Honor 9X – The Review You Wouldn’t Want To Miss!

When it comes to bang for your buck mid-range smartphones, of course, one of the brands that stand out is Honor. We’ve seen this last year with the Honor 8X and now comes its successor the Honor 9X. I have had this budget android smartphone for quite a while, thus decided to share my full review.

All right, so, the end of 2019 and finally upon us, and you might be taking a little bit of time off. And if you are chances are, you’re doing a couple of things to pass the time. One of them could be mobile gaming.

Now the mobile gaming industry had really boomed in 2019, and there are a lot of gaming phones out there, but gaming features and gaming performance have made it to other segments of the smartphone industry. So, you can enjoy a lot of really good gaming experiences even on phones that are still very affordable, especially when compared to the high-end gaming phones that have seen appearing throughout 2019.

Honor 9X is one such device, and today, we are taking an in-depth look at this affordable Android smartphone.

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Honor 9X Review

9X is one of the latest budget phones that offers great specifications. Triple camera setup, a massive screen, and a pop-up selfie camera. Is this cheap phone you should buy, or you should go with another option. Let’s take a look at all the pros and cons of the Honor 9x so you can make a buying decision yourself.

Honor 9X is a really worthwhile phone of the year, mainly because it brings a really nice design: very good specifications and even gaming performance for a phone that is really affordable. So I wanted to take this opportunity to look at the Honor 9X because I want to continue advocating for this thing.

Honor 9x review

I’ve been saying for quite a while now mobile gaming is a great way of reintroducing yourself or introducing new generations to previous years or previous decades games because we can all agree that there are some games from yesteryear that were incredible. And it’s really nice to be able to play them today, especially on a mobile device.

Other features include a fast and reliable fingerprint scanner that sits on the back of the phone. A hybrid dual SIM card tray, USB type C port for charging, and a headphone jack. It’s worth mentioning that the Honor 9X has only one bottom-firing speaker. I wouldn’t say that the quality of sound is the best, but it’s quite good. One feature I wish this phone had a notification LED light.


Once you pick the phone up, it looks and feels really nice and premium in hand. Although the Honor 9X follows the trend of the design language of 2019, it has a really unique looking holographic pattern on the back, which is made of glass. The overall build quality of the phone is excellent, and there are no notches or other cuts because the phone uses a 16-megapixels pop-up camera on the back.

backside of Honor 9x

The 9x has a pretty classic look in this midnight color that we have nothing too fancy or gimmicky unless you got the sapphire blue color, which has an effect that Honor calls a dynamic X design due to its well X-illusion. It’s constructed with glass panels and the aluminum frame and has curved edges, which make it more comfortable to grip.

Do take note though that like most phones, this is a smudge and fingerprint magnets. We do recommend using a case!


A massive LCD display is really beautiful to look at both indoors and outdoors. This phone has an IPS LCD display that does a pretty good job with its colors. Again this is a full HD plus display, which means it’s 2340p X 1080p resolution.

display of Honor 9x

The screen comes in at 6.5 inches, but as you can see here, the actual display doesn’t have a notch or anything actually getting in the way of anything because the popup camera is how they achieved this particular design. The panel is sharp, vivid and I like pretty accurate color reproduction.


Its processor is the high silicon Kieran 710f. Now it is powered by the Molly G51MP4 from Molly graphics, and overall, this makes it a processor that is a little more budget-conscious, but there are still a few features that allow it to play these games mainly GPU Turbo 3. GPU Turbo does continue to get updates and the latest added on a number of different games, most of which are the ones you would expect in a mobile device.

processor of Honor 9x android smartphone

And I can’t stress this enough. It’s a three-hundred-dollar phone. It’s pretty awesome, and the fact that you have so much at hand with a phone like this for such a low price is a big story in itself. So, with all that’s said, I’m going to go ahead and call him on this video on the Honor 9X. Don’t forget to watch the rest of our coverage of the Honor 9X Honor anything here at the pocket now channel. Make sure to press the subscribe button. Press the bell on the side to follow everything we do.

