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Top 10 Laptops Under 40000 With Graphics Card


If there is one thing we know about the school here at GadgetRaja, it’s that things have to be left until the very last second. But you guys aren’t like us, right? You are probably doing very well with your study and planning ahead. If so, why not treat yourself to something nice? Like a professional laptop under 40000 with a dedicated graphics card and all the latest hardware?

There’s no dearth of laptop brands offering great hardware for the best price possible in the Indian market. Keeping that in mind, your digital detour has come up with our specialized, expert-detailed laptops under 40000 with graphics card buying guide for the students and professionals alike. This is especially helpful for all the Indian students who study overseas, and need to maintain their study regime and stay tuned to their university modules and classes.

With the advent of technology in today’s society, personal computers have risen not only from a technological necessity to a business and work necessity. In fact, individuals from all walks of life make use of laptops and PCs of their own to fulfill immediate and ongoing work-related tasks as well as personal activities. For any worker and office-goer, there is no other aspect of greater importance other than a laptop accommodating all basic applications and top-notch configurations.

Students, too, need laptops to have the flexibility of studying where ever, whenever. The power of the technology in our digital era greatly embraces the importance of students’ desire for passion, desire to learn and be heard, to portray their ideal, and reveal the many aspects of their personality for the world to realize. And the most valued tool for this important purpose is laptops, which, for many reasons, are better suited for this purpose than smartphones and tablets.

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Top 10 Laptops Under 40000 Rupees

In this article, we will be discussing a few of the latest and most powerful laptops under 40000 with the graphics card.

With these portable computers in your hand, you can enjoy the most graphically demanding games and appreciate the gameplay in high definition without delay. Moreover, they can also be used to run resource-intensive applications (in terms of RAM and processing power), including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Mathematica, etc. However, if you are a basic user, you can achieve a fantastic day-to-day use of word processing or spreadsheet software on every laptop in this list.

There are some critical points that each buyer should be aware of when looking to purchase a new notebook.

The first suggestion is to write a list of priorities you would like to have on the unit. It may be a CPU, RAM, hard disk (HDD or SSD), or even a graphics card, especially if you are someone who likes to play games. After you have decided on your priorities, you will need to set your budget and then decide on the brand that will best suit your needs.

If you want to have a better configuration like SSD storage, Intel Core i7, 4GB, or even a better graphics card, then you will probably have to increase your budget. By increasing your budget from 15,000 to 20,000 rupees, you can get your hands on high-end gaming laptops. But remember, most of the time, when the components increase, the weight of the device also increases. This could be a problem for some people.

Asus A555LF-ZZ406T

specifications of asus a555lf model

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Before I begin to discuss the specifications of the A555LF, allow me to mention an important added bonus that you get with it. It’s the only model that comes with a two-year extended international warranty worth Rs. 2999 at no cost. And what’s even more interesting about it is that the power adapter is covered under this warranty, thus making the deal even more impressive.

The ASUS A555LF-ZZ406T is an excellent choice for people looking for a high-quality, high-performance laptop in the ₹ 40,000 price range. It certainly stands out in many aspects of the design, built quality, ports, and specs. This laptop offers a very immersive experience with its 15.6″ screen, as well as the Full HD resolution, which complements the gaming graphics. The elevated stand of the laptop, lying on a durable plastic body, makes it suitable for comfortable typing sessions. The aesthetics are also polished and eye-catching, with the brushed-aluminum finish, grey and black colors, and sleek design. The display brightness can also be adjusted to match the lighting conditions.

The performance is powered by a 2.0 GHz Intel Core i3 5005U processor that is fully capable of running sophisticated applications without any problems or delays. It comes preloaded with the Windows 10 Home operating system. You don’t have to pay a premium for the operating system, and it meets the needs of everyone, from students to professionals.

The laptop weighs about 2.3 kg, which makes it a little heavier, but given the size of the screen, the weight seems justified. The battery is known to last up to several hours consistently, which is a victory considering the laptop’s price range.

The 4GB DDR3 RAM is quite low compared to its competitors in this price range. But to close the gap, it comes with a dedicated 2GB NVIDIA GeForce 930M graphics card. The GeForce 930M can easily handle most of the latest gaming titles and can even play GTA V in lower-midrange environments. This makes it an excellent choice for any gamer looking for a notebook with solid performance.


  • Nvidia Graphics Card with 2GB dedicated RAM.
  • Windows 10 Operating system pre-installed.
  • Fans are very silent, even while playing games.
  • HD screen with the sturdy build quality.
  • Two years of extended global warranty free of cost.
  • It comes with SonicMaster to offer superior sound quality.


