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If you are interested in watching your favorite TV shows from the comfort of your laptop, then you have probably visited online streaming sites like TheWatchSeries. It is a website that allows its users to broadcast online television programs for free. This may seem like a great opportunity at first, but you would quickly change your mind if you understood the risks and legal aspects of such sites.

Sites such as TheWatchSeries, Xmovies, FHMovies, etc. stream videos that are hosted on third-party file hosting servers such as OpenLoad, RapidVideo, etc. There is a reason why most so-called “free” online streaming sites do not host their videos on their servers. That’s because what they do is not entirely legal. This is also the reason why most videos are often removed from the site due to the DMCA takedown notice, and eventually, their hosting company removes the website itself.

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10 Best Alternatives to thewatchseries

The television programs and films that this site broadcasts free of charge have not given the authorization to be hosted or shown on the site. The people who download these programs violate various copyright laws. Even streaming and watching the programs is not entirely legal.

In addition to the legality of the website content, there are other risks. Advertisements often fund these types of sites. Each video you watch will be loaded with pop-ups and ads. Advertisements are usually placed next to or even above the video. In many cases, the content of ads can be very inappropriate for both youth and adults.

But what if you want to watch shows and movies streaming online for free? Perhaps your situation does not allow you to invest in a paid streaming service at the moment. That’s perfectly fine. There are several free and legal alternatives to TheWatchSeries and websites like this one. Here are ten of the best.

Sony Crackle

Sony completely changed what we thought a streaming service could be in 2006 when they launched Crackle. It was one of the first completely free streaming services provided by major telecommunications and digital companies.

Crackle hosts more than 150+ feature films and various favorite television shows. It also broadcasts much original content that you will not find anywhere else.

The primary source of revenue of this streaming site is advertising, which fully supports the funding of all original content and licenses. Thankfully, the ad shown on this site is not as intrusive or inappropriate as ads on TheWatchSeries.

Crackle was formerly known as Grouper but was acquired by Sony in 2006 and later renamed Sony Crackle.

In recent years, it has undergone some significant changes. As its getting more attention from the new young audience, Sony is doing its best to make this site more user-friendly and interactive. The company invests heavily in unique content, including two new original series called The Oth and Office Uprising. Some of their original content includes popular series such as Snatch, The Butcher, Rob Riggle’s Ski Master Academy, and StartUp. If you are looking for an alternative for thewatchseries, Sony Crackle is undoubtedly the best option for you.

Yahoo! View

Yahoo! View has seen its fair share of hardships over the years. It was launched initially as Yahoo! Video and allowed people to upload their original content. Later, they removed the ability to upload content and focused on gathering video material from independent suppliers. The company changed its name to Yahoo! Screen in 2011 and began to focus on web series.

In 2016, they entered a partnership with Hulu, changed their name to Yahoo! View, and became a leading provider of free streaming shows and movies.


It’s a lot like Sony Crackle, but for people who prefer indie films and shows. The service entered live beta in 2011 and had grown significantly since. Advertisements support all of their content. They offer an impressive library of webisodes, shows, and movies. Most of the content that they offer is produced by Screen Media Ventures, which is the distribution company that owns PopcornFlix.

You probably won’t find the latest Avengers or Fantastic Beasts movies on PopcornFlix. However, you’ll see a lot of unique, exciting, and often hilarious content that doesn’t exist on any other streaming service. If you enjoy indie programming, then this is an excellent service to use.


Vudu is a free streaming service that includes the best parts of many of the services mentioned above. It is funded via limited commercials, and it offers some of the latest content to leave theaters. In some cases, Vudu has content streaming before Redbox or Netflix. The company is now owned by Walmart and is on the rise to be one of the top streaming services in the country.

Vudu offers a combination of scheduled television and on-demand content. You can also rent, buy, and download the selected content. Exactly which content is available for free is listed on their website. Most of the latest blockbusters are only available for rental at first but are shortly available for free streaming.

Also known as the Internet Archive, it serves as an online digital library and operates entirely as a not for profit organization. This organization started back in 1996, and its mission statement is to provide universal access to all knowledge.

As of today, has created an archive of more than 330 billion web pages along with 20 million books, 4 million videos, 4.5 million audio files, and millions of other data and applications. Their video collection includes 1.6 million TV shows. You can learn more about them on their official site.

