece of cake.

After busting hump, there’s nothing like that sweet timeout getting whooped by some tween in Call of Duty. Sure, at a desk, the 42-inch screen might sound like overkill, but it’s surprisingly manageable. And the built-in game menu? It’s dope, especially when you want to check your refresh rate on the fly.

Best part? This baby’s equipped with VR and AMD FreeSync. So whether you’re into leisurely exploration or you’re all about speed, there won’t be any hiccups in the graphics. None. Zero. It’s just smooth gaming all the way. Talk about winning.

4) PC Gaming

Dive deep with the LG C2 OLED TV; it’s more than just a stellar companion for console gaming. Let’s face it, it’s easy to overlook the humble HDMI port on my GPU when I’m lost in the world of PC gaming. But, spoiler alert: PC gaming is alive and well, folks.

Take it from me, an old-school PC gaming vet. Before the latest console revolution, I was riding solo with PC games. Cut to college days, I was knee-deep in World of Warcraft, but let’s not dwell on how long ago that was, yeah? Recently, however, I’ve been all over Overwatch since its beta days, and yeah, I’m still hitting competitive plays, and trust me, it’s not as much of a time-suck as Warcraft.

42” LG C2 OLED for PC Gaming

But here’s the kicker: how does the LG C2 OLED TV hold up for PC gaming through HDMI, sans DisplayPort? The answer is as easy as pie: it’s a dream. Sure, there’s a slight hiccup with my setup, but still, smooth sailing all the way. As I was hooking this up, turns out my MSI RTX 2070 on my gaming rig wasn’t packing HDMI 2.1 support. So, my rig’s capped at 4K 60Hz, bummer.

Could have done a little more homework on that one, but for HDMI 2.1 support, you’re looking at needing at least an RTX 30 series or 40 series since HDMI 2.0 can still push 1440 at 120Hz. Put this baby to the test and yep, it’s golden. If you can stomach ditching the higher 4K resolution, this setup is solid for older GPU setups, and it’ll have your back when you decide to upgrade. In any case, gaming giants like Overwatch, Cyberpunk, and Red Dead Redemption? They look downright sick on this OLED display.

So, fellow PC gamers or console haters, fret not. The LG C2 OLED TV and PC gaming? It’s a match made in gaming heaven. Game on!

5) Regular Mac & PC Use

Not all of us can be knee-deep in the gaming world, slaying dragons or whatever. Sometimes, you just need a quality monitor for the standard, run-of-the-mill computer stuff. So the question lingers: is the LG C2 OLED TV the right fit for regular PC or Mac usage too? Spoiler alert: I ran this bad boy through its paces in a heap of ways—writing this very LG C2 OLED review, crunching numbers in my daily grind as an accountant, dabbling in some light photo editing, and just the day-to-day stuff. And guess what? A couple of things hit me right in the face, and yes, this TV pulls off the monitor gig almost flawlessly.

One serendipitous perk that blew my mind is the size of this beast and the pixel density, the PPI. I’m a rookie creative, spending tons of hours tinkering with my YouTube videos. And let me tell you, this screen is like having your own private IMAX for editing. It’s seriously badass. Spreading my timeline across this vast expanse, it feels like I’m mapping the Milky Way. Plus, I have a veritable playground for my clips and scene viewer.

Using LG C2 OLED for Regular Mac & PC Use

Another thing that had me double-taking, an absolute game-changer, was the glossy display. Now, don’t get it twisted, I don’t mind the standard anti-glare coating we usually see on monitors. It does its job. But, this glossy finish is like looking at a super clear window into another world. And with my setup having its back against a window, I only have to deal with a pesky lamp reflection or maybe the glare when I’m filming.

I won’t play pretend and say I’m some pro color grader. But let me tell you, whether I’m editing vids or touching up photos, the OLED on this TV is like a rainbow on steroids. And when I’m buried in the sea of numbers and text for my day job? Even though this baby is a 42-inch behemoth, everything pops with a PPI of 99.

Sure, it doesn’t quite hit the mark of a 34-inch ultra-wide or a smaller 4K monitor. But let’s be real, it’s a killer trade-off, especially considering the screen real estate you get. I mean, I’m totally geeking out over it—fitting four or more windows comfortably with acres of space to move around in.

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6) Other Casual Stuff

Other Casual Stuff — So, let’s get real here. I’ve been down every tech avenue, and tried all sorts of monitors. I’ve seen it all, from flashy Backlit RGBs to the most pitiful excuse for speakers a monitor could have.

So, let’s talk about the LG C2’s juicy extras, and the fun starts with the speakers. When it comes to monitors, let’s not sugarcoat it. Most in-built speakers? Absolute garbage. Often, they’re there just to check off a box, nothing more.

