Everybody’s been there, right? You’re settled on your couch, engrossed in an episode of the latest binge-worthy series when an urgent email notification pops up on your Android. Now you’ve got to log onto your PC. Normally, you’d dread the interruption, having to get up, find your PC, and then type in your password like some sort of keyboard-bound caveperson. But what if we told you there’s a slick way on how to unlock your PC with your Android smartphone? Welcome to the future, my friend. It’s time to simplify your life, cut the hassle, and embrace the marvel of technology.

Unlocking your PC with your Android isn’t rocket science. You don’t need to be a coder or an IT whiz kid. You just need your Android, your PC, and a smidge of patience. And the best part is, once you’ve set this up, you’re golden. Your Android becomes a key to your PC kingdom, making it both super convenient and super cool. Let’s break down the steps, spill the techy beans, and let you in on this magic trick. Stay tuned, because we’re about to blow your mind with some real secret agent stuff.

Use Your Android Phone To Unlock Your PC

In the following sections, we’ll dive into the nitty-gritty of how to unlock your PC with your Android smartphone, like some high-tech spy movie gadget. Why fumble with forgotten passwords when you can just whip out your Android and *bam*, your PC springs to life. All that’s missing is the suspenseful music and a villain to outsmart.

Imagine your password as the key to your home after a night out, constantly getting lost in the labyrinth of your memory. Your Android phone, on the other hand, is like the friendly neighbor with a spare key. It’s there, ready to help you back into the comfort of your digital home. So, sit back, put on your techno-thriller soundtrack, and let’s transform your Android into the ultimate password pick-lock. Prepare to bid goodbye to those “incorrect password” messages once and for all. Remember, your Android phone isn’t just a pretty face; it’s about to become your PC’s new best friend.

Using the Remote Fingerprint Unlock App to Unlock Your PC

Developed by Rusu Andrei, the Remote Fingerprint Unlock App has emerged as a unique lifesaver for those of us who tend to forget our computer passwords.

You know the type – the ones who’ve tried password variations of ‘password123’ or ‘admin’ to no avail, or who’ve scribbled down complex alphanumeric combinations on the back of old receipts only to lose them in the depths of their bag. There’s no need to rehash those scenes of tragedy.

With this “Remote Fingerprint Unlock,” you can unlock your PC using your Android phone – it’s like finding a cheat code in the game of “Password or Perish”.

Use Your Android Phone To Unlock Your PC

Now, you might be thinking, “But wait, isn’t my thumbprint just a biological password that can’t be changed?” To which we say, “Exactly!” You’ve got it, folks – your unique, unchangeable fingerprint is the ultimate password that you always have on hand (literally), so why not put it to good use? And no, contrary to what those movies might have suggested, there’s no need to sever your thumb to get the ultimate password. The Remote Fingerprint Unlock App is here to make it as easy as swiping right on a catchy pop song in your playlist.

So, forget the ‘forgot password’ panic and embrace the future of unlocking tech – where your fingerprint is the master key to your digital castle.

Why Use Remote Fingerprint Unlock App to Unlock Your PC?

Boasting well over 500,000 downloads, the Remote Fingerprint Unlock App has become the tech equivalent of the “key to the city” for Android users everywhere. With its power to unlock not just one, but an array of accounts with the tap of a fingerprint, it’s like having a master password that fits in your pocket.

1) The All-Access Pass

The app’s standout feature is the ability to log into or unlock accounts. Think of it as the bouncer at the door of a club, but instead of a hefty chap in a black suit, it’s your very own digital gatekeeper, always ready to let you in with just a touch. Supporting local, Microsoft, and Domain accounts*, the Remote Fingerprint Unlock App is like having the Swiss Army knife of access tools.

2) Easy as Pie Interface

As we all know, having the latest Android gadget is a bit like having a pet dragon: it’s cool, it’s powerful, but without proper training, it can be hard to manage. That’s where the app’s simple, user-friendly UI comes in. It’s like having a digital dog-whisperer guiding you, making sure you navigate with ease and finesse.

3) Safe as a Digital Fort Knox

Safety and security? Check. The app has your digital back. All your fingerprint data remains on your device and doesn’t float around in cyberspace like a kite on a windy day. With Local network, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Tethering, and USB Tethering support, it’s like having a double deadbolt, a chain lock, and a security system on your digital life.

