Wow, can you believe what’s brewing in the tech world? We’re about to delve into the latest whispers on the street about the yet-to-hit-the-market Pixel 8 series. Now, imagine being the first to glimpse the Google Pixel 8 Pro, in all its upcoming glory. Oh god, let’s be honest here guys, the design is to die for. There’s this fine blend of the familiar with the novel that just gets you bent out of shape with anticipation.

You know what? It seems Google isn’t straying far from the design elements that tickled our fancy in previous models. But, I must say, it’s the delightful tweaks that catch your eye. It’s like they’ve put a fresh spin on the money, and it’s just, well… AMAZING. We’re talking about some design pivots that make you go “What’s up with these changes?”

So, let’s explore this together, I am here to tell you, it’s more than just a little exciting! I promise this isn’t just about rehashing old design concepts, it’s about breaking the mold while staying true to the essence. There’s a lot to get into here, so brace yourselves. Dare I say, the Pixel 8 series might just reshape our expectations!

1) Footprint

Well, let’s dive right in here, folks! Imagine being handed a smartphone that, oh god, it’s just as sizable as the 7 Pros, yet it dares to dance to its own beat. You know what I’m talking about – that gorgeous 6.7-inch display that mirrors its predecessor, yet struts its stuff with a twist.

But let’s be honest here guys, it’s not just about size. What’s up with these rounded corners you ask? Well, let me tell you, it’s like they’ve been specifically crafted to nestle into your palm, providing that comforting touch we all crave in a handheld device.

And as for the display, get ready to be bent out of shape. It’s a fascinating fusion of flat and round, a kind of yin and yang of screen design that, dare I say, feels on the money. But hold up, let’s not forget about the resolution. Can you believe it’s a touch lower than before, coming in at 2822 x 1344, just a smidge under the previous model’s 3120 x 1440?

Now, I know what you’re thinking – lower resolution, doesn’t that sound a bit, well, hideous? But let me tell you, it’s far from it. Let’s explore this a bit more. See, it’s all about balance, not just about the highest number on the spec sheet. Sometimes, a bit of a step back can lead to a giant leap forward. Wow, this is AMAZING, right?

So, in short, expect a device that keeps the same physical footprint as the 7 Pros, and a 6.7-inch display, akin to its predecessor. Yet, with an ergonomic twist in the form of rounded corners, and a slightly tweaked resolution, it definitely brings something new to the table. And I am here to tell you, it’s something to die for, I must say! I promise you’ll go off when you get into it.

Pixel 8 Pro will have fingerprint scanner from Qualcomm

Moving on to the display, there were whispers last year of Google testing an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner from Qualcomm. It’d be surprising if the Pixel 8 Pro didn’t include this feature, considering the not-so-impressive past scanners. Keep an eye out for the hardware materials, as the specifics are still up in the air.

As for the regular Pixel 8 Android phone, it’ll sport a slightly smaller footprint and a 6.16-inch display, a bit smaller than the Seven’s 6.32 inches. Both the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro will showcase more rounded corners, and the Pro might even boast a 120 Hz display.

Pixel 8 Pro ceramic build

Rumor has it that the Pixel 8 lineup could feature a ceramic build, which would be a nice touch. If not, anticipate the classic glass and aluminum combo based on the available renders. These renders also hint at a larger speaker up top for improved sound quality in the stereo speaker setup – a much-needed upgrade.

Pixel 8 Pro will have a new sensor placed beneath the flash

Lastly, the camera lenses are set to be housed in a single cutout rather than two separate ones, with a new sensor placed beneath the flash – a fresh addition. The telephoto lens remains exclusive to the Pixel Pro model, and it seems the Visor will receive the same sleek finish as the Pixel Pros.

2) Processor And Battery

Pixel 8 Pro will get third-gen Tensor chipset

Get ready for the third-gen Tensor chipset, the Tensor G3 (a.k.a. Zuma), which is set to make a splash in the processor world. Rumor has it that it’ll be built on Samsung’s forthcoming Exynos 2300 processor, using a 3-nanometer process—a step up from the Pixel Seven’s 5-nanometer processor.

The new chip is anticipated to hold its own against TSMC and deliver some solid upgrades in performance efficiency and core capabilities, all while keeping its cool. As for RAM, we’re looking at the same numbers as the Seven series: 8GB base and up to 12GB for the Pro model. Storage capacities should stay consistent too.

Pixel 8 Pro brings Android 14's memory protection feature

One thing to keep an eye on: the Tensor G3 might bring some significant security enhancements, thanks to either Arm V 8.5 or V 9 CPU cores, making use of Android 14’s memory protection feature.

And let’s not forget Google’s passion for AI and machine learning—expect some nifty new features with this cutting-edge chip.

Battery-wise, sizes should stay consistent. The Google Pixel 8 Pro might get a slight bump up to 5100 milliamp hours, while the regular Google Pixel 8 is likely to remain in the 4300 range.

3) Camera Scoop

Word on the street is that we might soon see video unblur features, which, let’s be honest, would be a game-changer. It looks like night sight photography is also leveling up, with the potential to enhance super res zoom shots. And hey, the Google Pixel 8 Pro might be flaunting a brand-new main camera sensor. Rumor has it, that staggered HDR technology is in the mix, something the current ISOCELL GN One sensor can’t pull off.

Pixel 8 Pro will get you access to staggered HDR technology

With staggered HDR, we’d see quicker shutter speeds and way more detailed photos, thanks to snapping multiple exposures at once instead of sequentially. So, could the ISOCELL GN Two sensor be the star of the show? It supports staggered HDR, but there’s also a chance it might act as a depth sensor, enabling staggered HDR with older hardware. We’ll just have to sit tight and find out.

4) Unique New Features

Get ready for an exciting twist with Android 14, as satellite connectivity is on the horizon. This game-changing feature could make its debut on the Pixel 8, providing users with a lifeline during emergencies when cell service is a no-show. And naturally, the Pixel 8 Pro is set to roll out with Android 14.

5) Pricing And Availability

Get ready, folks! We’re anticipating the big release in October for the Google Pixel 8 series. So far, we haven’t heard any whispers about the exact pricing, but fingers crossed it stays at 599 and 899. However, given inflation, it wouldn’t be a shocker if the price goes up a bit.

Pixel 8 Pro Pricing And Availability

As for the Pixel 7A, it’s rumored to debut at 499, which is a $50 bump from the 6A. Interestingly, that’s only $100 less than the starting price of the Pixel 7S. A tight squeeze between the 7A and Pixel 8, don’t you think? Oh, and don’t forget to mark May 10 on your calendars, because we’re expecting Google to give us a little sneak peek of the Pixel 8 Pro at Google IO. Stay tuned!

Your Thoughts?

So, what’s your take on the soon-to-launch Pixel 8 Pro? Any features you’re particularly excited about? Share your insights and join the conversation below!