Meetings. Some love ’em, most dread ’em. They’re a staple of the business world. You walk in with your coffee, ready to tackle the agenda, only to exit an hour later feeling like you’ve been trapped in a time warp, trying to recall who said what, when, and why. And don’t get me started on those acronyms flying around like rogue paper airplanes. You know, the usual corporate ballet.

But here’s the kicker: What if you could bring someone—or rather, something—to your meetings that not only remembers every single detail, but also takes notes, sets reminders, and heck, might even laugh at your boss’s worn-out puns? Now that’s what we call a game-changer.

Enter the world of AI meeting assistants: Your new BFF in the boardroom. These not-so-little wizards are more than ready to take your meeting woes and turn them into “oh’s” of surprise. We’re talking “Dumbledore level” of magic here, folks. But don’t worry, these assistants don’t require a wand, just a reliable internet connection.

What makes a great AI powered meeting assistant? Well, it’s got to be smart (duh!), always ready to assist, possess a knack for understanding human speech (including your mumbles pre-coffee), and most importantly, it should have a penchant for punctuality. Because let’s be honest, nobody likes waiting for that one person who’s always late…Sorry, Karen.

Enough talk. Let’s dive into the list of the 9 best AI meeting assistants that’ll revolutionize the way you do meetings. Get ready to bring in a wave of efficiency that’ll make even the Monday morning meeting seem like a walk in the park.

1) – The Ultimate AI Meeting Assistant, Your Savior from Meeting Mayhem

Alright, let’s get real. We’ve all been there – you’re half an hour deep into a meeting, the coffee’s running low and so is your patience. Someone’s going on about synergy or alignment or whatever the buzzword of the day is, and all you’re thinking is, “Why didn’t I send my clone to this meeting?”

Then there’s the frantic scramble to scribble down notes as someone rapid-fires their updates like they’re trying to break the speed-talking world record. Or when your colleague shows a killer slide that disappears before you can say, “Wait, what was on that again?” It’s the modern-day equivalent of missing the moon landing, honestly. AI-Powered Meeting Assistants

Introducing, the AI meeting assistant ready to save us all from these meeting meltdowns. Like an eager intern that never tires, this AI-powered assistant automatically records audio, takes notes, and even captures slides. You heard it right, folks. It’s like having your own personal stenographer who also moonlights as a photographer. Real main character shit.

Not impressed yet? doesn’t stop at being your go-to minute-taker. It’s also got you covered for post-meeting activities like planning and collaboration. It’ll automatically generate summaries faster than you can say, “Wasn’t I supposed to remember something from that meeting?” And collaboration? Just tag your team in the notes and it’s like you’re all mind-melded together but without the awkward Vulcan hand gestures.

What truly sets apart, though, is its water resistance. Kidding. What I mean to say is, its ability to understand and process human speech. Now, I’m not saying it’s going to solve the mystery of what your boss means by “Think outside the box”, but it’s pretty dang close.

So there you have it. No more wishing for time-turners to catch every detail, no more deciphering hieroglyphics that were supposed to be notes, and no more missing the “lightbulb” moments that only strike during meetings. Get, sit back, and watch this AI-powered assistant make meeting mayhem a thing of the past. Do it now or forever hold your peace (in meetings, at least).

2) tl;dv

tl;dv, ladies and gents. This nifty tool is the Robin to your Batman, the Alfred to your Bruce Wayne, the Jim Halpert to your endless, droning office meetings. You know, those meetings where Kevin from accounting decides to share his weekend BBQ adventures when all you wanted to know was the quarterly report status? Yeah, those.

This AI-powered sidekick doesn’t just record online meetings, it does it with the style and swagger of a secret agent. Transcriptions? It’s got that covered in 25 languages. Whether you’re speaking in English, Japanese, or even the nuanced dialect of Tech-Jargonese (seriously, what’s with all the acronyms?), tl;dv is like the UN interpreter you never knew you needed.

