Choose the Best Zero Gravity Chair for Your Home and Outings

Are you striving for complete relaxation during your lazy hours, while you are at home, after a hectic day at work? The most significant factor to feel relaxed is your seating position. In order to take you to the relaxed state of mind, the best zero gravity chair is one of the most practical solutions.

Let us try to understand the meaning of ‘zero gravity chair.’ Usually, you may feel completely relaxed and stress-free, when you are seated in a chair that elevates your feet to be at the same level of your heart. Thus, you feel weightless and stress-free.

Presently, you are living a super-busy lifestyle, and it is a well-known fact that most of the physical and mental disorders are caused due to the enormous stress you experience. Importantly, the zero gravity chairs help to improve circulation, reduces back pain, and reduce strain on your vertebrae.

So, if you wish to get away from the tension, pains, and fatigue, it would be a great idea to switch to the comfortable zero gravity recliner that serves as an ‘effective stress relief chair.’ Ultimately, a wisely chosen best zero gravity chairs would enhance your relaxation routine for sure.

Let us take a glance at some of the most appreciated zero gravity chairs available at the popular online shopping portal:

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1. Perfect Chair Human Touch PC-610 Live Power Omni-Motion Walnut Zero-Gravity Recliner

Would you love to get immersed in the comfy fluid cell cushion? This zero gravity recliner has the seating surface with a patented design. The seat displaces the pressure along three dimensions, and thus, you can enjoy the extreme pleasure of relaxation in this recliner. This is a perfect choice as it has a dedicated control for your legs as well.

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Features and Benefits

  • This zero gravity lounge chair comes with a 5-way controller, ensuring thorough relaxation in the reclined position.
  • You can get complete support to your arms through the more extended armrests.
  • You can smoothly recline the chair to reach the zero-gravity position elevating your legs above the level of your heart.
  • Fantastic lumbar curve and overall frame construction of this zero gravity chair ensure the great body and lumbar support in the reclined position.
  • It offers maximized neck support through adjustable headrest.


  • It is recommended to keep your lower back immobilized for better pain relief
  • Some users found the memory foam to be too firm, and the edges with raised borders a bit uncomfortable.

2. Lafuma LFM3120-6893 Futura Air Comfort Folding Recliner

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Lafuma presents the spectacular Lafuma zero gravity chair with outstanding features. You can recline this chair in multiple positions, including the ‘zero-gravity’ position that ensures extreme comfort and stress relief. The unique design of this folding lounge chair allows you to store it in minimal space.

Features and Benefits

  • This best zero gravity chair is made of the best quality fabric for covering. It is available in beautiful and eye-alluring colors such as Taupe, Coral Blue, and Acier.
  • You can utilize this as the best beach chair as you can easily take this chair along while heading to your favorite beach for a holiday.
  • As this chair weighs considerably less, you can use it as an outdoor reclining chair, taking it on the deck or patio in the exteriors.
  • This zero gravity recliner chair is durable, easy to install, and offers firm comfort through the best quality three breathable layer fabric.
  • It has a removable headrest cushion and a protective ring for the footrest.


  • There need to be significant improvements in the design and material of the frame for added durability.
  • The reclining mechanism can be much smoother and should be more sturdy.

3. Positive Posture Café Zero Gravity Power Recliner

Positive Posture offers this zero gravity lounge chair in attractive color shades such as Dark Brown, Garnet, and Sand. You can quickly adjust this chair to recline in various cleverly designed positions such as Upright, TV/Reading, True Zero Gravity, and High Therapy.

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Features and Benefits

  • This best zero gravity chair offers numerous adjustment positions to choose from. Thus, you can customize the position as per your preferences.
  • You can lock this zero gravity recliner in four key positions, designed for a variety of purposes. Thus, this zero gravity chair serves multiple functions in a truly relaxed manner.
  • You get full lower back support through the lumbar support pillow.
  • The heated back and seat cushions provide added comfort.
  • This zero gravity chair brings elegance and style to your living room or entertainment area through an attractive appearance.


  • This chair is a bit bulky to handle and install.
  • The memory foam layers can be made more comfortable

4. LUCKYBERRY Oversize XL Padded Zero Gravity Mesh Lounge Chair

If you are looking for an oversized zero gravity chair, this can be a wonderful choice. Additionally, this best zero gravity chair comes with a side table carrying a cup-holder. The steel tube frame body and the breathable, elastic, mesh fabric make it an easy to carry lounge chair, with the zero-gravity feature.

