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Ultimate breeding guide for Monster Legends game
Are you addicted to Monster Legends game just like me? Well, then I welcome you to this ultimate Monster Legends Breeding Guide which I have created to help fellow players just like you.

Many of you already know that Monster Legends is one of the most popular and most downloaded online players vs. player game. It has more than 18-million downloads on the android device and according to the Google play store.

It also has around 20-million downloads on iOS devices according to the Apple app store. Today with more than 40millions peoples worldwide this game is getting familiar on a daily basis according to their official statement.

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Monster Legends Breeding Guide with charts

Breeding, research, mining, and evolution are few of the most important gameplay concept in almost every multiplay games available on almost any platform. Mining helps you to collect resources to upgrade your laboratories and to perform researches.

Then with the help of research, you are able to unlock superior powers, species, and weapons. And with the help of gems, you are able to speed up your research and upgradations process. But breeding is a unique concept and is available in only a few games where there are monsters and heroes. It allows you to combine the power of two or more species and then create a new ultimate hero or monster.

Just like any game, breeding is one of the core activity of Monster Legends. Just because you need to evolve your monsters you do mining, collect or purchase gems, perform researches and then try to create cool new species. And then with their help, you can then raid any of your opponents and loot their resources. Furthermore, according to the developer’s documents, there are more than 300 different types of monsters.

In my breeding guide for monster legends, I have tried to explain everything with the help of pictures and chart. I wish you will really like this guide and if you do so, then please share it with your friends.

How to Breed Legendary

Specie 1 Specie 2 Result
Skipples Duchess Vadamagma
Musu Terracrank Rockatanium
Rabidex Tartarus Thorder
Fayemelina Darknubis Darkzgul
Razfeesh Drop Elemental Lord Of The Atlantis
Fayemelina Darknubis Darkzgul
Erpham Drop Elemental Goldfield


Specie 1 Specie 2 Result
Light Spirit Mersnake Raane / Blesstle
Mersnake Treezard Bumblesnout / Sheluke
Thunder Eagle Mersnake Koopigg / Shock Turtle
Mersnake Metalsaur Metaselach / Metanephrops
Firesaur Mersnake Vapwhirl / Sealion
Mersnake Rockilla Musu / Gastosquish
Genie Mersnake Octocrush / Dolphchamp


Specie 1 Specie 2 Result
Mersnake Treezard Sheluke / Bumblesnout
Firesaur Treezard Greenasaur / Pandaken
Genie Treezard Bloomskips / Pandalf
Rockilla Treezard Tarzape / Rarawr
Tyrannoking Treezard Dendrosaur / Utochomp
Metalsaur Treezard Crux / Jonskeer
Light Spirit Treezard Rudicius / Vixsun


Specie 1 Specie 2 Result
Electrex Pandaken Rabidex
Utochomp Light Sphinx Fayemelina
Utochomp Koopigg Razfeesh / Fliploch
Light Sphinx Pyrook Duchess / Terracrank
Light Sphinx Pyrook Scorchpeg / Skipples
Genie Mersnake Drop Elemental
Treezard Genie Erpham
Electrex Koopigg Musu
Genie Beefcake Darknubis
Bloomskips Firekong Tartarus
Pyrook Utochomp Pandalf
Bonbon Pandaken Rhynex
Electrex Vixsun Goldcore


Specie 1 Specie 2 Result
Rockilla Metalsaur Gravoid / Rockneto
Metalsaur Firesaur Fornax / Esmelter
Light Spirit Metalsaur Aurinia / Heimdal
Metalsaur Tyrannoking Vortux / Omethyst
Thunder Eagle Metalsaur Garuda M3 / Lesaki
Metalsaur Treezard Crux / Jonskeer
Genie Metalsaur Dommeath / Manolyth
Metalsaur Mersnake Metaselach / Metanephrops


Specie 1 Specie 2 Result
Rockilla Light Spirit Goldcore / Light Spinx
Thunder Eagle Rockilla Electrex / Bonbon
Rockilla Tyrannoking Beefcake / Obsidia
Metalsaur Rockilla Gravoid / Rockneto
Rockilla Treezard Tarzape / Rarawr
Mersnake Rockilla Musu / Gastosquish
Rockilla Treezard Freetle / Firekong