Apparently, to store such a staggering amount of files, they need data centers with huge data storage capacity. According to their official statistics, as of 2014, they had 50 PetaBytes of stored data.

The Internet Archive collects its content using various means. Their first mean of collecting data is web-crawler. Their custom search bots that continuously scan other public domains index their data, and store it in an appropriate archive. Secondly, people can upload their content for public access to their servers. For more control, you can register a free account.

Remember that only hosts legal files. You, for obvious reasons, won’t find the latest movies in HD or Blue Ray quality, but you can indeed find enough unique and entertaining videos to keep you busy for a long time.


Chances are, you’ve already heard of YouTube and have likely used it yourself. It was first launched in 2005, and then after its massive popularity, it purchased by Google in 2006 for an impressive $1.65 billion. The content on YouTube is uploaded by individuals as well as by companies. It’s a great place to watch funny cat videos as well as movies that are being freely shared by their production companies. Most recently, YouTube has included an option for live streaming services for the creators who have sufficient subscribers on their channel. I feel it the best alternative to as it has tons of high-quality web series and original video content for you to stream online for free of cost.

YouTube has a sophisticated mechanism that prevents illegal streaming of copyright content, but some videos can slip through the crack. Be cautious of any full movie that is not hosted by the production company. For example, if you’re interested in watching a movie, show, or web series that was produced by Sony, then check on the official Sony YouTube page. If you find it somewhere else, then it’s likely without their permission and will be taken down.

Top Documentary Films

Documentaries are a bit different than standard shows in that their creators are often eager to obtain more viewers without worrying so much about the dollar sign. This leads them to make deals with more streaming services and to publish a lot of their content on YouTube. Top Documentary Films is a website that gathers and streams hundreds of different documentaries.

Not everybody likes documentaries, but if you do, then this is a site that you need to bookmark. All of the content is free, and its 100 percent legal to enjoy. They stream new content regularly as well as some reasonably old documentaries that are difficult to find.


Vimeo is a video sharing platform that targets content creators. It’s often compared to YouTube, but it was founded before YouTube and had several distinct advantages. The quality of the video hosted on Vimeo is often superior. It was the first video sharing platform to allow for HD content. Vimeo also has much stricter policies regarding its content. This is why it has much less content than YouTube, but overall a higher level of quality.

Vimeo doesn’t have as many deals with big-name studios, but they do offer a lot of high-quality indie content. It’s a great place to find webisodes, indie series, and documentaries that aren’t available on YouTube.

Amazon Prime Trial

Amazon Prime Video offers a massive library of the latest shows and movies as well as a ton of unique content. It’s currently one of Netflix’s biggest competitors. Unfortunately, the service is not free. You need to pay either a monthly or an annual fee. But you can take advantage of thirty-day trials to enjoy high-quality streaming content for the month. If there’s a particular show or movie that they have, then the trial is a great way to enjoy it without having to pay.

You can even start a second or third free trial if you create additional accounts and use separate payment methods. If you’ve got a Paypal account, a debit card, and a credit card, then you can rack up three free trials of Amazon Prime without paying a penny. And if you enjoy the service, you can subscribe for a low monthly fee when you are ready.

One of the significant advantages of using Amazon Prime instead of Netflix or Hulu is that it gives you access to all of the additional features associated with Prime membership. This includes free 2-day shipping on a lot of items, free books for your Kindle library, and a free Twitch Prime membership with a lot of digital gaming goodies.

Netflix Trial

No list of streaming services is complete without mentioning the king: Netflix. Of course, Netflix does require a monthly subscription fee. But similar to Amazon Prime, you can circumvent that fee for the first month by taking advantage of a free trial.

Netflix is more strict about offering multiple trials to a single household, so you may only be able to use one. Luckily, their library is packed with all of the best shows and most popular movies. You’re guaranteed to have plenty to binge-watch during those thirty days.

Stay Legal And Stream For Free

As you can see, there are plenty of websites with thousands of hours of streaming content that you can enjoy for free. And the best part is that it’s completely legal. Avoid the sites like TheWatchSeries and use the free streaming services mentioned above instead.

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