Hey there, Samsung enthusiasts! It’s your buddy Jonathan checking in. We’re about to dive into a fantastic list of must-have Android apps for your Samsung gadgets that’ll make your life a whole lot easier. Trust me, these little gems are gonna be game-changers for your Samsung Galaxy experience.

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1) Gazeo – Abstract Wallpapers

Let’s begin this awesome list with Gazeo, our first app on the list. You know, Samsung smartphones have these fabulous displays that scream for eye-catching wallpapers.

Enter Gazeo, the app that spoils you with an exclusive mix of stunning wallpapers for your phone. This bad boy offers more than just static wallpapers – it brings animated live wallpapers to the table, taking your home screen from “meh” to “wowza!” It’s not your average wallpaper app, as the designs themselves will prove. Trust me, you won’t find these one-of-a-kind wallpapers anywhere else for your Samsung device.

Gazeo - Abstract Wallpapers

But wait, there’s more! Gazeo’s user interface is a breath of fresh air. Clean lines, smooth animations, and a smorgasbord of categories to pick from. I’m head over heels for the vibrant flows and landscape collections – they look downright amazing, especially on an AMOLED screen.

Ready to give Gazeo a whirl? Head over to the Play Store and snag this app for free. That’s right, apart from the live wallpapers, you can download and set up all these dazzling wallpapers without spending a dime. So go ahead and let your Samsung device shine!


2) Fingerprint Live Animation

Perhaps the most yawn-inducing aspect of Samsung’s feature-packed One UI is the in-display fingerprint animation. You’d think there would be an option to jazz it up, right? Well, there isn’t. But don’t fret, I stumbled upon a nifty app called Fingerprint Live Animation from Kiva Entertainment, and it’s totally free on the Play Store. It hooks you up with a smorgasbord of snazzy live wallpapers and animations for your fingerprint.

Fingerprint Live Animation from Kiva Entertainment

So, here’s the scoop: download and install the app on your phone. Then, open it up and feast your eyes on the selection of rad live wallpapers and animations waiting to give your fingerprint some flair. Mix and match different wallpapers and animations, and you’ve got a ton of combinations to choose from. Just pick your fave, and you can even tweak the animation position to fit your device’s fingerprint placement. Adjust the size of the animation, hit Save, and voilà!

You’ll be greeted with a preview of your lock screen. Just tap on “Set as Animation” and “Done,” and boom! Now, when you lock your phone, you’ll see a fresh new animation that totally revamps the look of your fingerprint. Trust me, you’ll want to give this one a go.


3) Shortcut Maker by Rushikesh Kamewar

Introducing the Shortcut Maker! This nifty app allows you to craft shortcuts for anything your heart desires. But hey, Samsung users, with this app, you’ll also be able to lock apps on your phone effortlessly – quite the lifesaver, since Samsung devices lack a built-in app lock feature.

Shortcut Maker by Rushikesh Kamewar

Here’s the scoop: First, download and install the Shortcut Maker on your phone. Next, head to your home screen, press and hold, choose Widgets, and pop that Shortcut Maker widget right onto your home turf.

Now, pick the app you’d like to secure with a lock. Let’s say, Gmail, for example. You’ll need to enable the Shortcut Lock option and click on Create Shortcut. Voilà! You’ll find two Gmail icons on your home screen, with one created by the Shortcut Maker. Trying to open Gmail? It’ll prompt you for a password or fingerprint scan.

Creating Gmail Shortcut Using Shortcut Maker

To hide the original Gmail icon, just long-press and navigate to Home Screen Settings. Now choose the option to hide apps on the home screen and app screen. Simply select Gmail and hit Done. Heading back to the home screen, you’ll see just one Gmail icon, and opening it will ask for a password or pin.

With this method, locking any app on your phone is a breeze, and it works just like a native app locker. Don’t miss out on giving this one a whirl!


4) Camera Assistant from Good Lock Labs

Cameras on smartphones just got a sweet upgrade! Introducing the Camera Assistant, a cool new feature in your phone’s camera settings that you may not have discovered yet.

This nifty addition unleashes extra functionality and puts more power in your hands for snapping top-notch pics. For instance, flip on the Quick Tap Shutter option and watch your shutter speed get a serious boost. Plus, you can dive into capture speed settings and pick “prioritize speed” for those perfect action shots.

Camera Assistant from Good Lock Labs

Say goodbye to the notorious shutter lag that plagues Samsung phones. And hey, why not customize your timer shots, too? Choose up to seven pics per countdown for even more fun!

Ready to enhance your camera game? Unlock these hidden gems with the Camera Assistant Good Lock module. Just pop over to Good Lock, install Camera Assistant, and you’re good to go. Check the description below for a direct link. Happy snapping!


5) Samsung Music

Hey, did you know that Samsung phones don’t come with their native music app pre-installed? No worries, though. Just head over to the Galaxy Store and snag the free Samsung Music app. It’s packed with nifty features that’ll make your ears sing with joy.

Samsung Music from Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

First off, it cozies up with Spotify, giving you access to all your fave tunes right inside Samsung Music. Plus, you can jam out to your offline and online tracks, all in one app. Just swipe through tabs like Favorites, Playlists, Tracks, Albums, and Artists to explore your musical universe.

But that’s not all! Dive into the settings and discover even more handy features. Tweak playback speed, keep the volume consistent across tracks, and even control your tunes from the lock screen. Oh, and it’ll help you skip those pesky silences between songs.

Customize your tabs, manage your music, and more – Samsung Music is a sweet addition to your Samsung phone experience. Go on and give it a try. You’ll find all the necessary links in the description below. Happy listening!



Alright, folks, we’ve reached the end of the line for this list.

Feast your eyes on these must-have apps for your Samsung phone that are simply top-notch. If you dig this list, don’t hesitate to share your thoughts in the comments. Oh, and make sure to explore our other wicked listicles – they’re all a blend of cool and professional apps for all your need!