Going Pro: The Master Key Experience

Now, if you’re someone who views ads as those pesky mosquitoes buzzing around your serene evening, you’ll love the Pro version. For just $2.49, it’s like investing in a state-of-the-art bug zapper, eradicating those ads once and for all.

But, hold on, there’s more to it. The Pro version allows you to connect unlimited computers and accounts per computer. It’s like having the keys to every room in the digital hotel, from the penthouse to the basement.

Moreover, the Wake-On-Lan feature gives you control over your devices, as if they were sleeping Androids, waiting for your command to come to life. And, let’s not forget about the unlock widgets and launcher shortcuts, giving you one-tap access, as easy as remembering your own name.

So, whether you’re a casual user or a tech enthusiast seeking supreme control over your digital domain, the Remote Fingerprint Unlock App’s got you covered. It’s like having a loyal Android assistant that not only knows all your passwords but also remembers to lock the door when you leave. Now, how cool is that?

Is It Safe?

Are you wondering whether the app is safe or not? In my opinion, it definitely is. All of the data that get sent from your phone over wifi to your computer is encrypted.

Furthermore, the app doesn’t store any of your fingerprint data or passwords. So if in-case someone gets access to your smartphone and tries adding his or her fingerprint, the app will immediately know of all the changes and invalidate its previously set key automatically. This way, the intruder won’t be able to use the app to unlock your system.

In order to check future updates, I was just reading the official Google Play Store listing, and I found out that the developer is planning to add support for compatibility with Linux Operating System. The developer has also prepared a list of features for the next update. Below I have listed out some of the essential features coming up in the future updates.

  • You get the option to use your Android device to lock your system.
  • Bluetooth connectivity support.
  • Ability to configure the notifications when your PC unlocks or wakes up from sleep or hibernation mode.

So those are all of the things that the app offers, so now let’s focus on how to use this application.

Use Remote Fingerprint Unlock App

Unlike most of the apps with a similar feature, you will need to ROOT or ADB your device. But this app doesn’t need any root access or custom ROM to work.

First, you need is a smartphone with at least Android 6.0 or later version.

Second, you need a Windows computer (since it doesn’t support other operating systems right now).

If both requirements are satisfied, all you need to do next is to download and install the required applications.

  1. First, you need to download the app from the play store and install it on your smartphone.
  2. Finally, you also need to download, unzip, and then install the program on your computer. If you have 64-bit Windows OS installed then you must download the “1.0.3_x64.zip” otherwise download the “1.0.3_x32.zip” file.
  3. Now once you have successfully downloaded and installed the program, you need to lock your PC.

In case you don’t know the shortcut, to lock your computer, you need to press Windows Key + L on your keyboard simultaneously.

Why Do I Need to Lock My Computer

The reason why you need to lock your PC is that your login screen is the only area where your computer will be able to communicate with the Windows program and Android app that you have installed.

Now coming back to the topic.

  1. Your next step is then to open the Remote Fingerprint Unlock App on your phone and then click the scan option.
  2. Now you need to pull to refresh the list and then you should be able to see your computer on the list (please check the image attached above). If your PC isn’t shown, then you can manually add it by entering your system’s IP address. see your computer on the list
  3. If you want to unlock and wake up your Ethernet-connected computer, then you need to tap on the wake-on-LAN option. After you have selected your options press on the save button.
  4. Then go into your accounts menu and then tap on the “Add Account” option. Go into your accounts menu
  5. Now enter the login details of your Windows system, that is your username and the password of your desktop and then click on save button. Enter your username and the password
  6. Now you will get a pop-up message asking you to confirm your session ID by asking you to “Check certificate match.” Make sure that number shown on your phone matches to the number displayed on your desktop. If both the number matches click on the “Continue” option. Check certificate match
  7. Finally, click on the “Menu ≡” and then click on the “Unlock” menu. Now you will get a screen asking you to scan your fingerprint, so do it, and you will see that your computer is now remotely unlocked.


Overall, if you’re looking to pop open your Windows PC from afar with just your phone, then get a load of this little gem of an app. With a mere 2.9MB footprint (no kidding, less than your average selfie), it’s a cinch to use and won’t clutter up your device. And, you know what the cherry on top is? For a measly $2.49, you’ll unlock a whole world of pro perks. No bull, just real deal convenience.