With an influx of high-priced smartphones such as Apple’s iPhone lineup or Samsung’s Note series, there’s become an accelerating demand for budget-friendly options. Among all of this demand sits the Honor 10 Lite, which promises to be one of the most cost-efficient smartphones on the market.

Does it offer the quality modern users are looking for?

This review will help you assess Huawei Honor 10 Lite’s features and will help you determine if it’s a good fit for your needs.

The Design & Build Quality of Honor 10 Lite

Coming in at 6.09 x 2.90 x 0.31 in and 5.71 ounces, the Honor 10 Lite makes a remarkable first impression.

It’s a sturdy Android smartphone for the price point and has all of the modern touches users look for in high-grade devices. It comes in a variety of colors (red, black, white, dark blue, light blue), which enables customers to go through the options and pick something that suits their needs.

Each variation is beautiful and has all of the details one could ever want in a quality smartphone. Along with its color combinations, it also comes with a striking 6.21-inch display that’s easy to look at and definitely makes an excellent first impression. In fact, this might be one of the most significant benefits of this smartphone when everything is said and done!

One of the things modern users look for in a phone is an unobtrusive notch as that can be increasingly frustrating over time. The Honor 10 Lite does an excellent job of making sure its notch doesn’t leave a large footprint and is easy to ignore after a while. This alone makes the display pop and look fabulous from all angles.

As of right now, the design features a 2340 x 1080 resolution, and that is more than enough when it comes to its aesthetics as a smartphone. Users are able to enjoy the gorgeous IPS LCD screen and will never feel as it is letting them down.

Please note, there are certain parts of this device that may appear “plastic-heavy,” and that is normal. It is something the brand has to do to make sure it remains cost-efficient. The phone itself feels good in the hands and has all the right angles a person needs when it comes to texting, making calls, and even playing games. You will feel comfortable having it in your hands at all times of the day.

Battery Life

Let’s move onto the battery life as this is a primary concern for most mobile users.

The Honor 10 Lite comes with a non-removable Li-Po 3400 mAh battery. This is a respectable battery that works well in unison with the phone’s various battery-saving features.

Huawei has taken the time to understand what its users need when it comes to using the phone throughout their daily schedule. Due to these details, they have done a fantastic job of assessing all of the significant details that come along with high-performance smartphones.

While there are moments where the battery-saving features can be troubling, it is nothing that can’t be turned off with a simple look at the settings. They do an excellent job of making those settings easy to understand and as accessible as possible.

What about the battery life when it comes to regular use throughout the day?

It is able to sustain itself for most of the day and isn’t going to die on you, which is more than enough with a high-quality budget-friendly Android smartphone.

Yes, it is not going to last for days on a single charge, but it doesn’t take long to have it ready to go once it is connected to a charger. To make sure the charging is as easy as possible, Huawei includes a robust 10w charger with the 10 Lite. This is more than enough to keep the phone at 100%.

Performance of Honor 10 Lite

What is the one thing everyone looks for in a good phone? It’s the performance.

The Honor 10 Lite does a good job performing because it is equipped with excellent components. This includes the powerful HiSilicon Kirin 710 (12 nm) chipset, which is able to generate good results even when the load increases in terms of usage. Along the same lines, you also get the opportunity to use a robust Octa-core CPU that is designed to handle rigorous usage patterns throughout the day without missing a beat.

While there are going to moments where sluggish apps start to weigh down on the smartphone, it’s not going to be a troublemaker. It’s important to avoid using memory-intensive apps on this budget-friendly Android devices as it may start to slow down after a while.

As usual, there’s a give and take with budget-friendly smartphones, but in general, it is able to do a tremendous job with its specifications. You are able to go with the 4GB/6GB/64 GB of RAM while also finding additional space using the hybrid SIM slot.

If there’s one thing you will want to pay attention to, it would have to be the built-in Bluetooth as it doesn’t have the same quality as a better smartphone. They have missed out here, and it could have been done a lot better. There are moments where everything starts to lag, and that can be frustrating for the user. At best, this is something that will have to be used sparingly.

Otherwise, the Honor 10 Lite is a top performer and works well throughout the day.


The Honor 10 Lite has an impressive camera when it is used properly.

Huawei has taken the time to put together a built-in AI Camera that is able to generate high-quality pictures in seconds. In action, it does an excellent job of taking quality photos, but there are moments where the saturation becomes aggressive in comparison to its competition.

However, for the average user, this smartphone is ideal in most scenarios and is going to be great for putting up quality pictures on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter.

The AI camera feature is smart enough to do well in those scenarios and isn’t going to lead to blurry first takes.

24MP front facing camera in Honor 10 Lite Android smartphone

Please note, the 24MP front-facing camera also comes with additional modes that are far too aggressive. It is best to stick to the original camera as it does a great job of taking high-quality photos. Huawei may have overdone it with those modes!

In the end, the camera is excellent and works well, whether you are taking photos or videos. You are not going to feel at a loss with this in your hands and when it comes to a modern budget-friendly smartphone that is ideal.

Along with the great camera, users are also going to enjoy the display in action as it will make the photos/videos look ten times better. This is something Huawei’s 10 Lite does a great job of even in comparison to some of its more pricey competitors!

Final Thoughts

Now, is the moment of truth.

Does the Honor 10 Lite do enough to woo buyers, or does it leave you craving more?

At this price point, you are getting an incredible smartphone that looks beautiful, performs smoothly, and has all the features one could ever dream of in the modern age.

Yes, it is not going to be as good as Huawei’s top-end models, but it has all of the fingerprints of an elite manufacturer that has taken the time to build something robust. This is a smartphone that will work well in a wide array of situations and is going to look the part too.

If you want an Android Mobile that is going to be ideal for use and isn’t going to die out in the middle of the day, then this is a valid solution. It has all the perks users need!