Backpage is down! This is not unexpected, but it does put many professional businesses and even adult service providers out of business. While it’s good that awful crimes involving under-age individuals were stopped, it already left thousands stranded without the help of a good source of income.

If you have been lately browsing the internet for backpage alternatives, you will probably find out that most of them are nonexistent or scams. And the few legitimate ones you find out there are either just too are to find or either you just don’t know how to use them. Among the country’s biggest websites, you will see niche websites that you don’t even know-how in the world they work.

After years of controversy, Backpage, the leading online classifieds platform, is offline and shut down by the federal authorities (Department of Justice), ostensibly on allegations that Backpage aided human trafficking and facilitated sexual crimes against children. The FOSTA bill recently went into effect, resulting in a crackdown on such ad platforms, with the repercussion of greater regulatory pressure on smaller firms offering similar services. In light of such disruption, it may be relevant for many individuals to find their backpage replacement on alternative ad networks.

As perennial sites similar to backpage, we bring you the 11 best backpage replacement sites that are still relatively the same as Backpage with a few key differences. We will list several of the best ones for you to choose from and hopefully help your business survive in the new era.

Top 10 Backpage Alternative websites for 2020

Since’s sudden shutdown in 2008, all its patrons and regular ads posters have been looking for the web’s next legal backpage alternate sites. Since you are here, I’ll assume that you are one of them. I know that it has been challenging and frustrating to find out the most trusted sites similar to the backpage; to that end, I have created this list to help you sort the good ones from the bad. Just bear in mind, your selection will depend on the type of ads you post and the platform you opted for.

The best backpage replacement site provides a variety of functions, services, and templates for different purposes. That’s why this list is diverse, and this ensures that you will find the right one that fits your need!

So, if you are willing to take your business to the next level, go through the list and start now!


There is indeed no such list of backpage alternatives that could ever be complete without mentioning Craigslist. The most extensive of them all, it claims to have 30+ local websites in 25 different countries.

Craigslist is not a new name in the realm of classifieds. It has been around for some time now. Still, due to several issues and controversies surrounding its security and privacy, it has been shadowed by its own offspring- the hybrid craigslist classifieds like Backpage. Nevertheless, despite its flaws, craigslist is still considered one of the best-classified sites ever to grace the internet. Classified ads are no new creation. They have been around even before the invention of internet technology, and the craigslist directory is still among the very best. With the increasing number of people relying on the internet as their primary source of information, the craigslist has, without doubt, gained more popularity in a very short period of time.

Craigslist is well-known as one of the most heavily trafficked websites. It’s currently gratifying its users in North America and across the ocean, thanks to providing a proper, free, and regularly updated database of listings across several categories.


For some reason, the internet had always seen a craigslist vs. Backpage debate, but it is not quite a true comparison, for the two are entirely different.

OLX is one of the hottest platforms on the web right now. And it does compete directly with other classifieds sites like Craigslist and Backpage. Although OLX is not the most popular site like Craigslist, it is fast gaining popularity.

One of the major reasons for the surge in popularity of sites like OLX is the influx of new internet users – the Millenials. The surge in popularity among the millennials can be credited to the fact that it is straightforward to use, and it doesn’t involve the hassle of creating an account.

A site like Backpage offers a lot more complexity, and it takes some time and experience to understand their work. But, OLX offers you a great user interface, and you can be an expert within a matter of a few minutes. The layout is extremely simple, and it offers many categories to choose from.

OLX’s app is another favorite; it is available on both Android and iOS, and it is very much user-friendly. The paid Ads on OLX are clear, with the seller posting the images and text provided by them, and there is no ambiguity. Thus, the app ensures transparency, and you end up buying exactly what you see on the screen. The site or app both are very popular, and the fact that they are available in multiple countries is another factor that makes it extremely popular.


The creation of Facebook dates back to the year 2004, and today it is the biggest social media network, boasting over 1.37 billion users in a variety of demographics. In fact, Facebook is not just limited to social interaction; it is also used as a platform for commerce. It is ranked as the most visited website worldwide and ranks third in the U.S. with 287 million visitors per month.

If a platform can give craigslist and other classified ad sites a run for their money, it’s Facebook. It is indeed true that Facebook is predominantly a social media platform, but it has managed to carve a niche for itself in the world of online classified advertisements. A recent report indicated that it had 1 billion classified listings in its database.

When you think of the internet and the future, Facebook is definitely one of the sites that come to mind. The fact that it is also used as a platform for classified ads means that it can stand up to some of the best-classified sites online.


Many people are not aware that it’s almost impossible to find a decent website to sell products for free online. There is a need for a good website that will host your listings in such a way that it is not difficult for users to find the products they are looking for.

With today’s fast pace of technology and modernization, people expect to have everything from convenience. What is it that makes people want a free service? To most, it is the ability to offer an item or a service without an additional cost or premium. In any case, they are also likely to post ads that are free. That’s where comes in. You can post ads with a free listing, and you don’t need to upgrade your account. You just need to have an email account and a desire to sell or buy products.

Many people do not trust sites that offer free listings. They like because they offer some paid features that you can use for a minimal fee. This is what you need to pay:

25 cents for uploading an image to your ad.

$2.5 for a 10-day ad.


It is interesting to see how a site like has managed to stay in the race and compete with the top classified sites online. Even though it is only offered in about 12 countries and across 7 languages, it is rapidly expanding.