  • 4GB Ram, but you can extend it to 8GB by spending 2000 rupees.
  • A bit heavy.

HP 15-AY513TX

specifications of HP 15 inches AY513TX model

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HP makes this list once again, and this goes on to prove how good their laptops are. Model AY513TX is truly the best choice for those who are frequent travelers and who want to experience the power of a high-performance laptop. AY513TX, apart from being extremely mobile, features some outstanding specifications.

Let’s start with the display. It comes with a 15.6 inches HD display, which offers a maximum 1366 x 768 resolution. The screen is bright and sharp, and the picture quality is excellent.

Outfitted with the Intel Core i3 6006U at 2.1 GHz with the 8GB DDR4 memory of 2133MHz type and hard disk space of 1TB, as well as highly effective NVidia GeForce 920M, the laptop is a top pick for graphic programs, such as Photoshop or Illustrator, and also for gamers. Users can take advantage of its dedicated GPU to allow seamless streaming and play of their favorite games without experiencing any lags or distortion. Further, the anti-glare LED-screen makes the 15″ laptop an excellent pick for those who desire a machine that does not damage their eyes after the long hours of continuous use.

Coming to the GPU, it comes with a powerful and notebook optimized AMD Radeon R5 M430. It’s a 64-bit architecture-based graphics card and offers 2000MHz speed and comes with 2GB dedicated DDR3 RAM. It provides comparable framerate and performance to Nvidia 930M.

HP 15-AY513TX comes in a very stylish color, which is metallic gray. It also has 3 USB ports, 2 of which is USB 2.0, and the 3rd one is USB 3.0. As you might have already guessed that this laptop is made mainly for work purposes, but you can still enjoy the latest game titles like Titanfall, GTA V, but then you might have to keep the game settings to mid-low.

Now for those who are concerned about the weight, well, let me tell you it’s close to 3KG. Yes, I know, it’s quite heavy, but it’s because of the high standard materials which are used to build it. The display is rigid, and the touchpad area gives you a feeling of aluminum and is very responsive. As for the operating system, it doesn’t come loaded with any pre-installed OS.


  • It has a great design and gives you a feel of metal finish.
  • HP 15-AY513TX comes with 8GB DDR4 Ram.
  • It has a 2GB dedicated graphics card from AMD.
  • Battery life is good with a standby time of more than 14 hours.
  • It gives you the power of the 6th intel processor.


  • It weighs close to 3 KG, which might be a problem for a few users.
  • No pre-installed Windows OS.

Lenovo G5080

specification of lenovo g5080

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The Lenovo G5080 laptop is a solid choice for people who need a bit more performance and a wider range of usages. It offers a sharp display with bright colors and an exceptional battery life, as well as the reasonable price tag, making it the laptop one can buy in the mid-range segment. Outfitted with a dedicated graphics card and 8 gigabytes of RAM, as well as a sufficiently powerful Intel Core i3 5005U (5th Gen) processor, this Lenovo laptop can provide great performance and help you achieve more during your busy everyday schedule. Both games and work shall be accomplished easily with this 15.6″ laptop, and you’ll find it suitable for all your study or word related programs as well, thus making it the ideal choice for both students and professionals on tight budgets. The laptop under 40000 rupees is even ideal for multitasking and running heavy-duty apps that can render many other devices into a hung upstate.

The GPU is a Dedicated AMD Radeon R5 M330, which will make sure that you can play the latest game titles without any issues. The input devices also have an excellent feel to them with sturdy keys and a smooth touchpad. Working with input devices is also lovely and smooth. One thing that seems to have a problem with this device is the quality of the build. People with experience are known to have seen some wear and tear on the hardware with continuous usage. The battery time for the laptop is 4 hours, and this is quite good for light usage, but it is not great if you want to work long hours in remote locations. With time, the battery output time also reduces. The RAM is also non-expandable.

The laptop is a good and reliable choice if you want to go forward with a device that seems good on paper and in real-life as well.


  • Sturdy build quality.
  • It comes with 8GB DDR3 RAM.
  • Battery life is decent.
  • It has an AMD Radeon R5 M330 graphics card.


  • RAM cannot be upgraded.
  • The design is a bit outdated.

Dell Inspiron 3558

Even the brand name itself signifies the high standing of the device as for Dell is a synonym of an extremely robust and long-lasting laptop. Dell laptops like prom dresses are known for their superb body that cannot be shattered by the complexities of a road trip and can also flawlessly cater to the quality demands and desires of the user for a long period of time. The looks of the machines speak volumes, turning you into a fan, and the display quality is truly doable by an effective and active printing combination. In this Notebook, Dell has been successful in manufacturing a 15.6 inches LED display having a display resolution of 1366 x 786 pixels.

