Smart Bulb vs Smart Switch – Convenience and Cost

Hey, what’s up, it’s Jonathan, and today we’re going to talk about switches and smart bulbs. Whether you are just starting out or already have some smart lights, this guide will hopefully point you in the right direction to add more smart lights to your home.

The Smart Light Bulb and the Smart Switch – My Personal Experience

I’ve been using both for a few years now, so I know the good and bad sides of both. And if you asked someone experienced in home automation, they would tell you to use smart bulbs for lamps, and everything else uses smart switches, and that would be most correct.

But there are a few reasons why you can choose smart bulbs over smart switches.

One of them says that someone goes to your front door and you have a camera there. You can ask him to turn on your smart light bulb so that it flashes a specific color, so you know there’s someone on your door.

Let’s take a look at some different parts and scenarios to see which is the best choice.

The kitchen

The first place we can look in the kitchen and kitchen usually has many light bulbs.

A smart light switch will, therefore, be an excellent option because it will be much less expensive. The smart light switch can cost about the same or even less than a smart light bulb.

So if you have a lot of bulbs that could add up quickly and if you want to add a little bit of color to your kitchen, it might make more sense to just put some light strips on your cabinets and light switches they’re pretty easy to install.

You would think that switching out the kitchen light switch turns off the kitchen, but instead, it will turn off almost every single one. This is a TP-Link Switch (check the detailed TP-Link switch review) which I picked up recently on Black Friday, and it does need a neutral wire to power it. Most homes will have these, and you can identify them as a little bunch of white wires in the light switch box.

But if your house doesn’t have neutral wires, you can use the loo trunk setup which doesn’t need neutral wires which is also a right light switch.


Okay, so next is an office or bedroom, and I don’t like overhead ceiling lights. I feel like they’re harsh and they make me feel a little uncomfortable, so I wouldn’t want to automate that ceiling light with a smart switch. Instead, I’d rather use smart bulbs in a lamp like LIFX or hue. And in my office, I have smart light bulbs, and it does make the difference.

I like to change the colors of the White to be more of a bluish white, which makes me feel much more energetic than a warmer white. And of course, I can change the color to change things a little bit. Of course, smart bulbs will cost more than a smart light switch. But if you spend a lot of time in a room as I do in my office, it might make more sense to have smart light bulbs inside so that you can compose them as you wish for other parts of your home like your outdoor lights.

I prefer smart switches because you could have several porch lights, so adding a smart switch to automate this is easy. For the family room, I prefer smart light bulbs and handrails. It’s much more fun to change the colors. Of course, you can automate bulbs or smart switches by turning them on or off automatically, controlling them with your phone or voice for the last time. I wanted to talk about convenience because it’s a huge factor.

So, if you have smart light bulbs and you have guests or a babysitter, they may not know how to turn the lights on and off, you could write a massive paragraph for the babysitter on the tablet to use or the voice commands to speak.

But I prefer not to do it with smart switches. This is effortless because you use the switch as a normal switch.

Some Brands Come with Accessories

There are some accessories for smart light bulbs like Philips Hue that have a remote that can mount on the wall and you can turn the lights on and off with that. So that way, you don’t need to have the app or know the voice command to turn them on and off if you connect smart light bulbs to a light switch.

Issues with Smart Bulb and Smart Switch

It can be very painful if someone accidentally turns off this switch. We have a family rule that says you can’t turn off the lights in the house because you could turn off a smart light bulb.

One solution to this problem is the use of a light switch guard. There are usually magnets on it, so they snap directly onto the switch. That way, the light is not accidentally turned off, and it only costs five dollars, and I think it’s worth it.

Most of the smart light bulbs in my house have worked very well, but sometimes one of them goes out or takes a long time to react to our ZIP wave switches, which have been very reliable.

Overall, I think it’s worth controlling your smart lights with your phone. It may be much easier for an average member of your family to use an application like LIFX or Hue VS. So, just something to keep in mind. Another thing about smart switches is that if you have several switches that control the same light, you will need a three-way switch and the one we use is compatible with three-way switches.

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