Kareken 710 F is at the core of this device. The UK model has four gigabytes of RAM and 128 gigabytes of expandable storage. Gaming performance is pretty good as I was able to play games like asphalt extreme shadow pi three on the highest graphics settings without any issues. PUBG runs fine on medium graphics, but you may see a few skip frames but no major lag.

playing pubg on Honor 9x

As far as software goes. The Honor 9X access ships were the EMUI 9.1 that is built on top of Android 9 with Google services working out of the box. As usual to Honor phones, there are quite a few customization options, settings, some tweaks to play with. I also got used to gesture navigation in just a moment. My experience with the phone so far has been fast and responsive on a daily basis. I usually install close to 20 to 30 apps on each device a test, and the Honor 9X has been performing really well so far. To be honest, a really good overall performance for any budget phone.


16-mp front camera of Honor 9x

Equipped with the triple rear camera setup featuring a 48-MP primary lens, 2-MP depth, as well as an 8-MP ultra-wide lens along with a 16-MP selfie camera, Honor 9X is well equipped to offer fairly good image quality. Keep in mind that I was only able to test the camera on a cloudy day, which means that the lighting conditions were not perfect.

From my experience, the rear or main camera is capable of taking some nice pictures. There was a 48-megapixel lens, too, if you need an extra level of detail, but I would use 12 megapixels for every shot. Wide-angle pictures look nice, but the lens could capture more detail. Well, this is your budget phone, after all.


My test party shots look quite nice thanks to the nicely blurred background and decent edge detection and most of the situations. I suggest using a dedicated light mode for low light shots as it picks much better quality pictures. Wide-angle camera quality does not really impress in low light, but that’s expected at this price point.

Edge detection may not always be perfect in selfie portrait mode, but we can still get some nice looking shots for social media. 1080p is the maximum resolution this phone can shoot videos at, and I wish there was 4K video recording.

The overall video quality is pretty good, but I wish the footage was more stable. You can also record videos with a wide-angle lens if you wish so. 1080p selfie video quality is decent for such a budget device.


back design of Honor 9x

In terms of connectivity, the phone has been excellent. Call quality signal reception and G.P.S. have been great, and there is also Bluetooth 5.0 and F.M. radio. A major shortcoming for some users there is no NFC is so you won’t be able to use the Honor online express mobile payments.

The battery life has been really good thanks to the huge capacity power bank inside, say the phone. On average, I could get about nine to 10 hours of screen time. If you used the device just for the basic stuff, it could get over 12 hours of SOT, which is a very respectable result.

What Comes Inside the Box?

Inside the retail packaging, there was only a 10 watts charger that fully charges the phone in nearly two hours. Overall the Honor 9X is a very good budget phone, but let’s summarize all the pros and cons.


  1. It’s a super feature-rich but really affordable smartphone.
  2. The phone looks and feels nice, and the display is beautiful to look at, there are no notches or cutouts that many people hate.
  3. The overall performance has been great.
  4. Cameras are capable of taking nice pictures.
  5. The battery life is actually superb thanks to its 4,000mAh battery.


  1. I wish the device had NFC.
  2. I’m also a little bit disappointed that there is no LED notification light.
  3. It doesn’t support 4K video recording.
  4. The battery charging speed is limited to just 10 watts.


What Is the Price of Honor 9X?

Obviously, depending on the location, the price of Honor 9X will vary. In India, its price is expected to be 14,990 rupees. In the US, it will cost interested buyers $251.73, and UK citizens will have to pay €226.99 for this Android smartphone.

Does Honor 9x Support Fast Charging?

Yes, following the trend of several other brands and successful smartphones, Honor 9X will support fast charging through its 10-watt charger. According to official documentation, users can expect a full battery recharge in less than two hours. It is worth noting that certain safety protocols have been put in place within the device to automatically stop fast charging in the event of overheating within the device. These safety protocols not only help prevent undesirable accidents but also improve the longevity of the smartphone itself.

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