Impact of Technology on Internet Marketing


One of the fields that have greatly benefited from the advances in technology is marketing. Over the past few years, the internet has brought a shift in marketing, and things have changed to a level no one anticipated. Legacy marketing principles and methods are being suppressed, while new ones based on seeking customers online are taking center stage. This transformation has gone well beyond the traditional marketing model.

The current era can be characterized as the end of the old traditional model of marketing, as more and more products are designed to achieve the needs of the consumer over the web, mobile, or on specific social media. In some cases, the products are even designed to be ‘smart,’ for the purpose of getting users excited and to satisfy their needs, as opposed to the usual methods of getting customers in the door. So, its evident that technology is changing consumer behavior, and that is part of the reason why we are seeing the rapid transformation from a traditional model to the mobile and social models.

Impact of Technology on Internet Marketing

Technology is a peculiar thing in that you never know what will rise to prominence in the next few years. Aspects of it that were seen inferior and impractical are now stealing headlines stealers all over the world. This way, it is good to analyze how technology has impacted internet marketing to help you anticipate what might come in the next few years and align your business with it. Read on;

Social Media Marketing Is A Force

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When social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat came into the picture, few anticipated that they would be of much significance to companies all over the world. Now, social media platforms are some of the top marketing avenues for all types of businesses. According to a stat published by, Americans spend 3 hours and 29 minutes on average – every day on social networks, thanks to the prevalence of smartphones and the spread of the internet. Today you do not have to own a computer to log in to your Facebook account and see what is happening.

The number of active users on these social media sites has made advertising more successful. Users are recognizing the efforts of companies trying to reach out to them via these avenues and are also heading over to social media to find goods and services rather than using the search engines like before.

As a business, you need to leverage the power of social media and build your presence and advertising strategy here. All the different platforms have their strengths, and you can determine the type of audiences that would most likely use a specific one.

Big Data

Data analysis has become a big thing as businesses seek to understand more about their potential customers before designing products. For marketers, data can be beneficial since it tells more about clients and thus informs them about the best way to go about their marketing campaigns. Insight from big data brings responsiveness, and marketers can tweak their sales funnel to fit a specific client’s expectations rather than applying a one fits all approach like it used to happen before.

Long gone are the days where marketers employed strategies without paying attention to consumer traits. Big data helps them make decisions based on facts gained through data analysis as opposed to assumptions made about the people. It has improved the effectiveness of marketing efforts by businesses and helped them to save on resources since they can target the right people who might be interested in their commodities and not waste their money on an irrelevant group of people.

Online Purchases

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A few years ago, it was hard to imagine buying something online and having it delivered to your address within a short time. Well, the internet has fueled e-commerce, and people can buy just about anything on the internet and have it delivered. E-commerce purchases were full of flaws when they started taking center stage, and this is why many people avoided them. This has affected marketing efforts in that businesses are not only seeking to enlighten people about specific products but can also implore them to make orders and buy them without having to move an inch.

It has made it easier for marketing efforts since the sales funnel is based on the internet, and all the steps can be completed via a mobile phone or computer. However, businesses should not focus on e-commerce and forget about brick and mortar purchases as there are people who are still insistent on them, particularly for selected commodities. The best thing to do is to fuse both e-commerce and traditional purchases for increased sales. Advertise in-store sales on the internet as well and encourage foot traffic.

Websites Are Becoming More Prominent

In the past, businesses needed to invest a lot in their brick and mortar stores so that customers are not disappointed when they want to check out what is in store for them. However, websites play the same role, and people who are interested in a commodity any business offers will go to their site. Sites have become online brick and mortar stores, and businesses need to invest in them to ensure they are functional and appealing to potential clients. Websites communicate your brand image in a way, and people use it to judge your credibility.

Aside from the appearance of the website, things such as the speed, additional features, and resolution matter a lot to consumers. The internet has given consumers a wide range of options to choose from, and anything they dislike about a website can change their minds and make them look at your competition. Internet users are known for their impatience, and as a business, you need to reduce these flaws that might turn the heads of your potential customers.

Cloud Computing

Technology has made it easier for members of a marketing team to collaborate on projects without being in the same geographical location as it was before. Cloud computing allows them to manage content, organize data, and work together from any corner of the globe. This is particularly applicable to companies that serve vast regions and have people working on the same marketing strategies in different corners of the world.

Businesses are leveraging the power of cloud computing to enhance collaboration and save on costs. You only get to pay for what you need and do not have to invest in storage servers and then run them, something that forms a significant part of the cost.

Technology is defining the marketing field in a way like never before, and businesses have no option but to align their campaign to these changes if they do not want to surpassed by their competition. These changes are improving the way marketing is done since customers can get what they want due to improved visibility.

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