10 Best Power Banks Under $50 for 2018

Your mobile device makes your life super easy, but only as long as the battery lasts. Imagine you are out camping and your smartphone makes that dreaded sound signaling a low battery. If you have a charger in your car, you’re lucky. Without a power outlet, a power bank could be a lifesaver.

Power banks go by different names like battery packs, portable chargers, backup chargers and so on. They all fulfill the one most important task, and that is charging your device in the absence of power outlets.

Top 10 Power Banks Under $50

best power banks for smartphones under $50

With all the options of power banks available in the market, it could be a really difficult decision to choose the best one for yourself. Well, to help you out I have created this impressive list where you will find in-depth and unbiased reviews.

I have considered various different factors while including any device on my list. Some of the important aspects for which I looked out are size, the cell capacity, USB ports availability, inclusion of cables, safety, certification and power input.

If you are planning to purchase Power banks for smartphones, then there are few important points you should know. Remember that these portable chargers are available in various sizes. Some of them are small and pocket sized while others are bigger. The larger, bulky ones usually come with more cell capacity and those smaller in size offers excellent portability. Some come with included cables, and some don’t. Others come with several USB ports so that you can charge multiple devices at the same time. No more battery anxiety!

So without wasting any more time, check out our review and find your best travel companion.

Poweradd Pilot Pro 3 – Winner of our review

Poweradd Pilot Pro3

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It is a holy grail of high capacity portable power banks under $50. I mean 30000mAh cell capacity, man it’s huge. You can charge your iPhone 6s almost 12 times. It can charge your Samsung Galaxy S8+ almost six times, and even then Pilot Pro3 will be left with some extra power.

Even with such a massive cell capacity, it is 7.8 inches in length, 5.6 inches in width and is just 1.3 inches thick. It weights close to 680 grams and can be easily carried in your backpack.

It is made up of high-quality plastic, and so it is durable but not absolutely fall proof. The whole body is made up of 3 different parts. Because of its heavy weight, if it falls on any rigid or rough surface then it will get severe damages.

There are 3 USB charging ports and each of the ports offers a maximum output of 5V/2.1A. It makes use of Li-Polymer batteries which ensures longer battery life. Once charged Pilot Pro3 can retain its power for weeks and even months. It offers the efficiency of 80%, so even though the advertised capacity is 30000mAh, the actual capacity is around 24000.

It also comes loaded with ID Identify Technology. According to the company’s official statements, Pilot Pro3 can identify the connected devices and then can provide the best high-speed charging. It is something which is unique and quite cool.

If you want to charge your devices at the maximum speed, it is better to charge two phones at a time, instead of three. Poweradd Pilot Pro3 also recharges itself quickly, as it makes use of 2 micro USB ports for Input. The recharge time is usually around 7 to 9 hours.

Due to the high power capacity, it is not allowed on various airlines. So it makes it a bit less portable when compared to the rest of the competitors. On the safety side, it takes care of features like temperature control and protection from overcharging, overheating, over discharge, short circuit and more. It makes use of A+ grade Lithium-ion battery which not only helps to reduce the overall weight but also offers the capability of 500 cycle charges.

It is the ideal portable charger for those who are looking for plenty of power, several charging ports that charge at a quick rate.

Zendure A5

Zendure A5 portable charger

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It is a better version of its predecessor A2 power bank. Zendure A5 is not only ultra-durable but now it also has improved cell capacity (16750mAh). It is even allowed on various different airlines thus making it perfectly suitable for longer trips. Considering the design, it is available in black and silver color options.

According to the official sales page, Zendure A5 offers 80% efficiency. Additionally, it comes with two USB outputs, both being rated for 10.5W. Moreover, it can retain 95% of the charge capacity for about six months. The 4 LED system is useful for viewing remaining power with a 4000 mAh jump between each of them. However, there is no LED torch.

Another improvement is the Zen+ technology for power management. It doesn’t mechanically divide the output between two charging devices as 5W each. It can recognize what devices you have attached and offer the best output for charging it.

