Wow, can you believe the average Joe spends a whopping two and a half hours daily on social media? That’s right. So, let’s be honest here guys when you’re bent out of shape about not having enough time, it’s not a time issue, it’s a motivation or discipline issue. I’m here to tell you about these four game-changing habits I picked up last year that unearthed hidden time treasures in my daily routine.

Imagine being able to juggle a full-time job, run a tech blog, oversee 3 open-source projects, and dabble in various side hustles, all while maintaining a social life. Sounds insane, right? But hey, it’s possible. So let’s dive in and explore how you can nail down committing your time to the things that truly matter.

1) Turn on Flight Mode

Oh God, guys, let’s dive into the reality of Flight Mode, a lifesaver that, dare I say, tops the list. I mean seriously, mastering this tiny button can kick your productivity up a notch, and that’s no joke. You’ve heard of dopamine, right? It’s that sneaky chemical driving our actions and choices.

Now, imagine being surrounded by this invisible, addictive net, meticulously woven by big corporations. These guys have their products fine-tuned to flood us with dopamine, keeping us coming back like sugar-crazed kids at a candy store. The hideous part? We don’t even have to break a sweat.

From the comfort of our beds or the soft curve of our couches, we can consume. Massive dopamine hits reward us for doing, well, absolutely nothing. It’s wild, right? It’s a time and energy vampire that’ll suck you dry if you let it.

I started to clock my screen time – it’s a simple thing, really. Just type “screen time” into your iPhone’s search bar and you’re on the money. I was appalled at the time I was tossing into the void. What did I do? Well, let me tell you, I started conscious scrolling.

Here’s the kicker: dopamine can’t distinguish between good and bad. It’s up to us to decipher. When I fill my mind with inspiring content, I’m buzzing. I feel like I’m on top of the world.

But when I’m just scrolling aimlessly, it’s like falling into a pit of unproductivity. I mean, it feels like I’ve bent myself out of shape. Assessing how you feel post-phone use is a solid gauge of whether you’re imbibing the right content. If you’re not feeling elevated, it’s time for a feed facelift. Unfollow the noise that’s not adding value to your life. This, my friends, is your power. Be about to use it.

The 2nd act? Let me tell you, it’s all about diving headfirst into personal mode. I’ve rigged this system to be as automatic as brushing my teeth – it kicks in every day, like clockwork. You know, from the good ol’ nine to five, my phone slips into its quiet mode, not uttering a peep unless I, on my own terms, decide to poke into those apps and check out what’s happening.Now, when things start to get into the real thick of it, or let’s be honest here guys, when I’m up to my neck in work, I’ll give my phone a timeout. I’d banish it to another room, out of sight, out of mind. And wow, some folks crank it up a notch, tucking their phones away in jars or locking them up in cupboards. I mean seriously, if that’s what keeps your boat afloat and ensures your phone isn’t about to morph into this hideous distraction, constantly tempting you to break focus, then go off!

 2) Make It a No-Brainer

Personally, I have had quite the struggle with getting into new habits. Let’s be honest here guys, discipline and motivation aren’t always on the money, especially when you’re starting off. The trick? Pair your budding habit with something you love, something you’re bent out of shape for.

The early days are critical. Your brain is just learning the ropes, the neuropathways are forming. To illustrate, let me take you on a virtual tour of my work from home setup.

Take a gander at this room. Notice anything? The arrangement, the positioning, it’s no coincidence. Our desires and surroundings, they influence our habits. James Clear nailed it in his book, The Atomic Habits. We crave what’s right in front of us.

Consider your living room, for instance. I bet the couch is TV-facing, right? You know what that means, right? After a long day, plopping down on the couch and flicking on the TV is just… instinctive.

Returning to my home office, the first thing that strikes you is my desk. It’s the star of the show, the heart of the room. Oh god, the view from here is to die for! It’s turned my whole mindset around. Just sitting down to work now feels effortless, thanks to this little sanctuary in my flat. I mean seriously, who could resist?

3) Time-Blocking the Night Before

Oh god, let’s be honest here guys, time-blocking the night before is a game changer! When life’s about to get cray-cray, I meticulously plan everything – email checks, breaks, even H2O breaks! If it ain’t scheduled, it’s forgotten, and I’m bent out of shape. Two reasons for this obsession: first, multitasking is a myth, folks! Only 2% of us can pull it off, and let me tell you, the rest of us ain’t in that club. By allocating time to tasks, I promise, your focus and productivity skyrocket.

Secondly, it’s all about the vibes! Mixing creative and logical tasks is a no-go, so I separate ’em – mornings are for creativity, like thumbnail creation, while logical stuff waits its turn. This separation lets me dive headfirst into tasks without distraction.

I must say, spending a few minutes the night before prepping for the next day saves major morning stress. Knowing what’s up with your day lets you execute tasks without wasting time deciding what’s next. Time-blocking the night before? To die for!

4) Picking You, First and Foremost

If you’ve been following my ramblings, you know what I always harp on, right? It’s about you stashing away some cash for yourself before you go off splurging on social shenanigans or globe-trotting adventures. The day your paycheck lands, you gotta snatch a minimum of 10% and squirrel it away for your nest egg or investments.

Doing this, you’re honestly putting yourself first, and the same idea applies to your precious time. You have a choice, my friend. You can kickstart your day drowning in emails and ticking off everyone else’s to-do list, or, dare I say, you can pick yourself. Start your day focusing on what’s going to make a real difference for you. Imagine being asked by your boss to finish something by 10:00 A.M.,

You’d bend out of shape to ensure that job’s done and dusted, right? Come 10:00 A.M., there you are, delivering the goods for your company.

But when it’s about doing something for numero uno, that critical task that could catapult your project to the next level, you’re more likely to whip up a smorgasbord of excuses. But let’s be honest here guys, you’ve got to rank your task numero uno and tackle it head on. Maybe rise a smidge earlier and pledge to nail that task before you so much as peek at your emails or notifications, before you allow anyone else a one-way ticket into your mind space.

Developing this habit, this knack for picking yourself, is seriously to die for. It’s one of the most vital things you can do to ensure you’re living by your rules, working on your dreams instead of helping someone else realize theirs.

The Final Verdict

So there you have it, four tiny tweaks, four simple habit shifts you can put into play to ensure you’re squeezing every drop out of your day. Making sure you’re on the money, zeroing in on what matters most and will leave the biggest footprint on your present and where you’ll find yourself this time next year. Trust me, it’s worth it!