Best Microwave Ovens in India – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Microwave ovens play an essential role in modern Indian cuisine. As daily life becomes more and busier, women are still in a hurry to change their work commitments and family responsibilities. They, therefore, have very little time to cook. As a result, many people choose microwave ovens, which are very convenient because food is cooked much faster than other methods. Besides, it can be used to thaw frozen food.

A microwave oven heats and cooks food by exposing it to electromagnetic radiation in the microwave frequency range. Preparing delicious and nutritious meals in the microwave can be a pleasant experience.

However, there are a few simple rules you need to follow to get the best results from your kitchen. One of the first steps is to choose the microwave oven that best suits your kitchen. This article guides you in the purchase of the best microwave ovens in India.

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Best Microwave Ovens in India

Currently, there is a wide range of microwave ovens available on the market for different price ranges. Choosing the right microwave oven for the right price that suits all your needs can take a little research and surfing. But don’t be intimidated by this, because this buyer’s guide and reviews will help you in the process.

One of the most important things to remember when cooking in the microwave is to keep food moist and ensure a uniform cooking time. Remember that some foods take longer to prepare than others, and it is strongly recommended to maintain a constant temperature at all times.

In general, microwaves are available in several sizes in different heights, widths, and depths with dimensions ranging from 10x18x14 to 14x24x20, respectively. When choosing the size that’s right for you, you need to consider the size of your kitchen and the amount of food you usually cook. It is advisable to measure the space allocated for your kitchen before purchase.

The internal capacity of the furnace must also be taken into consideration. In general, space varies from 1 cubic foot to 2 cubic feet. This detail is indicated on the box, and you must take it into account when purchasing. Keep in mind that you cannot accommodate all your favorite dishes if the interior space is limited.

Globally, the microwave market in India is growing rapidly, as many major brands such as Samsung, IFB, LG, Bajaj, and Morphy Richards offer many models for sale. These high-end brands offer various models on the various price range that comes in the different price range.

I have listed the best microwave ovens in India that are available on the market with its characteristics, size, price range, price range, advantages, and disadvantages, etc. I strongly recommend that you read the entire article if you plan to buy a microwave for your kitchen. Let’s deal with it.

IFB 30 L Convection Microwave Oven – 30BRC2

IFB 30 L Convection Microwave Oven has found its way into many Indian kitchens in a short period. It is quite voluminous with 30 L capacity, which is suitable for joint families with five or members, which is very common in India. It comes in an attractive black color with a precise dimension of 300 x 539 x 440 mm.

Since it’s a microwave oven with convection, it is best suitable for grilling, reheating, defrosting, and of course, cooking. This oven is specially designed to make the process of grilling easy with a dedicated motorized rotisserie that enables automatic grilling.

It has a unique child lock feature that ensures absolute safety for homes with little children. Also, the rotisserie, aka rotating grill, remains clean due to the availability of fermentation, disinfect, and keep warm features.

The safety features include sensor malfunction protection, overheating protection, and child safety lock.

This oven is easy-to-use in every sense of the word with a Touch Key Pad that is sensitive to touch and easy to clean. Further, the brand offers free installation and demo with each purchase. This ensures a smooth and hassle-free buying experience for the customers.


  1. A multipurpose oven that combines tech such as Grill & Microwave, which offers a lot of cooking options.
  2. 101 auto-cook menus, express cooking, auto reheat, and steam clean.
  3. Consumes high power grilling and convection.
  4. Multi-stage cooking is available.


  1. The grill rod needs frequent maintenance.

Samsung – MS23F301TAK

This Samsung 23 L Solo microwave oven is a true revolutionary thanks to its performance and breathtaking look. Also, it is a compact furnace with touch control features that are best suited for a nuclear family of 3 or 4 members.

This solo model is very practical for reheating, defrosting, and cooking meals in small quantities. It is easy to maintain and has a long service life. Special features include touch buttons and a jog dial that ensures efficiency and ease of use.