However, the negative aspect is that the Zendure A5 is big. It’s not something that you can put in your pocket. It weighs around 320 grams and comes with dimensions of 127 x 73 x 24 mm. But then you have to understand that in order to create such a durable product, proper quality and thickness of plastic is required. And as a result, the thickness of the body increases thus making it look bulky.

But the features are well worth the price. It offers pass-through charging so that you can charge it as well as your electronic devices simultaneously. The auto on feature is another plus point, so you just plug it in without using any buttons. It is created from PC/ABS crushproof material and comes with shock absorbing features. It also comes with a soft case to keep it all together. This includes the micro USB cable coming with the charger.

All said and done; Zendure A5 is well worth the money for those having multiple devices to charge on long journeys.

RAVPower 22000

RAVPower 22000 Portable Charger

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If you have several devices and need to keep topping them up, this is your best option. It is an affordable option and comes with 3 USB ports. They charge quite quickly, but cannot be compared to the Quick Charge 3.0 type. However, it is much faster than traditional smartphone chargers. The max output is 29W, so if you are using all the three ports, the speed might come down.

The RavPower portable charger makes use of the iSmart 2.0 technology, enabling automatic adjustment of current and voltage. Charging times are minimized, and efficiency is maximized. You can refill the power in this portable charger within 10 to 11 hours, with its micro USB rated at 12W.

RAVPower offers pass-through features, so you can refill the cell and also charge the devices attached to it simultaneously.

Furthermore, it comes with a convenient mesh case, keeping everything neatly together and protecting the device. It is made of regular ABS plastic, but it is fire resistant and is the plastic that Mercedes and BMW makers use. The touch is smooth, and it is well rounded at the corners. It feels sturdy and weighs quite a bit at 406 grams. You may need a bag to carry it though, rather than a pocket.

There is 4 LED screen on the front, and they show the amount of power remaining, with each of them standing for 5500 mAh. It is one of the best power banks for iPhone and can charge an iPhone 6s about nine times and a Galaxy S7 about five times. You can view the capacity that is remaining by pressing its side power button. The RAVPower also offers support for auto on.

Pinergy 20000 mAh

It is a pocket-sized powerhouse that can satisfy all your needs for outdoor charging. The charging technology used is an advanced one, and it offers high speeds. There are 2 USB charging ports with 2.4A, offering simultaneous charging.

In addition, it also offers two LED flashlights that you can use in low light conditions. There is a LED display as well, which represents the battery power remaining in the device.

The Pinergy 20000 mAh is highly compatible with both Android and iOS devices. You can charge smartphones and tablets with ease. In fact, you can also use it for charging your laptop.

In addition to power and compatibility, it offers safety and durability as well. It includes an intelligent or smart circuit preventing your device from overcharging or overheating and short circuits and so on. The device conforms to FCC standards of safety, so there’s more to it than merely style and efficiency. Admittedly, it takes some to charge itself due to the large capacity. However, once it is charged, fully it offers plenty of power for your devices. The main advantage is the speed with which it charges.

The design is sporty and attractive, built of fireproof ABS material. The size is compact. The company also offers a warranty of 12 months.

Poweradd 20100mAh

Poweradd brings to you Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 which is considered as the world’s most advanced and energy efficient USB charging technology. The only word I have is it’s an ultra fast charger. The build quality is quite sturdy. The body is build up of high-quality plastic polymer and has a dimension of 14.7 x 7.2 x 2 cms. It weighs just 380 grams which are quite impressive considering it’s cell capacity. Overall, I must say that’s it’s quite small, handy and you can easily carry it in your trouser pocket.

The maximum output is 5V/3.8A. The Poweradd comes with standard 5V/1A port and can charge two devices simultaneously. It features a LED display to view the remaining charging capacity.

With the help of this portable charger you can recharge the battery of iPhone 6 almost eight times. iPhone 6S can be charged 100% almost 5 times. Poweradd makes use of premium, LG 18650 cells, ensuring efficiency as well as safety. Furthermore, it comes with 25 months warranty and a very friendly customer support.