For one, it is used by thousands of users in Toronto and the U.S.A. In Canada alone, it is visited by more than 40 million users per month. Despite the fact that most people have heard of Kijiji, a lot of people don’t understand how it works. The platform offers a very large user base, which helps ensure that your classified ads get noticed.

Kijiji is the top alternative to backpage in the continent of Africa, serving as a way to connect millions of users from the region. Whether you are making a free ad or a paid ad, the site is a great way to reach your target audience.


Locanto has become one of the go-to sources for all of your classified ad needs. Some people are familiar with this site because of its similarity with craigslist and backpage. People from Germany, Switzerland, and other European countries can use the site to purchase or sell products. The good thing about this platform is that it is available in 15 languages and in more than 45 countries.

If you’re looking for a place to place a free classified ad, Locanto is a site that you should definitely use. The site is available as a mobile app that is readily available for you to use. With very advanced design, the app gives you the ability to place ads on your phone.

If you are new to the scene of casual hookups and are looking for a tried-and-tested platform to meet a man or a woman to hook up with, Locanto is perhaps your very best friend to hit it off in the dating scene. As they have been around in the business for over 15 years, you can rest assured that your advertisements will remain active for as long as you desire.


Geebo is one of the pioneer sites to offer free classified ads as a free alternative to sites like Backpage, where users can sell products. To this day, Geebo has never shown any external investment and acts independently. The website is highly functional, and it caters to communities where a wide range of services and products can be found on the website.

Geebo is one of the oldest classified websites on the web and is very popular among people looking to buy and sell personal belongings. It has existed for over 20 years, which means it has been around long enough to establish trust and reputation among its users. It is a free classified website, which means that it is available free to anyone using the internet. While it offers free features to its users, it has made some money-generating tools available to make more profits.


Backpage alternatives are all about users looking for options and alternatives to some of the best websites for free classified ads. is one of the leading platforms for selling new or used goods online. Unlike Craigslist, however, Oodle offers additional services like payments, feedbacks, and ranking systems.

Hosted in the United States and available on all major continents, is an ever-expanding online marketplace that covers an aggregator of both dedicated and dynamic ad poster sites. This is exactly what draws new and old clients of the service, as one can depend on this site for first-hand information about numerous functionalities and applications one may prefer before taking any action or committing to any further online deal.

And yet, the array of ads on real estate, opportunities, jobs, etc., is massive, so you will never be disappointed, as everything is right there and can be accessed fast and easy. Registration is needed and should be effortlessly done. And the interface is rather captivating, with “eye candy” being the norm.

As a platform, Oodle has grown a lot in quality and works perfectly fine. The advertising is mostly targeted, which makes the overall experience more immersive for those who engage with it.


When you want to get to market quickly, you need to get on the right platform. Even though there are several backpage and craigslist personals alternatives that can help you, Gumtree may be the best. It was launched in the year 2007, and it has grown since then.

Gumtree is usually called “the world’s favorite marketplace” and, in a way, is one of the largest classifieds and advertising portals out there. But, besides real estate listings and various vehicles, the website’s famous for its job listings. You can see them on both sides of the pond nowadays and have heard of this website before, as it was also the first Backpage alternative website in the United States.

Who would have thought a free classified advertisements platform would dominate over one of the biggest social networks today? But Gumtree, an international website posting classifieds for everything from jobs and events to items for sale or rent, really outdid Facebook in this category. It made people find it easy to navigate and post an ad for even the smallest of things in a fast and easy way with minimal payment to top it all off.

It is heartbreaking to say the personal ads platform hasn’t been implemented at GumTree or that it is not allowed. This is truly upsetting for some, and they have stopped using the website as a result. Yet, GumTree has proven to be extremely easy to use, with outstanding user experience.


The notion of online classified advertisements and marketplaces, such as craigslist, is not new, and we are all familiar with the kind of advantages they offer. With this in mind, we may now look at what is arguably the biggest craigslist personals alternative classified marketplace in the world – eBay.

The question is, what is the difference between craigslist and eBay? Well, for one, eBay has a dedicated team of customer service agents that are ready to listen to your complaints or comments. This is a great way to ensure that the activities of malicious individuals do not mar your experience on the site.

In addition, eBay has an extensive and detailed FAQ section to help people who are less familiar with the site understand it. Most importantly, eBay prides itself on offering a great marketplace for its users where they can be in touch with a wide range of products and services.

The Conclusion

Best Backpage alternative websites are many in numbers, but there are just a few that stand out, especially in the classifieds business. You need to be a little careful and avoid getting scammed by sites that seem to be taking advantage of the Backpage shutdown by posting fake ads and spamming users.

It is only logical for most users to migrate to alternative websites, especially after the shutting down of one of the largest sites in the online classifieds business. The other sites may not have the same reputation, but they offer the same experience that they enjoyed on the backpage classified site.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Substitute for Backpage?

BackPage was a platform where anyone, with any kind of interest, would post a discreet ad – to sell their product or service, to sell or trade, to find a roommate, or whatever they are looking for. And it was doing that very well for over a decade. Many decades, actually.

But, that success that made it grow from the smallest of ideas into massive popularity back then is also the reason why it is no longer available in operation. Since then, there have been many Backpage alternative sites, and according to our research, is the best one.