Remember when Pam said that golden line during the product brainstorm that made everyone crack up? You were too busy laughing to jot it down, weren’t you? No worries, because tl;dv has a nifty feature that lets you convert those important (or hilarious) moments into shareable clips. Trust me, your team’s group chat is going to love you for this.

tl;dv AI meeting assistant

You ever feel like Pavlov’s dog, salivating every time a keyword is mentioned in a meeting? Well, tl;dv can give you keyword alerts so you can sit back, relax, and let your inner Pavlov chill out. Connect it with your CRM, and it’s like your meetings just learned how to speak “sales.”

Have a user interview you want to keep for posterity, or maybe for the annual “Remember-When-Jim-Did-That” ceremony? tl;dv lets you create a user interview repository. Because who doesn’t like a good repository, right?

For those of you championing cross-functional collaboration (yeah, I see you, Agile devotees), tl;dv’s got your back. It’s like a digital coffee shop where everyone can sit, sipping their brew, exchanging ideas…minus the actual coffee, of course.

And for the cherry on top, this clever tool helps increase onboarding and training. Because nothing says “Welcome aboard, rookie!” like an AI that can recount your boss’s introduction word-for-word.

So, do yourself a favor: snag tl;dv. Let it attend your meetings, record the chatter, alert you of the important bits, and, most importantly, save you from the tedium of note-taking. With tl;dv, it’s like you’re in the meeting, but also, thank heavens, out of it. Enjoy the show!

3) MeetGeek

So there you are. Another meeting, and once again, you’re relying on scribbled notes that look like they were taken by a hyperactive toddler. And who could forget that time when the entire team was left deciphering your “comprehensive” meeting minutes that read more like an abstract work of art than a professional summary. Can we get a collective sigh?

Enter MeetGeek, your new best friend in the world of meetings.

Imagine if you had an AI-powered sidekick, diligently listening in, transcribing every spoken word in real-time, highlighting key points, and even sharing insights from the meeting. Well, stop imagining and say hello to MeetGeek. Think of it as your personal assistant that doesn’t need caffeine breaks or vacation time.

Don’t worry about playing catch-up when you space out during the meeting (we’ve all been there). MeetGeek keeps things moving and makes sure you’re always on top of what’s been said, done, and agreed upon. It’s like having a stenographer and analyst all rolled into one, minus the expensive suit and necktie.


And with its repository of conversations, it’s like having a time machine. Want to revisit that one time when Jeff from HR claimed he could increase productivity by introducing mandatory nap times? Yep, it’s all there. Got an idea mid-meeting but didn’t want to interrupt? Jot it down in the built-in notes. No more “what did we decide last time?” or “can someone repeat that?” moments.

It also comes with pre-defined meeting templates, because let’s face it, no one really likes reinventing the wheel every time they schedule a meeting. And the AI-powered keyword detection and highlights? It’s like having a watchdog sniffing out important bits, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks.

When it comes to integration, MeetGeek is a social butterfly. It plays nice with various platforms, making it the perfect tool for a smooth, fuss-free meeting. And if you’re a stats junkie, you’ll appreciate the meeting performance KPIs. It’s almost like having a professional auditor sitting in on your meetings, only less intimidating.

So, grab MeetGeek and go forth into the land of meetings. It’s time to make those roundtable discussions more bearable, more efficient, and dare we say, more enjoyable. Yes, we just used “meetings” and “enjoyable” in the same sentence. You’re welcome.

4) Sembly

Meet Sembly, the AI meeting assistant that’ll have you swearing you’ve just cloned yourself – only this clone actually enjoys taking meeting notes. Now, don’t get us wrong, we know the excitement that surges when the meeting host starts talking about Q2 targets. It’s like trying to hit a PR in the gym with your favorite music, but instead of music, it’s spreadsheets, and instead of the gym, it’s a windowless conference room. Real main character shit.

But let’s be honest, when it comes to crunching the minutes post-meeting or sifting through hours of monotonous dialogues for key insights, even the best of us would rather sign up for an extra set of burpees. That’s where Sembly, your new AI-powered meeting assistant, steps in to save your day (and possibly your career).

Sembly comes with an impressive range of features, all designed to transform your meeting experience from “do I have to?” to “let’s do this!”. It transcribes the entire meeting, identifies speakers, and can even summarize the whole conversation using its GlanceView™ technology. Not impressed yet? Wait till you see it generate key insights from every meeting. It’s like having a personal business analyst who works for coffee and compliments.

