Monster Legends Breeding Guide with Charts – Your Ultimate Guide

Are you addicted to Monster Legends game just like me? Well, then I welcome you to this ultimate Monster Legends Breeding Guide which I have created to help fellow players just like you.

Many of you already know that Monster Legends is one of the most popular and most downloaded online players vs. player multiplayer game. It has more than 18million downloads on the android device according to Google play store. It also has around 20millions downloads on ios devices according to Apple app store. Today with more than 40millions peoples worldwide this game is getting familiar on a daily basis according to their official statement.

Monster Legends Breeding Guide with charts

Breeding, research, mining and evolution are few of the most important gameplay concept in almost every multiplay games available on almost any platform. Mining helps you to collect resources to upgrade your laboratories and to perform researches. Then with the help of research, you are able to unlock superior powers, species, and weapons. And with the help of gems, you are able to speed up your research and upgradations process. But breeding is a unique concept and is available in only a few games where there are monsters and heroes. It allows you to combine the power of two or more species and then create a new ultimate hero or monster.

Just like any game, breeding is one of the core activity of Monster Legends. Just because you need to evolve your monsters you do mining, collect or purchase gems, perform researches and then try to create cool new species. And then with their help, you can then raid any of your opponents and loot their resources. Furthermore, according to the developer’s documents, there are more than 300 different types of monsters.

In my breeding guide for monster legends, I have tried to explain the everything with the help of pictures and chart. I wish you will really like this guide and if you do so, then please share it with your friends.


Specie 1Specie 2Result
RazfeeshDrop ElementalLord Of The Atlantis
ErphamDrop ElementalGoldfield


Specie 1Specie 2Result
Light SpiritMersnakeRaane / Blesstle
MersnakeTreezardBumblesnout / Sheluke
Thunder EagleMersnakeKoopigg / Shock Turtle
MersnakeMetalsaurMetaselach / Metanephrops
FiresaurMersnakeVapwhirl / Sealion
MersnakeRockillaMusu / Gastosquish
GenieMersnakeOctocrush / Dolphchamp


Specie 1Specie 2Result
MersnakeTreezardSheluke / Bumblesnout
FiresaurTreezardGreenasaur / Pandaken
GenieTreezardBloomskips / Pandalf
RockillaTreezardTarzape / Rarawr
TyrannokingTreezardDendrosaur / Utochomp
MetalsaurTreezardCrux / Jonskeer
Light SpiritTreezardRudicius / Vixsun


Specie 1Specie 2Result
UtochompLight SphinxFayemelina
UtochompKoopiggRazfeesh / Fliploch
Light SphinxPyrookDuchess / Terracrank
Light SphinxPyrookScorchpeg / Skipples
GenieMersnakeDrop Elemental


Specie 1Specie 2Result
RockillaMetalsaurGravoid / Rockneto
MetalsaurFiresaurFornax / Esmelter
Light SpiritMetalsaurAurinia / Heimdal
MetalsaurTyrannokingVortux / Omethyst
Thunder EagleMetalsaurGaruda M3 / Lesaki
MetalsaurTreezardCrux / Jonskeer
GenieMetalsaurDommeath / Manolyth
MetalsaurMersnakeMetaselach / Metanephrops


Specie 1Specie 2Result
RockillaLight SpiritGoldcore / Light Spinx
Thunder EagleRockillaElectrex / Bonbon
RockillaTyrannokingBeefcake / Obsidia
MetalsaurRockillaGravoid / Rockneto
RockillaTreezardTarzape / Rarawr
MersnakeRockillaMusu / Gastosquish
RockillaTreezardFreetle / Firekong


FiresaurMersnakeSealion or Vapwhirl
FiresaurRockillaFirekong or Freetle
FiresaurTyrannokingFlickie or Firetaur
FiresaurTreezardGreenasaur or Pandaken
FiresaurThunder EagleGigram or Thundernix
FiresaurMetalsaurEsmelter or Fornax
FiresaurMersnakeSealion or Vapwhirl
FiresaurGeniePyrook or Djinn


Specie 1Specie 2Result
TyrannokingThunder EagleShanky / Terror Dactyl
Thunder EagleMetalsaurGaruda M3 / Lesaki
FiresaurThunder EagleThundernix / Gigram
Thunder EagleMersnakeKoopigg / Shock Turtle
Light SpiritThunder EaglePulseprism / Pelitwirl
Thunder EagleRockillaBonbon / Electrex
GenieRockillaSparkwedge / Raydex


Specie 1Specie 2Result
GenieTreezardPandalf / Bloomskips
MersnakeGenieOctocrush / Dolphchamp
GenieFiresaurDjinn / Pyrook
MetalsaurGenieDommeath / Manolyth
GenieLight SpiritZim / Flawless
Thunder EagleGenieSparkwedge / Raydex
GenieTyrannokingGiragast / Haze


Specie 1Specie 2Result
TyrannokingLight SpiritFayemelina / Succuba
FiresaurTyrannokingFiretaur / Flickie
TyrannokingThunder EagleShanky / Terror Doctyl
MetalsaurTyrannokingVortux / Omethyst
TyrannokingTreezardDendrosaur / Utochomp
GenieTyrannokingHaze / Giragast
TyrannokingRockillaBeefcake / Obsidia


Specie 1Specie 2Result
Light SpiritRockillaGoldcore / LightSphinx
MersnakeLight SpiritRaane / Blesstle
Light SpiritTreezardRudicius / Vixsun
MetalsaurLight SpiritAurinia / Heimdal
Light SpiritTyrannokingFayemelina / Succuba
GenieLight SpiritZim / Flawless
Light SpiritThunder EaglePulseprism / Pelitwirl

You can use the table provided to sort the name of different species. If you liked this guide, then please share it on social networking sites.


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