The portable charger comes with an attractive black shell and a white frame, looking sleek and stylish. It has a compact design. The smart digital screen makes it easy to check out the remaining power. It also comes with a built-in flashlight, which is very useful in low light conditions.

Accessories included in the package contain one micro USB cable, but Apple cable or charger is not included. A user guide has also been included.

The battery efficiency is 80% and it takes around 35 minutes for charging your device. Poweradd compatible with QC 2.0 as well as QC 1.0 and with USB. It makes use of the latest and fastest USB charge technology. Also, it is important to note that it is almost four times faster when compared to the regular chargers. Support for Quick charge results in saving a lot of time and also makes it one of the best power bank for smartphone.

Aukey 20000

It is a low-cost charger with a built-in capacity of 20000 mAh. The Lightning micro USB input is 5V/2A. The Quick Charge 3.0 for Output 1 is: 3.6 to 6.5V; 6.5V to 9V 2A; 9V to 12V 1.5A. In the case of the output 2, the AiPower is 5V 2.4A. The dimensions of the charger are 5.9 x 3.2 x 0.8 inches, and the weight is 13.7 ounces. Along with the box comes the charger and cable along with an instruction manual. The company also offers a warranty of 24 months along with outstanding customer support.

There are two input chargers for the internal battery, which uses either a lightning connector or the micro USB connector. It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. It also has two output ports, an AiPower port and a USB 3.0, Qualcomm Quick Charge output port. The latter port is a useful feature for those using the Galaxy S7 or something similar. The AiPower technology is capable of detecting the device that is plugged in and then offers the optimum current supply.

There is also a built-in flashlight, which can turn on or off, just by holding on to the power button for a few seconds. It comes with a simple design, without any wild colors or any fancy shapes. A single button offers several battery functions. This includes a display of the current charge range and beginning the charge or turning on the flashlight.

The built-in capacity of 20000 mAh in the Aukey portable charger offers an enormous capacity for fully charging an iPhone 7 Plus about four times or an iPad Pro about 1.5 times. However, since the capacity of the battery is so large, it takes around 10 to 11 hours for recharging itself.

Anker PowerCore 20100

Portable chargers from Anker can easily outclass other competitors in the market mainly because of their low price and outstanding build quality. It offers excellent quality coming from a dominant global player. The Anker PowerCore 20100 is a heavy gadget as it weighs around 12.5 ounces and offers impressive performance. It comes with a high capacity of 20100 mAh, so you need never worry about your device running out of battery charge.

Anker PowerCore is also one amoung the best portable charger for iPhone. It can charge the iPhone 7 with seven complete charges using this power charger. In the case of the Galaxy 6 or the iPad mini, you can get 5 and 2 complete charges. You can even charge bigger tablets quickly.

It’s a little larger and heavier than the typical power banks but offers a big battery life. You can easily keep it in your pocket. It weighs only 13 ounces despite the 20100 mAh. It comes with a sophisticated design, which only serves to sweeten the already sweet deal.

The Anker PowerCore makes use of the PowerIQ as well as the Voltage Boost technologies and comes with 2 USB charging ports. There are no flashlights, and instead, it has single button lighting up its LED display. Smart ports offer quick charge on adjustable currents.

However, on the downside, it could take around eight charges for a full charge, depending on the type of charger used. Yet, it is not an issue as you can use it overnight.

All said and done; this portable power unit is one of the most cost effective and efficient accessories for your smartphone. It is certified as safe, and the MultiProtect safety feature of the device offers complete protection to your phones and tablets.

EasyAcc 26000mAh

It is a monstrous portable power unit for those who need a perfect charging solution for their smartphones or other electronic gadgets while traveling. The actual output capacity will be lower, but it depends on the way you use it. If you charge a single device, you can get the full power. The charging speed for four smartphones is 5V/1.2A. The overall output is 4.8A. As for the input charging, it has two micro USB inputs at 5V/2.0 A for each port.