Sembly AI meeting assistant

Remember those days of scrolling through endless minutes to find that one key decision you vaguely recall from three meetings ago? Sembly is about to make that a thing of the past. It provides a searchable repository of all your conversations. It’s like the Marauder’s Map of meetings. Except, instead of “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good,” you’re saying, “I solemnly swear I won’t miss any action items.”

Risk recognition? Check. Want to avoid the next corporate scandal? Sembly’s automatic risk recognition is on it. Proxy attendance and enriched team collaboration? Double-check. This AI-powered meeting assistant has got you covered.

And for those of you who are about to ask (we see you, IT department), yes, Sembly is both SOC II and GDPR compliant, with impressive integration support. Your data security is as crucial as those meeting performance KPIs, which, by the way, Sembly will help you hit out of the park.

The best part? Sembly doesn’t require a hefty bonus or stock options to keep it happy. It starts at just $10 a month. It’s high time you bring some real AI-powered muscle to your meeting game. So, snag Sembly, tune into your next meeting, and dive into the grind. Trust us, it’s the closest thing to enjoying a meeting since someone invented the mute button.

5), folks. The answer to your never-ending stream of meetings. You know, those video conferences where you’re secretly petting your dog under the table while nodding along. Where you’re constantly on mute because, let’s be real, half the time you’re just making agreeing noises while sipping your coffee.

With, you can finally focus on what you do best – pretending to understand complex corporate jargon and rocking a business-on-top, PJs-on-the-bottom look. The tool takes care of the rest. It’s like a friendly, less sarcastic version of Siri, transcribing across all your video-conferencing apps. Even that obscure one your team’s tech whiz insisted on trying out last month.

But isn’t just a note-taker. It’s AI meeting assistant. It’s got more brains than the smart kid in your high school, identifying speakers with the precision of a conductor in an orchestra. It summarises in more languages than most of us can name. Just like how some people can whip up a risotto while running a marathon, it simultaneously generates key insights from every meeting.

And soundbites? is your DJ, slicing and dicing your meetings into digestible clips faster than you can say “synergy.” It’s got enriched team collaboration features that make remote work feel like you’re back in the office… without the horrors of communal fridges.

It doesn’t stop there.’s global search feature means you won’t be left combing through minutes looking for that one gem of wisdom that got dropped in between discussing weekend plans and debating whether hotdogs are a type of sandwich.

And get this – sentiment analysis. No more asking, “Hey, are you okay?” after a heated debate.’s like the world’s most efficient therapist, assessing moods and keeping tabs so you can focus on your “mmm hmms” and “interesting points.”

Plus, it even puts Shakespeare to shame, generating engaging monologues out of your monotonous meetings. It’s a risk detective too, spotting potential issues before they become “urgent team discussions.” But don’t worry about Big Brother syndrome.

And the cherry on top? It’s got meeting performance KPIs. Who knew you could get graded on your ability to withstand yet another conference call about conference calls? Now, you might be thinking all this must cost an arm, a leg, and your precious coffee fund. Nah. starts at just $10 a month. Or you can opt for the free plan. No strings attached. Like a buffet, but for productivity.

And for the tech-heads among you, yes, there’s API access. Because there’s nothing quite like curling up with a good string of code.

So say goodbye to frantically scribbling down notes and hello to, the AI-powered meeting assistant that turns your meeting chaos into clarity. Your calendar may still be a nightmare, but with, it’s a well-organized, productive nightmare. Now, wasn’t that the dream?

6) Avoma

Meet Avoma, your AI-powered meeting sidekick ready to help you conquer the chaotic world of meetings. Think Batman and Robin, but instead of fighting crime, we’re battling unproductive meetings. And let’s face it, some meetings can feel like a real supervillain.

The power of Avoma lies in its omnipresent ability to transcribe across all your video-conferencing apps. It’s like having a personal stenographer on speed dial, except without the speed dial…or the stenographer, for that matter. It takes notes so you don’t have to. This way, you can focus on what truly matters – pretending to pay attention while dreaming about your post-work Netflix binge.

