Forgot Apple ID Password? Here Is How To Reset Your Apple ID

In this technologically burgeoning world, there are dozens of apps that we install on our mobile phones that require a login. Sometimes it became difficult to remember all passwords and there has been an ongoing discussion on an increasing number of Apple users are asking for “iForgot Apple ID” as they want to recover their ID and password.

As we know that in order to access different features of the iPhone, iPad, iPod you must first login with your Apple ID. And this stands true for all Apple services, including the iTunes Store, App Store, Music, and iCloud. So if you forgot your ID, you can’t use any of these services until you’ve completed the login process which in your case is only possible when you have retrieved your ID. However, if you forgot your user ID, don’t worry, as we have provided a few different solutions to reset your Apple ID and password. Let’s have a look at the process!

How To Reset Apple ID and Password

Let’s start with one of the easiest and fastest ways and that is using the iForgot apple id page to recover Apple ID.

Follow the steps enlisted below in sequence to recover your account.

Step #1: Go to in the browser and enter Apple ID email address

Step #2: Click Continue and Select I need to reset my password.

Step #3: Again, Click Continue and Select Get an email or Answer security questions.

Step #4: Once you select Get an email or Answer security questions, then click Continue and Done.

Step #5: If you have chosen email then you need to check the mail with says “How to reset your Apple ID password” and if you have chosen Security Question then you will see the next option to reset once you complete the answer.

Step #6: Now click on “Reset now”

Step #7: Enter the new password and hit the confirm button.

Step #8: At the end, click Reset Password.

So I believe this was the easiest way of retrieving the account id. If the provided method didn’t work for you then I will suggest you follow the steps carefully once again. Still, if you don’t prefer to use iForgot Apple ID page then you can also check the below methods to do the same.

How To Reset Your Apple ID or Password On iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Step #1. Go to the setting of your iPhone iOS 10 or above device.

Step #2. Tab on “your name” and then password security > Change Password. You will be asked some security questions which will confirm that you are the real owner of the concerned device.

Step #3. If you are using an old version like 1.2 or low, then you need to tab on iCloud where you tab “your name” and then “password security.” Now you will ask change Password, after that, you will be asking some security questions to complete the process to reset.

Step #4. If you get trouble signing in using your ID then go to setting and tap on “Sign in to your [device]” and then tap on “Don’t have an Apple ID or forgot it.”

Step #5. Now you need to follow the steps suggested by the instruction that will appear on-screen if you wish to complete the process.

Step #6. If you are using iOS 10.2 or old version, then go directly go to iCloud and tap on “Forgot Apple ID or Password.”

In this way, you can reset your ID and Password on iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices.

How To Reset Your Apple ID or Password On MacOS (iMAC/Macbook)

Step #1. From iMac/Macbook computer open Apple menu then navigate to the system preferences. Here you will get the iCloud click on it.

Step #2. Choose your Account details.

Step #3. On this page, you will be asked to enter your Apple ID along with the associated password. As you don’t remember either, click on “Forgot Apple ID or Password” then you need to follow as per the instruction appears on screen to complete the process.

Step #4. Now click on “Security” and then “Reset password.”

Note: You need to enter your Mac unlock Password in order to properly reset Apple ID or Password.

Now let’s jump to the next step!

How to Reset Password Using Apple Support App

Step #1. Every Apple device comes with a support app that helps to reset your password but in order to use it, you will need yet another working Apple device. If this app is not on your device, you can download it from the official support app.

Step #2. To download the app you can visit the link listed above or go to App Store and search “Apple Support,” once you get a proper search result, tap on the appropriate app to download and install it.

Note: Any information you enter in this device will not be saved.

Step #3. Open the downloaded the official support app, you will have to open it and scroll to the bottom of the screen and finally tap on “Get support” option.

Step #4. Now Tab on “Apple ID.”

Step #5. Now navigate to the option “Forgot Apple ID Password” and then tap on it. After that, a new screen will load where you need to click on the “Get started” link.

Step #6. Now Tab on “A different Apple ID.”

Step #7. Enter the ID which you need to reset.

Step #8. Now tap on “NEXT” and follow as per the instruction appears on screen to complete the process. In the end, you will get the confirmation that your Apple ID password is changed.

How To Reset Your Apple ID or Password Without Security Question

Step #1. Open your account login page and then click on “Forgot Apple ID or Password.”

Step #2. It will ask for your Apple ID but as you don’t remember it, you need to click on the option “if you forgot your Apple ID.”

Step #3. Now you will be requested to enter your first name, last name, and associated email address. Enter the information to the provided field and the system will automatically reset your Apple ID.

Note: This reset method doesn’t work if you have set your mobile number as your ID.

Step #4. Now come back to reset the password, select the option to reset your Apple ID password.

Step #5. You will be provided with 3 different option:

  1. Answer security questions
  2. Get an email
  3. Recovery Key

Choose the one that you are sure you can answer correctly.


I hope this guide would have helped you. If you need any assistance or have questions about the steps outlined in this guide, please share them with us and our community in the comments section below.

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