Do you know how most of the business owners boost up their new business growth? Although there are several ways with the help of which new business ventures boost up their business, but one of the most significant ways is with the help of crowdfunding platforms.

Fully leveraging the online space that is still limited for the new startups, online crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter have taken a lot of the stress away and put it in the hands of the creators themselves, to make sure that the money is always in right hands. Through crowdfunding platforms, the creators are able to raise the required money without waiting to continue with their creative work. However, if the funding is not secured before the launch date or is not enough, the funds are never delivered but will disappear without showing up on the end of the backers’ pledge. So, crowdfunding is also not without any risks.

In case if you are also a new business owner and want to boost up your venture with Crowdfunding but are unaware of the best crowdfunding platforms and how it is used, then do follow this post till the end.

As here, we are going to have a look at some of the best crowdfunding platforms, not only that we will also discuss several things about such platforms in this post.

What Do You Mean by Crowdfunding?

When you want someone to invest in your new business, no one will pick up their hand as they would not do not know that if investing in your business will offer some profit to them or not. Hence this is the reason most of the new business owners are unable to find investors for them.

This is the reason behind the creation of crowdfunding platforms, as these are the platforms from where you can find several people who can invest in your business idea. But before that, you would have to let them know about your business idea and if they found anything positive in it then only they will agree to invest.

You can find as many investors for your business plan from these crowdfunding platforms easily and can let them invest in your idea.

But before that, you would have to find a good and reliable crowdfunding platform, and if you are unaware of such platforms, then the coming section is a crucial one for yourself. So make sure you read it all thoroughly.

Best Crowdfunding Platforms of 2020

Here is the list of best crowdfunding platforms that we have hand picked for you-


This is one of the most popular platforms for Crowdfunding, and if you are having a kind of creative business idea, then it would be the best crowdfunding platform choice for you. Some of the best projects for which you can find investors from this platform are-

In case if you have a business idea for an album or book writing, then this platform will help you by finding several investors.

If you have a business idea related to solar energy or new inventions, then also this platform will work well for you.


The next crowdfunding platform in the list is Indiegogo, and this platform will help you getting investments easily if that is under the nonprofits section. Moreover, another benefit of this platform is that you can take advantage of flexible funding feature with the help of which you can keep all the raised funds even if you are unable to reach your business goals.

Here is the list of businesses for which you can get Crowdfunding quickly from Indiegogo-

The first business section we have already mentioned is the nonprofits section. You would be able to find easy funding for such business ideas easily.

The next kind of business ideas for which you can find investors easily are business ideas under inventions and technology-based works.


This is a platform where you would be able to find crowdfunding investors who will invest in your business by providing you investment every month. Most of the investors that you will find here are the ones who will never make any bulk payment, and instead of that, they will go for regular funding monthly.

The main goal behind the creation of such a crowdfunding platform is to provide support for the long term to a business idea.


The primary reason behind the development of this crowdfunding platform was to get funding for completing daily needs on an emergency basis. But it is found that this platform can also be used for business funding easily; just the only requirement is that the project should be a short term one.


Again we have the best crowdfunding platform, which is specially designed for nonprofit businesses only. Moreover, if your business project is on some social issue, then also you can use this platform for finding investors.

The biggest advantage of this crowdfunding platform is that once the funding is received, you would be able to get it directly without any delays.


As the name suggests, this crowdfunding platform is for those who want to invest in business related to their music business. Moreover, if you have any other business idea in your mind and you want to fund for that, then you can use any other such platform, but this platform would not be able to help you.


In case if you are trying to find a crowdfunding platform with the help of which you can invest somewhere for helping worthy causes, then MightyCause is the best platform for you.

With the help of your collected funds, this platform arranges several events for children, family, education section, and many more such things. Not only that, whenever there’s some natural disaster or wars takes place, then they send their funding to help them financially.

There are many more such crowdfunding platforms in the market created for different reasons, but the above-listed platforms are some of the most important ones. From them, you can select the most appropriate one for your business funding.

Facts About Crowdfunding

Here is the list of some facts related to Crowdfunding:

  • It is found that a successful campaign will take around 11 days to get it started properly.
  • If a campaign runs for less than 40 days, then it has more chances of reaching up to their goal easily.
  • Make sure to put a short video in your campaign as it increases the chances of the campaign to reach up to their goals by 25%.


Here we have come to the end of this article in which we discussed everything about crowdfunding platforms, not only that we also had a look at some of the best crowdfunding platforms that you can use for your business growth.