Firesaur Mersnake Sealion or Vapwhirl
Firesaur Rockilla Firekong or Freetle
Firesaur Tyrannoking Flickie or Firetaur
Firesaur Treezard Greenasaur or Pandaken
Firesaur Thunder Eagle Gigram or Thundernix
Firesaur Metalsaur Esmelter or Fornax
Firesaur Mersnake Sealion or Vapwhirl
Firesaur Genie Pyrook or Djinn


Specie 1 Specie 2 Result
Tyrannoking Thunder Eagle Shanky / Terror Dactyl
Thunder Eagle Metalsaur Garuda M3 / Lesaki
Firesaur Thunder Eagle Thundernix / Gigram
Thunder Eagle Mersnake Koopigg / Shock Turtle
Light Spirit Thunder Eagle Pulseprism / Pelitwirl
Thunder Eagle Rockilla Bonbon / Electrex
Genie Rockilla Sparkwedge / Raydex


Specie 1 Specie 2 Result
Genie Treezard Pandalf / Bloomskips
Mersnake Genie Octocrush / Dolphchamp
Genie Firesaur Djinn / Pyrook
Metalsaur Genie Dommeath / Manolyth
Genie Light Spirit Zim / Flawless
Thunder Eagle Genie Sparkwedge / Raydex
Genie Tyrannoking Giragast / Haze


Specie 1 Specie 2 Result
Tyrannoking Light Spirit Fayemelina / Succuba
Firesaur Tyrannoking Firetaur / Flickie
Tyrannoking Thunder Eagle Shanky / Terror Doctyl
Metalsaur Tyrannoking Vortux / Omethyst
Tyrannoking Treezard Dendrosaur / Utochomp
Genie Tyrannoking Haze / Giragast
Tyrannoking Rockilla Beefcake / Obsidia


Specie 1 Specie 2 Result
Light Spirit Rockilla Goldcore / LightSphinx
Mersnake Light Spirit Raane / Blesstle
Light Spirit Treezard Rudicius / Vixsun
Metalsaur Light Spirit Aurinia / Heimdal
Light Spirit Tyrannoking Fayemelina / Succuba
Genie Light Spirit Zim / Flawless
Light Spirit Thunder Eagle Pulseprism / Pelitwirl

How to Breed Terracrank

Terracrank is a rock type monster which has the support type combat role. It lives on earth-like habitat and processes magical abilities. When at level 90 which is its highest attainable level have the total power of 2130. It also has 20,057 points of lifeforce, 2930 points of the speed and stamina worth 130 points.

Its natural habitat is Earth, Magic and its weaknesses are dark magic, nature. If you want to have this monster in your arsenal then you will first need to be a Level 14 player. Then you need to have a minimum XP of 25,200. Finally, you will have to spend additional 1700 gems. One of the biggest advantages of it is its immunity to blind magic.

1 2 Possibility in %
Electrex Pandalf 85.71
Bonbon Pandalf 100
Mersnake Molem 96

How to Breed Tartarus

Tartarus is a legendary evil god monster who knows how to keep a balance between his duties and personal beliefs. When at its highest attainable level (90) it processes 2730 power points, 23,970 Lifeforce points, speed worth 2080 points and the stamina worth 130. It can easily sustain on both Earth and magic like environment.

Two of its weaknesses are dark magic and nature. One of the biggest advantages of having Tartarus in your team is that you can equip it with relics. It can be equipped with armor or mask relic. Now if you want to have this monster in your gameplay then it’s necessary for you to be at level 25. Furthermore, you can buy it only when you have 1700 gold, 25,200 XP.

1 2 Possibility in %
Duchess Rockilla 100
Genie Beefcake 86.9
Arnu Beefcake 65.9

How to Breed General Thetys

I have been asked many times through emails and comment section, where is General Thetys? Well, guys, I have done all my research and have tried to find the solution not only on various authority sites but also on youtube but to your disappointment, as of now, there is absolutely no known way to breed General Thetys.

How to Breed Pyrook

Pyrook is a magic and fire type monster with a power of 2,480 points when at level 90 which by the way is the highest attainable level. It has a lifeforce value of 11,007, 2,510-speed value and stamina worth 110 points. Its weaknesses include the water and nature but have immunity to blind spell.

1 2 Possibility in %
Firesaur Genie 70
Genie Firekong 70
Ao-Loong Genie 70

I will make sure to keep this guide up-to-date with all sorts of breeding tables. So make sure to visit us in a week or so. You can use the table provided in this guide to sort the name of different species. If you liked this guide, please share it on your social profiles.

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