Security Cameras – 12 Reasons Why They Are So Important?


Technology, with its pace, has really enabled us to enjoy all the benefits of modern advancement in every aspect of our lives. This advancement has dramatically enhanced even the world of security. Security cameras have been with us for a long time and have always been a major source of protection of people, properties, and assets. A surveillance camera is one more such technology that can help gather and record good-quality video footage of any place and help keep an eye over important places.

Surveillance cameras are nothing new, but today’s modern technology makes it even better and more helpful. Some of the major benefits of security cameras are as follows:

1. Prevent and Reduce Chances of Theft:

It is obvious that when you have a decent surveillance system in place, the chances of theft in your premises are reduced. This is basically because a thief cannot do anything without being caught on your CCTV’s video. In fact, with the latest video analytics in surveillance cameras, you will be able to tell if the theft was actually attempted. This kind of real-time incident report can help you take timely action to truly reduce the risk of theft. Security cameras give you footage of the actual incident and do not just help you identify a suspect.

For homeowners, the home surveillance camera system can be a great deterrent to crime and can easily be used for persuading even potential burglars to instead choose an easier target. Thus protecting you and your family from any potential dangers in the form of burglary and theft in your home.

2. Real-time Video Surveillance:

Though it may be true that most CCTV video footage is not watched live most of the time, there are instances when real-time video surveillance can be highly useful. For example, you can actually watch a real-time video of your products being handled in a manufacturing unit, or you can watch a real-time video of the license plate, faces, and other such details of a vehicle that hit your store. Whatever be the case, the point is that you should not rely entirely on post-incident viewing of CCTV video footage. To be absolutely sure of what’s happening at a given moment, you need to watch the footage live.

This is where a CCTV system comes in really handy. With their improved HD quality, wide-angle lens, and greater sensitivity, today’s surveillance cameras can capture all the details of a situation in real-time. The footage can then be watched in detail for a much longer time, without degrading. When there is a need for real-time video surveillance, a CCTV system helps you to actually see the whole incident in action.

3. Useful Criminal Evidence:

The footage gathered by security cameras can be used as useful criminal evidence, especially in the context of prosecuting a crime or proving one’s innocence. If a crime occurs in a workplace, a security camera can help the police get several clues about the criminal’s identity. This then becomes a great investigative aid and can lead to accurate evidence in his identification. Similarly, if a crime occurs in a public place and a CCTV camera manages to record any of the details, it can also serve as crucial criminal evidence.

4. Proper Protection of Employees and Assets:

When a business or even a home is protected by a high-quality CCTV camera network, it becomes relatively easier to protect the people working in the area, as well as the assets in it. Not just criminals but even nosy bystanders with bad intentions can be monitored, thus enabling a business owner to stay on top of everything that’s happening near his business establishment.

5. Better Employee Productivity:

In any business, employee productivity often depends on the general feeling of security and well being. A well-installed surveillance camera keeps the workers safe and helps to make their working environment secure. This is especially true in industries dealing with dangerous machines or hazardous substances. With a reliable video surveillance system, workers can work better, in spite of any such fears. This, in turn, helps instill greater confidence in the workers’ minds, which in turn helps to improve their overall productivity.

6. Greater Safety of Shipping and Transportation:

People hardly realize the sheer amount of money that gets wasted due to breakage in trucks or shipping cargo. The logistics and shipping industry has been working on finding safe and practical ways of reducing such losses for years. One of the potential solutions is placing a CCTV camera in the loading and unloading areas of every truck. With its help, all the workers in the area can be monitored in order to ensure the safe transport of cargo. In case of theft on the truck, the camera can help to identify the thief quickly.

7. Better Customer Satisfaction and Protecting Customer Right:

As mentioned above, security cameras have helped to increase the safety and overall well-being of the employees in a business. However, such benefits can even be brought to the customers of the business itself. With a security camera system, every working of a business can be monitored and recorded, giving the business owner valuable information about the experience his customers had. This also helps to provide greater protection to the customer, especially in a customer dispute or a customer complaint.

8. Resolve Internal Business Disputes:

CCTV surveillance can be of great use in resolving internal business disputes. Most disagreements in companies happen at the work floor level, with someone accusing someone else of theft or unfair labor practices. In many such instances, it is never possible to collect enough evidence to prove the accused is guilty. In such cases, the preemptive use of CCTV surveillance can solve the issue. It is often the case that a person commits a crime and thinks no one saw it, but CCTV footage can turn out to be great evidence. Better still, if cameras can be placed all around the office, it will make life easier both for the management and the employees.

9. Cut Down Security-related Costs:

Many small businesses suffer huge losses due to non-assuming risks. In all such cases, the cameras and adequate surveillance are of no help. However, for businesses where security is of primary concern, even a low-quality security system helps in keeping a tab on the incoming and outgoing goods, services, and employees. The cost of such a system will always be less than the cost of dealing with the aftermath of a grave security incident. Even in the case of serious crimes, CCTV footage can be used to identify the culprit and also prevent further crimes.

10. Improve Security Awareness:

Intelligence is the key to any security system. By investing in a good security camera system, you can also help people develop security awareness. In public places such as schools, hospitals, government buildings, and shopping malls, security cameras can be great tools to keep troublemakers at bay. When the security staff of any such place is able to monitor every corner of their workplace with a CCTV camera, it sends a strong message that risky behavior will not be tolerated. As a result, many crimes that seem to be cool on TV but are actually very risky in real life are completely prevented.

11. Fool-proof Coverage:

A security camera system is much more powerful than any individual security guard. When a surveillance camera is placed in a strategic location, it can take care of an entire area. No matter how smart a criminal is, there is no way he could evade a well-placed camera. It is for this reason that many governments advise businesses to go for CCTV surveillance as opposed to installing guards.

12. Keep Records Forever:

Even if a security incident is not a crime, it can still be very useful to record it. For example, when an event is taking place, a security camera can see a lot of things such as people’s mood, their body language, and their interactions with one another. If anything bad happens in the future, the camera could detect the patterns and warn the security staff about it. Having said this, it is also important to mention that some businesses do not encourage CCTV surveillance inside the working area. However, many businesses are starting to implement CCTV surveillance inside the office and manufacturing floor as well.

Although these cameras are networked with a CCTV monitoring station, the footage cannot be monitored on a real-time basis. This confuses a lot of businesses, and they fail to realize the benefits that the CCTV system brings.


Today, security cameras are no more just a piece of equipment; they represent a way to foster better security and a better business climate. With the right security system in place, you can keep your business premises and personnel safe and secure. You can not only help to lower the business risks by using a CCTV solution but can also help to boost your local reputation in the community and reduce the chances of being looted.

Remember, if your business is protected by CCTV, the chances of theft or inconvenience to your staff or clients are reduced. In fact, such an investment can even make your business more profitable.

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