Using LG C2 OLED for Other Casual Stuff

In fact, it’s not unheard of for monitors to ditch the speakers altogether. You could drop a whopping $1600 on an Apple Studio Display. The speakers? Absolute gems, the best you’ll hear from a monitor. But if you’re not keen on shelling out that kind of dough, or maybe you’re not into the idea of external speakers, then here’s a plot twist for you: the LG C2 OLED’s built-in speakers.

Why? Because as a TV, this bad boy needs to pack a punch in the sound department. And trust me, it does that and more, even for a smart TV. It comes with a ton of built-in apps like Netflix, and Disney Plus, and for the laid-back binge-watchers out there, you can sit back, relax, and let the remote do the work. I can see this being the ultimate setup for a chill bedroom space, where you can kick back and let the LG C2 OLED double as your TV.

7) Strengths & Deal Breakers

Brace yourself, because we’re diving deep into the world of the LG C2 OLED TV, or as some call it, the “big screen boss.” Let’s unpack what it’s got under the hood, the good, the bad, and the in-between.

First things first, this TV has got some serious bang for your buck when doubling as a monitor. It’s like the Swiss Army knife of screens — fits with all sorts of setups, making your space feel like mission control. Now, it’s not without its hitches. No DisplayPort means you’ll need a beefy 30 or 40 series Nvidia GPU to pump out the full 4K at high refresh rates. And unless you’re rolling in dough or just won the lottery, that’s probably not on your to-do list.

Strengths and Dealbreaker of LG C2 OLED

Let’s talk OLED. This baby’s got it, and it’s a game-changer. Yeah, OLEDs are popping up more often in monitor land, but this one’s been around the block and you can usually snag it on the cheap. That said, there’s this little bugbear called aggressive auto-dim. Picture this: you’re hammering away at a spreadsheet or getting lost in your latest novel, and out of nowhere, the screen starts getting moodier than a teen at prom.

Good news is you can give this feature the boot. Bad news? It’s about as easy as solving a Rubik’s cube blindfolded. You’ll need to nab a special TV servicing remote to play around with hidden menus because the regular one just won’t cut it. And yeah, it might mean saying adios to your warranty.

But here’s a neat trick if the dimming becomes your pet peeve. Just wiggle your window like crazy. Voila! You’ve got your brightness back, and it’s like the sun just rose in your room.

Pros And Cons of LG C2 OLED TV


  • Superior Value: The price-to-value ratio of the LG C2 OLED TV is a standout feature. It’s not perfect, but it does so many things well, offering versatility and compatibility with a range of setups. It’s an investment in quality that justifies the price tag.
  • OLED Display: This isn’t just any display. It’s OLED. More and more displays are jumping on the OLED bandwagon, but the LG C2 has been around, proving its worth, and regularly comes with a discounted price tag. It’s like finding a diamond in the rough of the TV market.
  • Superior Build Quality: The LG C2 OLED doesn’t just have a pretty face. It’s built like a tank, but, like, a really sleek and modern tank. The build quality on this baby is solid, which means it’s going to last. It’s not one of those TVs that gives up the ghost after a couple of years. The LG C2 is in it for the long haul, and it looks damn good while doing it.
  • Smart Assistant Integration: Alexa, Google, and Apple AirPlay? Check, check, and check. The LG C2 OLED TV is like the United Nations of smart assistants. It doesn’t matter who you pledge your smart home allegiance to, this TV plays nice with them all. Whether you’re team Alexa, Google Home, or can’t live without your Apple AirPlay, the LG C2 has you covered.
  • a9 Gen5 AI Processor 4K: Yeah, it’s a mouthful, but what it means is that this TV has one seriously powerful brain. The a9 Gen5 AI Processor 4K means you’re getting some top-of-the-line image processing, so every picture is crisp, every color pops, and every action scene is smoother than a jazz solo. It’s like having a supercomputer dedicated to making your shows look amazing. So sit back, grab the popcorn, and let this AI processor do its thing.


  • No DisplayPort: This TV doesn’t sport a DisplayPort. To really tap into the full 4K resolution at high refresh rates, you’d need a beastly GPU, like a 30 or 40 series, which isn’t on most of our shopping lists. You’ll still get a great display, just not the top of the top.
  • Aggressive Auto Dimming: This TV’s got a dimming feature that’s a little too enthusiastic. Unless you’re gaming or binging your favorite show, this display will dim over time. You’ll notice it especially if you’re working on a Word doc or Excel sheet. You can disable it, but it’s a bit of a chore, involving a separate TV servicing remote and some hidden menus. Plus, messing with back-end settings might void your warranty. If you don’t want to bother, you can always wiggle your window around to bring back the brightness – not the ideal solution, but hey, it works.

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Final Verdict

And that just about covers this LG C2 OLED TV review. Sure, there are a few hang-ups, but the quality and value you’re getting make it a worthy consideration for your setup.