But Avoma isn’t just your average note-taker. It’s armed with an enterprise-grade revenue intelligence solution. And if you’re wondering what the heck that means, it’s pretty much like having Sherlock Holmes on your team, deciphering clues and insights from your meetings to boost your revenue. Elementary, my dear Watson.

Ever had to schedule a meeting about scheduling a meeting? Yeah, we’ve been there too. Avoma eliminates that redundancy with its scheduling and agenda templates. Basically, it’s a personal assistant who’s never had a coffee-induced meltdown.

Avoma AI meeting assistant

What’s more, it can summarize in 30 languages. Whether you’re working with international clients or just want to impress your colleagues with a summary in fluent Swedish, Avoma has got you covered. Plus, it throws in no-show reminders because let’s be honest, we’ve all been stood up by that one colleague who thinks their time is as valuable as Elon Musk’s.

Collaborative note-taking, live bookmarking, and enriched team collaboration features are baked right into Avoma. It’s like having a super-organized coworker who doesn’t insist on using those eye-straining neon sticky notes.

And that’s not even scratching the surface. With global search, speaker recognition, automatic risk recognition, and the ability to coach & onboard CSMs faster, Avoma is the Swiss Army knife of meeting assistants. Seriously, it’s probably more reliable than that intern who always seems to be on a coffee run during important meetings.

Plus, its impressive integration support and meeting performance KPIs allow you to make data-driven claims vs. the “I think…” opinions. Imagine entering your next meeting armed with solid data instead of ambiguous opinions – now that’s some real ‘main character’ shit.

And the best part? Avoma starts at just $19 monthly, or you can opt for the FREE plan if you’re still living off those Ramen noodles. With Avoma, meetings don’t have to be a chore – they can be the productive, insightful sessions they were meant to be. So, give it a try, and let’s turn those meeting groans into cheers.

7) Dubber

Alright, let’s talk about Dubber, your new work buddy. Forget about those awkward moments where you’ve totally spaced out and have no idea what your boss just said, Dubber’s got your back. This AI-Powered Meeting Assistant is the unsung hero of the boardroom, the silent note-taker, the decision summarizer, and the vibe checker.

It’s like having a super-intelligent assistant in your pocket. More than half a million people already have one, and if you ask them, they’ll tell you: nothing’s better than letting Dubber transcribe across all your video-conferencing apps, freeing your mind to really listen or, let’s be honest, to doodle freely on your notepad.

Dubber has this impressive ability to take notes and even analyze the sentiments of your meeting. That’s right, it’s got a sixth sense for office drama and can smell a brewing conflict from miles away. We all know those meetings that start with “Let’s circle back” and end with “actioning deliverables”. With Dubber, you’ll be on top of it all.

Dubber AI meeting assistant

Do you remember Bob from accounting? Yeah, neither does anyone else. But Dubber does. It IDs speakers, ensuring Bob’s critical points on financial projections are heard and credited. Bob, this one’s for you, buddy.

While we are talking features, let’s not forget about Dubber’s unmatched integration support. It plays well with all the big players in the tech field, gliding effortlessly into your workflow. Plus, it boasts GDPR-compliant storage, meaning it respects your data just as much as your great aunt respects the five-second rule at family barbecues.

For those techies among us, don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about you. Dubber offers an API, allowing you to have more control over the system and how you want it to function. Want to tailor-make it to fit into your high-tech world? You got it.

Then there’s the Dubber app, your mobile command center. Just open the app, and you have instant access to your meetings, transcriptions, summaries, tasks, and that lovely sentiment analysis. With a few taps, you can be the superhero of meetings, armed with a utility belt of AI-powered tools.

So get Dubber on your team and say goodbye to forgetting crucial meeting points and hello to productivity. It’s time to upgrade your meeting game, seriously. Embrace the AI-powered revolution, and let Dubber help you move those meeting mountains. It’s real main character shit.

8) Supernormal

Alright, buckle up people. Let’s talk about Supernormal, your brand-new AI-powered meeting wingman, or wingwoman if you prefer, for those meetings that seem to drone on forever. Picture this: instead of scribbling down notes or pretending to be completely engaged while secretly planning your grocery list, you could have an AI meeting assistant doing all the hard work for you. Yeah, I thought that might grab your attention.

