Wifi Ultraboost Review – What It Is and You Should Buy It

Are you someone who uses the internet in their homes? Well, who doesn’t nowadays? Using the internet has become somewhat of a necessity for everyone. What’s better than having full signal reception plus high bandwidth speed, right? That’s the optimal combination. Well, that’s not always the case. You may have experienced signal drops in your house in some specific places. These zones or areas are called dead zones because the signals don’t reach there. We know it can be very frustrating not receiving strong signals. Imagine playing your favorite game and loosing due to signal drop or watching Netflix, and the signal drops and, you’re left with a buffering screen. These issues and many more arise due to the low reception of signals.

The ISP gives cheap Wifi routers with the internet they provide. It’s a big pain in the back when you have something important to do and can’t access the internet due to a drop in signals. The routers don’t cover enough area, and the signals are not strong enough to reach corners of rooms. To get broad coverage, you need to purchase an expensive router that has broader area coverage. Well, instead of that there’s a simpler and cheaper solution!

Well, there’s a solution to put you at ease so you can enjoy full signal strength wherever you are in your house. As a cherry on top, using the solution, you can even enjoy signals outside your house. Does it seem like a fantasy? Well, it’s not, and you can go and buy the product right now! Let’s get into what the product is.

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Wifi UltraBoost:

Introducing Wifi UltraBoost, which is namely a Wifi booster or Wifi extender. Both are the same terminologies. The purpose of this device is to make your life a lot easier as it will super-boost your Wifi signals. As the name suggests, it boosts or extends the range of your local Wifi signals. It dramatically enhances your Wifi experience as the coverage area increase. Using the Wifi UltraBoost, your mitigated Wifi signals will be able to reach even the dead spots. The Wifi repeater guarantees to reach all the corners of your rooms. Whether you have concrete walls or metal walls. The Wifi extender is sure to penetrate them and provide excellent signal coverage.

The Wifi UltraBoost doesn’t only support one device. It can connect to many devices at once and provide even signal coverage to all devices. All the connected devices can enjoy even data transfer rate. The cherry on top is that the Wifi Extender is a very modular and compact device. Unlike other large routers, it’s a relatively small device.


Using the Wifi repeater is as simple as ever. No setup required at all. There is no long manual to read the instructions before using it. There’s no need to use long wires as the Wifi repeater plugs directly into the wall socket. The usability is very simple and straightforward. Wifi UltraBoost ensures powerful, strong, and even signal coverage. How convenient is merely plugging in the device and having your signals boosted!

One thing to note is that your devices will be connected to the Wifi booster instead of your router.


It uses signal repeater transmission technology to boost the signals. The Wifi extender can reach speeds up to 300 Mbps. That’s a lot of speed that a simple device is capable of delivering. The Wifi extender has built-in antennas that boost the signals resulting in your house filled with strong signals. The antennas are built internally and are quite powerful.

The working mechanism is fairly simple. The router is connected to the Wifi booster, and in return, your device will be connected to the booster. The Wifi booster takes connectivity from the router through an Ethernet cable and, as a result, pumps out long-range Wifi signals that reach the deepest areas of your house. Other than the Ethernet cable, the Wifi booster does not require any extra wires.

Simply plug the Wifi UltraBoost into a socket near the place where you want to boost signals. Next, plugins the Ethernet cable. That’s it you’re, done. To connect to the web, simply connect to the UltraBoosts’ Wifi. You also have the option to simply press the WPS button and automatically connect your device to it.


  • Easy Installation
  • Simple to set it up
  • Connects to multiple devices
  • Greatly Boosts Signals
  • WPS Function (Wifi Protected Setup)
  • Best Bang for your Buck
  • Increases Signal range


  • Only boosts signals in a specific area
  • Does not increase internet speed
  • If you want signals at two opposite places, then you need to use two Wifi Boosters


One misunderstanding that users have is that they think the Wifi UltraBoost will magically increase their bandwidth speed. They think that simply by buying a device, they will have fast connection speeds. This misconception is wrong. This device does not increase the speed of your internet connection, period!

The speed limit set by your Internet Service Provider is what the Wifi UltraBoost will offer but in an increased signal range. This device enhances the speed in such a way that the places where signals are low get low speeds. Wifi UltraBoost reaches those areas and provides maximum speed set by the Internet Service Provider. Say the Internet Service Provider has given you a maximum bandwidth of 10 Mbps. The resulting speed from Wifi UltraBoost will also be 10 Mbps.

Advantages & Use Cases:

There are many uses for this device. Some are discussed below:

  1. Firstly if you live in a multi-story house and your router is set only on the first level, then you’ll be needing the Wifi repeater to make the signals reach lower floors as well as upper floors. Using the Wifi repeater, it ensures that all floors get equal signal coverage.
  2. Secondly, if you live in a house that has many rooms and says your router is placed in the center. The rooms on the outer side will not receive signals. A simple fix? Use the Wifi extender to make sure that all rooms receive signals.
  3. Thirdly say you have a backyard and you spend most of your time there. The downside is that the signals from the router don’t reach your backyard. Simply use the Wifi booster to get signals in your backyard instantly. Now you can sit and enjoy the internet in your backyard.
  4. The use cases are endless.

50% Off offer:

As of now, the Wifi UltraBoost is on sale. This is the perfect time to go and get yours as it is on a major 50% discount. This offer is for a limited time only, and Wifi UltraBoost is limited in stock. So hurry up and get yours now!

Final Verdict:

To conclude, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that this device eases up your life. Using the WifiUltra Boost, you will be enjoying strong connectivity throughout your house without the tension of your signals dropping ever. Using it is very simple and straightforward. Now with the 50% discount, it’s the perfect product to give you bang for your buck!

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