The speedy processor and sufficient RAM manage to offer good performance without lag. The 2 GB GPU gets the job done even with heavy multitasking and high-end graphics studded gaming. The laptop comes packaged with a Windows 10 OS having a useful DVD writer.

Dell is famous for its remarkable battery power that lasts up to 6 hours on a single charge. 1 TB of storage space gives users plenty of space to store all movies, TV shows, music, images, and documents taken on the computer while walking. The only downside to the laptop might be slight heating while playing graphically intensive games. In most cases, the heating problem is seen only during high load data-intensive tasks like gaming and streaming videos. This, however, does not make the device unsuitable for traveling and transporting to the workplace.

This demanding laptop is best suited for students, game lovers, writers, and even tech enthusiasts. For such users, the 15.6 inches screen resolution might be just fine so as to not sacrifice the brightness and provide a breathtaking screen experience.

HP 14-AM122TU

Always ready for a new adventure combined with the exquisite HP quality, HP 14-AM122TU laptop will allow you to travel around without feeling the burden of a large gadget. Built with high-quality materials, the 14-AM122TU proves to be ideal for lasting, as its lightweight and responsive. The display is sharp, containing vivid and accurate color details in HD resolution. The performance of HP 14AM122TU Laptop Computer is truly impressive. The HP laptop is melodious with 2.5GHz Intel Core i5 7200U processor and a 4GB DDR4 RAM, expandable up to 16GB. Thus, the main storage as well as RAM can be expanded as per provision to meet future needs.

The HP 14TU Laptop is optimized in every way to suit the needs of the Windows 10 OS users. Right specs, right dimension, right weight, right battery backup, right display, right sound… everything appears to have been compiled with the ideal end-use. 8 hours of battery backup coupled with a 3-years onsite warranty service is already a deal-maker to this laptop.

HP laptops are just the embodiment of quality and durability. HP 14-AM122TU is an example of the fact that how can a weigh of performance, durability, and affordability. With a surprising price of 43,990 INR and a pretty decent configuration, the laptop indeed proves itself as a very dependable and affordable daily companion.

Acer E5-575

The Acer Aspire E5-575 is not an exception to the digital trend. However, it is able to complement the midrange design making it both portable and comfortable to use. It is not the thinnest laptop, but it is easy to grip and can quickly provide a nice media experience. Coupled with 15.6 inches of screen real estate and adequate hardware configuration this laptop deserves to be mentioned along with other myriad laptops under 40000 rupees.

The 2.5 GHz Intel Core i5 7200U Processor is good enough to meet all your day to day computing needs. The Graphic Card is not the best as compared to what is found on the other devices. The Acer E5–575G comes in equipped with an Intel i5 7200U 7th generation processor in its heart and with a clock speed of 2.5GHz it is definitely not the slowest of all and is capable of running all kinds of multimedia demands. On the other hand, when it comes to graphics, it is ideal to say that this laptop comes with an integrated Intel HD Graphics 620 which is enough to service all of your light gaming demands and can go hand in glove with the heavy ones as well such as playing games like The Sims but when it comes to the latter, you need to be prepared to bring down the visuals to the lowest settings.

Continuing on, the Acer E5-575 comes with default with Ubuntu Linux OS installed. Fortunately, it is also possible to download and install Windows 10 Home as well. This will require you to pay an additional charge without a prior subscription, unfortunately. Ubuntu is an extremely robust and reliable operating system, but it may be confusing in the realm of flexibility. A wide array of free programs are available if you choose to switch operating systems but running them smoothly often requires programmatic changes that demand technical understanding.

Acer E5-575 is coupled with a sufficiently efficient and functional battery, which is enough for effortless computer operation by delivering a whopping 5 hours of battery life on a single charge. It can also be quickly charged to 100% of the total battery capacity. Besides, the cost for this laptop boasting Ubuntu as OS is considerably affordable, when compared with Windows laptops offering similar functionality.

Acer E5-575 is probably one of the most affordable core i5 laptops under 40000.

Lenovo Ideapad 310 (80SM01 EEIH)

The Lenovo Ideapad series has been famous for being able to cater to working professionals with substantial processing power and robust build. The components of the laptop appear to be highly durable as they are made of high-quality plastic. The processor is quite snappy as it is the latest 2.3 GHz Intel Core i5 6200U, which is complemented by 8 GB DDR4 RAM appropriately. The device is quite graphic intensive as well due to the presence of 2 GB Dedicated NVIDIA GeForce N16V-GMR1 Graphic Card.