Supernormal is like the Sherlock Holmes of note-taking, it’s got an eagle eye for the important stuff and a supercomputer brain to match. It transcribes all your video-conferencing apps, no matter which one you’re forced to use that day. And it doesn’t stop there. It’s powered by some serious AI tech, which means it doesn’t just take notes; it identifies Actions & Tasks, so you know exactly what you should be doing instead of just nodding along in your next meeting.

But wait, what’s that? Your multinational mega-corporation operates in multiple languages? No problem, Supernormal has you covered. It comes with Multi-language transcription, turning your babel of voices into crystal clear notes.

And if you’ve ever wondered who said what in your meetings, it’s got speaker IDs. This way, you’ll always know if it was Bob from accounting or Sally from HR who came up with that brilliant—or not so brilliant—idea.


We’ve all been in those meetings where we’re hit by a sudden burst of inspiration, only to forget it moments later. Supernormal’s one-click highlighting feature makes sure that your brilliant insights are saved for posterity.

Now let’s get to the serious stuff. The GDPR compliant storage means your data is as safe as kittens in a basket. Plus, Supernormal can integrate with your calendar, send notes to your CRM & ATS, and even help you with Workflow management. All this makes it a tool that’s not just smart, but also reliable.

And the price? It starts at $22 per month. That’s less than the cost of your daily fancy coffee. Or if you’re the frugal type, go ahead and choose the free forever plan. Either way, Supernormal is going to transform how you handle meetings.

So, save your brainpower for the good stuff—like deciding whether you’re team ‘gif’ or ‘jif’—and let Supernormal, your new AI meeting assistant, handle the heavy lifting of your meetings. In other words, go grab yourself a Supernormal, throw on your best meeting poker face, and run towards the efficiency.

9) Jamie

Jamie, my friends, is the real deal. The minute you lay eyes on this AI-powered meeting assistant, you’ll forget about all the times you wished you could clone yourself just to keep up with meeting notes. Clone schmone. That’s so 2022. Say goodbye to manual meeting minutes, folks, because Jamie’s about to revolutionize the way you do business.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not about to suggest that Jamie can replace the human touch in meetings. After all, who else is going to laugh at your boss’s jokes or pretend to understand industry jargon? But let me tell you, Jamie’s got a few tricks up its digital sleeve. This AI meeting assistant has the extraordinary ability to comprehend industry-specific words and concepts. I mean, Jamie could probably teach us a thing or two about our own industry. No more Google searches mid-meeting, Jamie’s got your back.

And the integration? Seamless. Like a hand in a well-tailored glove. This superstar assistant blends in with most meeting software out there. So, whether you’re a Zoom zealot or a Teams traditionalist, Jamie’s ready to hop right into your meetings.

Jamie AI meeting assistant

The tech-savvy folks in Frankfurt, Germany, have outdone themselves, offering unparalleled security that makes Fort Knox look like a piggy bank. So you can put to rest those nightmares of hackers eavesdropping on your discussions about quarterly reports. But here’s the real kicker: Jamie’s adjustable summary depth. Forget about one-size-fits-all meeting notes. This AI meeting assistant adjusts the depth of your summaries like a professional diver scaling the ocean depths. Want a skim-the-surface summary? You got it. Need to go deeper? Jamie’s ready to dive.

Oh, and did I mention the personal highlights feature? That’s right, Jamie picks up on what matters to you, highlighting your golden nuggets of insight in the meeting notes. It’s like having your own personal cheerleader, minus the pom-poms. Jamie’s fluent in over 15 languages, making it the most multilingual member of your team. And automatic speaker recognition? Jamie knows who’s talking better than your office gossip. All these goodies starting at just 24€ a month? It’s a steal.

To top it all off, Jamie provides topic-based notes. Say goodbye to the chaotic mess of regular meeting minutes and hello to the era of clean, organized, topic-by-topic notes.

In a nutshell, Jamie’s not just an AI meeting assistant, it’s your new meeting co-pilot. So, get Jamie on board, sit back, and watch as your meetings transform from a time-drain into a powerhouse of productivity. You’re welcome.