Technology, with all its advancements, has indeed made a profound difference in our lives. From the earliest of times where life was hard, and people lived for no more than 35 years up to this generation where so many innovations have been made, they all can be clearly seen. Today we are living better than before. Life is secure; we are all covered against impending common risks. But technology, despite all its advantages, does come with a price.

With all the technology in place, it’s easy to use, but the effects are still not easy to bear. Technology has made us move around even when it’s urgent. We can transact business even without being personally present. We can be in multiple instant communications around the globe even when we’re asleep, but technology has a way of impairing even those. It is by disrespecting our tech time every moment that we don’t waste our time; we will end up missing out on the real essence of life. Let’s find out how technology can ruin your life or relationships.

1. Privacy No More!

Privacy No More!

Privacy is one of the basic human rights. We should have a sense of belonging when we are at peace, which only privacy can give you. Those who know privacy feel that sense of security that no one has bothered them. But unfortunately, technology has put up a bubble between mobiles and emails. Today you find few people in the street not checking their mobiles or fussing over the latest news. Privacy is a pre-requisite for calming your mind – which is probably what makes you joyful. It is the technology that is taking away the privacy from us. The real purpose of technology should be to make our life easier, not undermining our fundamental rights.

2. Distraction All Along!

We are so much dependent on technology that senior marketing executives said that it is not simply an interruption, but it’s a profound distraction that human beings are experiencing today. It is a distraction all along the chain of life. Distraction results in your direct inability to communicate properly with others or focus on a task. Without the undivided attention of your receiver, you can solve any problem or overcome any difficulty. It is important to undivided attention that is necessary for us. When you are not able to give undivided attention to anyone, your personal life automatically suffers. It is because your friends, family, and parents suffer as a result of the distraction.

3. Depression

It is firmly established that people who have a tech addiction are most likely to get depressed. Most people do not eat healthily; they do not eat a balanced diet that nourishes their body well. They take a lot of junk foods that don’t give them the nutrients they so much require. These days people forget even to see doctors, which again fails to knit them a healthy diet plan. As a result, it is a fact that few people are happy with what they eat these days. It is not necessary to check one’s Facebook account when the most important thing in your life is in front of you. Happiness in life depends a lot on how joyous your relationships are. When you fail to build those strong relationships, not everyone will understand.

4. Social Pressure

Smiles and shaking of hands are different from true relationships. Society is evolving at a very high pace, but it is a good fact that people don’t take out time to be there with themselves or others. What is the importance of your personal life if you fail to make others happy. Facebook mentions a way to show that you are kind and caring. Those not bothering you, in fact, make you feel good about yourself. Relationships that are built are the primary purpose of living. It is true that unlike other allergies, some people have relationships, and they easily cheat. People cannot make societies, except they themselves are corrupted.

5. Virtual Friendship Isn’t True Friendship!

Virtual Friendship Isn't True Friendship!

It is a cold fact that what satisfies you in real life may never confide into your virtual life. We live in a very tech prone time. Phones, emails, and other applications compel us to discuss, share, and hold many connections. Technology, with its tech suction, has made friends scarce. It is said that few get time from their busy day to listen to others. What matters in the real world is face to face talk and not what you have sent in an email.

6. Degraded Our Communication Skills

Communication has a purpose and a direction. In recent years people use to communicate with bots than with their mom and dad. We do not commit to our relationships or spouse the way a true friend does. The way few use the instant messaging app is a harbinger of poor communication skills. Communication is not just talking but a complex set of skills that help us interact with each other in productive ways.

7. Made Us Lazy!

It cannot be said enough that technology is making people lazy. With an Instant messenger system and other desktop-based applications, you can save your time and confining small tasks within your house. This is, however, not improving your life but degrading it. The laziness of life affects others more than you. People who are addicted to technology may not feel it; however, others suffer at the cost of your laziness when you neglect essential chores.

8. Ruined Many Personal Lives!

There has been a gradual shift in the way we live today. Technology has transformed us into a new kind of human being. All thanks to technology, our online presentation makes it easy for us to perpetuate a virtual and fictitious life on the Internet. We are not able to connect with a person face to face, even if the other is nearby. We are losing our connection with the real world. Technology indeed is bringing conflicts in our personal lives.

9. Has Affected Our Ability To Perceive Emotions

We use technology in such a way that we end up losing our ability to perceive emotions. With Facebook and other website (YouTube, Twitter, etc.) where you are allowed to update, comment, or share everything that you have going on in your life, our social skills have suffered. Due to the lack of proper social interaction, we sometimes end up making bad decisions. One must be able to observe, recognize, and respond to other emotions like sadness, anger, and frustration. True communication is so much ignored that you cant say our skills are degraded; they have started to get lost.

10. Has Made Us Addicted To Unhealthy Activities

Apart from being socially isolated and personally detached from the people around you, you may find it hard to assess how destructive your addiction to unhealthy activities are. The addiction to social media and desk-tops has made you so weak that you hardly exercise. In repetition, a survey shows that your ability to articulate a certain problem is severely disturbed because of the computer-related strains on merely your body.

The bottom line here is very simple, technology has made our life easy, but it too has opened doors for internal passions, which we must somehow eradicate before it ruins us.