The laptop weighs 2.2 kg having a screen size of 15.6 inches, which makes it suitable for primary usage. The laptop comes with an MS-DOS operating system, which is not appropriate for anyone in modern times. DOS is a command-line operating system, and it is not user-friendly. The keyboard is entirely reactive and smooth, and the touchpad also responds well to multi-touch gestures as well. The battery life can last a moderate user 4-5 hours of repeated usage. Even though the built of the device is sturdy, the looks are not impressive, and that is a downside for many users.

Lenovo Yoga 510 (80S9002QIH)

This innovative laptop from Lenovo has enough features to justify the price tag. The laptop is quite sleek and lightweight in design, which makes it very comfortable for carrying around. The display is full HD display of the laptop delivers sharp and clear images to the viewer. The processor here is 2.9 GHz AMD A9 Dual-Core, which is a deviation from the trustworthy Intel processors which the world relies upon. Even though the multitasking and high-end gaming experiences are not affected by the specifications but the performance of the device, in the long run, is inferior to that powered by Intel’s processors.

The flexibility and the looks of the laptop are one of the USPs that separate it from the crowd. It comes with a Windows 10 Operating System that also contains a reliable battery backup. The absence of a fingerprint sensor could also be a disappointment to many users because some laptops in this price range also come equipped with that feature.

All in all, the laptop is an excellent option for people who travel frequently, but the processor is its downfall.

We hope this list was able to give you a good number of candidates to enable you to find the best laptop in under 40000 in India. The price range is decent enough to let you buy a device that fulfills all your needs. We run multiple usability tests on the laptop to find out about all the pros and cons. Stay tuned to our website for more updates on good quality laptops. Do let us know about your selection and your experience with the laptop in the comments box below.

HP 15 AF103AX

It has everything that is needed for a basic but high-performing laptop nowadays. There is nothing that could have been done to it. It comes with the Windows 10 operating system.

As for the display size, it’s 15.6inches with Full HD resolution. This is one of those laptops that you will not find very lucrative at first but is probably one of the most relied upon for the understanding that you can do whatever you want to (except for tossing it around) with it.

The processor is from AMD and has a 4GB DDR3 RAM. The resolution of the screen is very decent, and the best part about it is that it has a 1TB hard disk space. It even has a dedicated 2GB graphics card. This makes HP 15 AF103AX a very conventional performing device that will serve all your purposes. The only drawback is that this is not the latest model you would want to buy. This is a pretty old model as it still uses USB 2.0 ports.

The RAM used are of 1333MHz. So, if you want a good and decent performing notebook, then this is the one you ought to buy. Another thing about this laptop is the battery life; it is not what is expected from a notebook which has pretty low specs compared to the latest ones.

Dell Inspiron 5555

Dell is a company that resonates with quality. One of the pioneers in laptops, Dell Inspiron, is one of the most trusted laptop models in the market. Though the specifications do lack behind some of the other competitors in this list, the sheer brand name of Dell puts it on this list.

It has a quad-core A10-8700P processor, which can be turbo boosted up to 3.1GHz. Though the processor is a bit backdated, the other features loaded in this notebook are still top-notch.

It comes equipped with 1333MHz 8GB DDR3 RAM. It has an HD touchscreen display with a maximum resolution of 1366 x 768 px. It is one of the critical features of this laptop. It has a 1TB hard disk space for you to store all your data on the device. This laptop also has a card reader along with it, giving you all the necessary tools to carry your work forward. It also comes with a pre-installed Windows 10 Home edition. The specifications are just right for you to do all your work on this device will efficiency and power. The thing about this laptop is the battery life. It is not what you might expect out of Dell, but it will not disappoint you as well. The laptop was made to help you work with greater efficiency.

Which Laptop to Buy Under 40000?

best laptop under 40000 rupees with dedicated graphics card

The aforementioned laptops are certain to bring you an unrivaled experience which you’ll appreciate, and furthermore, they’re astoundingly suitable and built to aid you develop or work efficiently and straight out of the crate. With that said, these laptops are built for the overall population centered upon efficient and skilled work, enhancing and routine production, enabling you to set down a consistent work environment anywhere. And though most of the listed laptops under 40000 with graphics card are capable of running an extensive amount of games without sticking out like a sore thumb, you’ll realize that the greatest gaming experience you’ll ever get, ask any gamer, is gaming together with the gaming laptop or high-end PC.

These are just for work, but you can use them for occasional entertainment if necessary. Also, make sure that your device is not damaged. The warranty may be there, but if you have caused physical damage to your laptop, the warranty expires. So make sure that when you drink coffee, you don’t spill any of this on your laptop. Try to buy laptop coolers as well to ensure that your laptop is fresh at all times, especially when you are using all heavy applications or while playing games. These are things to keep in mind when using a laptop computer.

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