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Features and Benefits

  • This zero gravity lounge chair is engineered for enormous adjustments in reclining positions.
  • You can use it in the backyard, along with the pool, on the patio, and even as the best beach chair, taking it along in your vehicle for a trip.
  • You can quickly clean the Oxford fabric with a wet cloth or airing.
  • The side table allows you to keep a coffee mug or glass, a book or magazine, and some other belongings handy.
  • With a width of around 30″, this oversized zero gravity chair would accommodate a person of almost any physique with a weight of maximum 350 lbs.


  • This chair may not be comfortable for getting out of it.
  • Ensure correct locking positions when your kids are using the chair. It may be suddenly folded.

5. Zero Gravity Massage Chair by OOTORI

Enjoying the pleasure of massage in the zero gravity lounge chair is absolutely possible now. Let us take a look at this wonderful massage chair with multiple zero gravity positions that you can adjust just with the touch of a button. This has several other fantastic features that you would love to have to relax.

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Features and Benefits

  • This best zero gravity chair requires a clearance of a mere two inches from the wall. So it is space-saving.
  • You can use the surprising and revolutionary Yoga stretching feature to get your upper body and leg area stretched, while the back would be held in the massage chair area.
  • You get a Wireless Bluetooth Speaker installed in this massage chair, for ultimate musical enjoyment when your muscles are being massaged.
  • The airbags supporting your shoulders, arms, calves, and feet provide a ‘full-body air massage’ for perfect relaxation.
  • This zero gravity recliner has extendable leg-rest and adjustable shoulder width.


  • The automatic control system should be designed for additional durability.
  • The remote for this product should be user-friendly.
  • An instruction manual is a must.

6. Bonnlo Zero Gravity Rocking Chair

This Zero Gravity rocking chair would be a fascinating addition to your home for its wonderful features and benefits. Its upgraded Textilene fabric and sturdy frame structure make this a folding lounge chair that you would love to carry wherever you want. This best zero gravity chair is lightweight and easy to store.

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Features and Benefits

  • You can use this chair as the best beach chair and also for other purposes.
  • This can also be the perfect outdoor reclining chair to enjoy good times in the backyard or on the patio.
  • It has heavy-duty elastic chords offering complete support and comfort to your body.
  • This chair is built with 600D PVC material that is breathable and considerably UV resistant.
  • This year is also recommended for Hypnotherapists, Reflexologists, and Psychotherapists for the ultimate relaxation of their patients during the counseling sessions.


  • The load-carrying capacity of this product needs significant improvement.
  • The locking system for this chair needs to be adequate to avoid sudden folding.

7. Positive Posture Luma Zero Gravity Power Recliner

Positive posture presents this power-operated Zero Gravity recliner made of gracefully upholstered Marona leather and memory foam layers for added comfort. You also get an adjustable cervical support pillow that you can use for comprehensive neck and lumbar support. The Marona leather protects your health and also compliments for interior through its beautiful appearance.

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Features and Benefits

  • This best zero gravity chair is provided with comfort control technology.
  • This is a great zero gravity recliner with full coverage memory foam.
  • This chair has fully retracting leg-rests, bringing ease in getting in and out of the chair.
  • This chair also has an adjustable headrest that you can articulate, according to your preferences.
  • You can avail a 3-year warranty with prompt on-site service


  • The feet of the chair cannot be adjusted upwards
  • This project needs to be availed in various other colors to complement the interiors

8. Perfect Chair Human Touch PC-420 Classic Manual Plus Series

This is the best zero gravity chair designed for easy manipulation of reclining angles. You need to use your own weight to take this zero gravity recliner in the desired reclined angle. The frame structure of this chair is made of steel with high tensile strength. You can quickly get into the zero gravity position with your legs at a higher level than that of your heart.

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Features and Benefits

  • The zero gravity lounge chair has a hand-carved and hand-stained parawood base that is completely renewable.
  • It has a built-in lumbar curve for comprehensive support, and the design of the Orthonomic body frame is patented.
  • It has a highly reliable and user-friendly Brake Control System.
  • You can get maximized neck support through articulating headrest.
  • This zero gravity chair comes with smooth reclining and position control through an exclusive guide rail system.