It is mainly made of plastic material but comes with a matte finish. There are not many bells and whistles attached to this device, but it is solid and will last a long time.

It weighs around one pound and has dimensions of 6.57 x 3.1 x 0.86 inches. You surely cannot carry it in your pockets. Generally, a battery of such a huge capacity could take around 16 hours to charge. However, the EasyAcc comes with two input slots, so you can charge it much faster using two microUSB cables. Recharging could still take around 8 hours, so you need to connect it overnight.

The portable charger comes with 4 USB output ports, and all of them can be used at the same time. It can recharge four devices at the same time while maintaining the optimum efficiency. The output is 2.4A per slot. However, it is not compatible with Quick Charge 2.0 or with 3.0, though it is much faster than the normal 2A. The ports automatically detect the optimum power output needed for the device plugged in.

The EasyAcc comes with an inbuilt flashlight so that you can use it in low light conditions. There are 4 LED indicators that reveal the amount of charge remaining. However, the total maximum output is 4.8A, so it is not practical to charge four devices at the same time. This can result in slow charging speed.

Overall if you need a proper charging solution for electronic devices like iPhones, tablets or smartphones, then it can be a perfect choice for you. For me, it is the best power bank for tablet, and I was able to charge my Galaxy Tab S3 almost three times without any problem.

Vinsic 20000 mAh

It is a high capacity charger which comes in an ultra slim design. Vinsic portable USB charger is made up of high-quality aluminum alloy and hard plastic. It weighs around 537 grams which mean it is slightly heavy and thus it is not suitable for carrying around in your pocket.

It comes with a useful digital power display, offering the exact percentage of power remaining in the charger. This is easier than the 4 LED lights which you will usually find on portable chargers. It also offers support for an automatic on and off feature, without any buttons for starting or stopping the charging.

The power capacity is 20,000mAh, and the effective rate is about 70%, so it can quickly recharge an iPhone 5s 9 times or a Galaxy S5 about 5 times. It can be expected that around 14,000 mAh will be available.

There are 2 USB ports available so that you can charge your phone and a tablet simultaneously. One of the ports is 5W, and the other is 10.5W, with the 5W more suitable for smartphones. Refilling the Vinsic power bank is also easy and fast with the 10W input. It utilizes micro USB for charging itself. The required cable is offered along with the charger for free.

It does not have a soft case for carrying around and neither does it have a LED flashlight, built in, like others in the competition. Yet, the design and its digital power display along with the auto on and off feature earn it additional brownie points.

TopMate 20000mAh USB Portable Power Bank

It comes with a huge capacity and is capable of charging an iPhone 5S ten times. It has 3 USB interfaces, and users can charge three devices simultaneously. The TopMate consists of 3 output ports. Two of them are 2.1A ports, and the third one is 1A port. The output voltage is 5V DC, and the Input Current is 2.1 Max. The output current is 1A for the first USB; 2.1A for the second and third USB.

In addition, the TopMate 20000 makes use of the smart IC frequency tech. This is capable of automatically detecting output current. As a result, the charger is able to offer the optimum power to meet the requirements of the device.

The appearance of the TopMate 20000 is also very attractive. The design is simple but stylish and elegant. It has a solid build quality and gives a sleek carbon fiber appearance. It is available in black, white and red colors. The size is 157 x 83 x 23 mm (LxWxH), and it weighs around 430 grams.

The TopMate 20000 mAh also includes indicator lights on the front. This reveals the amount of power or juice remaining in the power bank.

As for the security aspect, it comes with nine modes. It can prevent additional charging, excess discharge, too much power or high temperature. It can also prevent problems like the short circuit, unstable battery, reverse charging and high voltage.

Which is the best power bank?

That’s a million dollar question or maybe not. But considering both performance and the features, I believe Poweradd Pilot Pro 3 is the best power bank you can buy. For just $39.99 you are getting such a monstrous cell capacity along with such a stylish body design. I agree it’s a bit heavy but then in order to gain something you also have to lose something.

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