2 iOS Emulators for Android to Help You Run iOS Apps on Android

Do you want to enjoy the richness and features of iOS on your Android device? Well, to help you achieve that, today, I am presenting you a simple yet powerful iOS emulator for android.

In the first section of this guide, I will show you how to use cider apk to run iOS apps on your Android phone. In the second section, I will show you how to use the iEMU emulator. And after reading this guide, you might be able to run almost every iPhone app on your Android device smoothly.

As many of you already know that in today’s smartphone-addicted world, there are two leading mobile operating systems. And according to some statistics, both of these OS controls almost 90% of the market. 1st is Android, which is open source and is used as a primary OS by a majority of worldwide smartphone brands. 2nd is iOS, which is available only on Apple’s products and is somewhat considered as premium.

Apple’s products are considered premium mainly because of their robust build quality, superior hardware, and also because of their high pricing. And it’s because of their ridiculously high price; many of Apple’s big fans are not able to purchase their products.

But with the help of this tutorial, if you have an old Android-based smartphone, you can enjoy iOS. So let’s get started.

Using Cider Apk to Run iOS Apps on Android

Before you start following this tutorial, there are a few things that you should know about this iOS emulator.

Please read this: Though cider apk will help you to run the majority of simple iOS applications but is not compatible with specific hardware like camera, GPS, and even a few sensors. Furthermore, Cider, which is also known as Cycada APK, is only compatible with certain smartphones. These are some of its most significant flaws.

As far as security and privacy are concerned, Cider has got some security loopholes in it. You should understand that it’s an open community-based project and so the source code is available to everyone. And because of that, few developers try to exploit the code and try to perform malicious actions on the user’s device.

So what’s the solution: There are a few solutions, and I have listed them below.

  1. Download the Cider APK only from the official page and not from any other random download websites.
  2. Install antivirus application on your device.
  3. If possible, run this apk on an old smartphone that you don’t use anymore.

I will also request you not to use any of your original email address while using any type of emulator. If you consider these precaution steps, you will always be on the safer side.

Now please kindly follow the steps as shown below.

Install Cider Apk

Your very first step is to download this application and store it in your phone’s internal memory or external sd card.

Before installing this app, make sure that your device has enough storage space. I would recommend 1.5 – 2.5 GB.

Now you need to navigate to Settings >> Security >> Enable the App installation from “Unknown Source.” This setting will allow you to install cider apk on your device without any problem. Now navigate back to the cider apk installation apk and just tap on it to install it.

Once you have completed the installation task, you will find the Cider launch icon on your app drawer. You need to click on it to start it. If this application starts, then it means it is supported on your device. And if it doesn’t start then, it means it won’t work on your device ( as I have already stated, some devices are not supported ).

iEMU Emulator

It is yet another popular, easy to use, and free iOS emulator for android. It requires very little storage as compared to the cider app and offers similar features. Once you install this app, it will work parallel with your Android OS in the background. On the front end that is from the user point of view, it will offer you a pleasant iOS user interface and its features.

Now please follow these steps.

In order to use iEMU, you will need first to download it and then install it. Once installed, you will find the icon named period in your app drawer.

Just tap on that icon, and it will start this application, and you are all set to go with all new iOS interface. Remember that currently iEMU only supports .ipas & .zip files. So if you want to install any iOS app on your device, then it must be available in any of those formats.

My personal experience.

I have tested this emulator on my Moto g 3rd generation, and it worked fine with few problems. The interface was just fine. Sometimes I was able to open the settings page, and sometimes it just didn’t work.

When I tried to play Traffic Rider, I wasn’t able to play it properly because I think some of the necessary sensors were not working correctly. Sometimes I was able to take turns, and sometimes my bike used to move just straight forward. The camera was definitely not working as I tried to install various apps, but none of them were able to detect the camera sensor on my device. GPS was also not working for me.


You may install any app, you may follow and implement any workaround, but if you genuinely want to experience iOS, then you will need an Apple iPhone.

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