  • The cost of this product is a bit on the higher side.
  • The zero gravity chair is a bit bulky to handle and install.

9. Tenozek Folding Zero Gravity Recliner Chair

Tenozek presents the best beach chair with tremendous features. This lightweight chair has an adjustable pillow that you can use as a headrest or for lumbar support. This folding lounge chair is designed to sustain a weight of 250 lbs. You can use this beautiful chair, taking it in a variety of reclining positions quickly.

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Features and Benefits

  • This reclining chair is made of sturdy steel frame and Oxford fabric in an eye-catching blue color.
  • You can quickly take this reclining chair in various reclining positions using the user-friendly legs folding methods.
  • You can take this folding lounge chair on the beach for a holiday, on the patio, along the pool, or in any other place as per your wish.
  • This zero gravity recliner can be easily maintained.
  • This is a multi-purpose chair, as you can use it for sitting in an upright position, recline it and also take it to the zero gravity position quickly.


  • The bar provided across the footrest creates obstacles.
  • Significant improvements in the packing and forwarding of this product are expected.

10. Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Locking Lounge Chair

This is another zero gravity chair designed for comprehensive support and comfort. You can avail of ultimate relaxation in any position through the bungee-cord suspension system. You get a padded headrest, armrests, better lumbar support, and an adjustable side table to keep your belongings.

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Features and Benefits

  • This product serves as the best zero gravity chair for travel. You can quickly fold it, and the size of the folding lounge chair allows you to take it anywhere.
  • This is an impressive outdoor reclining chair that adds value to your exteriors as well. You can keep it along with the pool or on the patio for hanging out.
  • This chair is made of powder-coated aluminum frame and durable, high-quality fabric.
  • It has a secure locking system for quick reclining in the desired position.
  • The manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty against faulty workmanship.


  • The reclining mechanism should be long-lasting. Some users face jamming issues.
  • The frame needs to be sturdier, as some users face difficulties as the frame doesn’t sustain the rated weight.

How to choose the best zero gravity chair?

It is a crucial task to decide on the best zero gravity chairs. Here are some significant criteria that you need to consider while choosing your next zero gravity recliner:

  • Zero Gravity Performance: Your zero gravity lounge chair should work in an ideal way, to ensure your complete satisfaction through relaxation.
  • Durability: The zero gravity chair should be made from materials and needs to be designed to last longer.
  • Frame: The material and design of the frame determine the overall comfort, the weight of the product, and the weight it can sustain practically.
  • Fabric: The fabric or covering material is also an essential component deriving the aesthetic appeal and comfort.
  • Locking and reclining mechanism: The controls and the overall mechanism for reclining your outdoor reclining chair should be user-friendly and durable.
  • Weight Carrying Capacity: The chair should sustain the weight of an average person easily.
  • Aesthetics: The color combination and texture of the chair covering should complement your interior.
  • Weight: The zero gravity rocking chair should be lightweight. At least it should not be too heavy to handle and install.
  • Space Requirements: It is better if the zero gravity chairs accommodate in minimal space.
  • Price: The features and benefits of the best zero gravity chair need to be reasonable, compared to the features.

Benefits of Zero Gravity Chairs:

If you are looking for thorough relaxation after a busy work schedule, or if you love to spend hours together on the sandy and sunny beaches on the holidays, it is wise to buy zero gravity chairs. Apart from this, there are several other health benefits that the zero gravity chairs offer:

  • The zero gravity lounge chair helps to improve circulation.
  • Spending a few hours on a zero gravity chair can eliminate fatigue from your body
  • A wisely designed zero gravity recliner supports your spine. Thus, health issues, such as back pain and neck pain, can be minimized.
  • As your legs are brought to the same level or at a higher level than that of your heart, the zero-gravity seating position can enhance the functioning of your lungs.
  • You can expect complete relaxation sitting in the best zero gravity chair.


Buying the zero gravity rocking chair would be your wisest step to switch to health and complete relaxation. This is a must-have addition to your homes, as you can get refreshed sitting in the zero gravity chair after your day-long prolonged and laborious work. So, make your choice and place your order for the best zero gravity chair today!

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