Samsung has a long-standing reputation for manufacturing quality appliances and exceptional customer service. With this oven, they guarantee an innovative technology that ensures a wide diffusion of microwaves for homogeneous cooking.

The defrosting function is exceptional for quickly preparing meals that have been in the refrigerator for too long. You can save a lot of time and electricity with this oven thanks to its incredible features and low energy consumption.

It features a convenient touchpad and physical buttons with a metallic button for quick selection and built-in recipes for Indian cuisine. A special mention inside with a ceramic-coated cavity that ensures easy cleaning and better heat retention.


  • Easy reheating option with just the press of a start button.
  • Accommodates most medium-size vessels without congestion.
  • Easy to clean up and better heat retention.


  1. No grill or convection feature available.
  2. A little bit noisy.

Bajaj 20 L – MTBX 2016

Bajaj offers a 20 L Grill Microwave that is an essential cooking appliance that not only is useful to cook delicious meals but also in heating the food. This compact oven will fit into your modern kitchen perfectly.

The 2016 MTBX Oven has a 20-liter capacity that enables effective usage and convenient storage. The USP of this oven is that in addition to the microwave features, it offers a grill function for a wholesome experience.

The defrost feature becomes an added advantage as it lets you thaw the frozen food to prepare for cooking with minimal effort. Another delightful feature that will charm the cooking enthusiasts is the multi-stage cooking. It merely offers excellent convenience.

An integrated cooking time alarm provides you with updates on what’s cooking and how long it is gonna take for the meal to get ready. You don’t have to worry about sticking to the recipe.

A precisely engineered thermal fuse has been integrated into the design in order to protect the device and ensure safety for the 2016 MTBX Microwave oven.


  1. Defrosts pretty quickly, and food heats up fast.
  2. The combination of microwave, grill, and convection enables the perfect fusion of power and performance.
  3. A light-weight built ensures easy to move and carry.


  1. Not suitable for cooking a large quantity of food.
  2. Lighting issues ensue.

Samsung 28 L – CE 1041DSB

The Samsung CE1041DSB2/TL convection microwave oven has a capacity of 28 liters, which allows for trouble-free cooking thanks to its user-friendly features. This microwave oven is suitable for the whole family and allows you to cook food quickly and easily.

It comes with many pre-programmed Indian recipes, saving you a lot of time in preparing delicious food. Besides, it can accommodate large containers, allowing more food to be cooked in a short period.

There is a specialized deodorization framework that eliminates unpleasant odors and always keeps food fresh and ready to serve. The elegant and elegant design ensures a kitchen with a modern and chic look.

The high-quality ceramic interior lining makes it easy to clean and remains antibacterial and scratch-resistant. The display is made of attractive glacier blue LEDs that provide clear and crisp information. In addition, the child safety function is so effective that a child cannot even accidentally access it.


  1. Slim Fry Technology ensures fast cooking and crispy meals.
  2. Accommodates large dishes that enable wholesome cooking meals
  3. It comes with a detailed manual, racks, and crusty plates. A practical demo is offered.


  1. The button system is not effective.
  2. Starter kits are not available.
  3. May not fit into every Kitchen.

IFB 17 L Solo Microwave Oven

This is consistently ranked as one of the best microwave ovens in India in 2019 due to its compact size and sleek design. It’s 17 L capacity is suitable for bachelors and small families alike. It comes with five power levels, which reduces power consumption drastically and suitable for reheating, defrosting, and cooking.

The control panels come with Jog Dials that are easy to access with durability and three auto cook menu options. It comes integrated with auto cook settings that automatically adopts to standard cook menus.

Some dishes take longer to cook and requires a lot of power, whereas some dishes can be cooked fast with minimum power levels. Therefore, the control systems automatically fluctuate power levels based on dishes that need to be cooked.

One of the most desirable things about this product is that it comes with a combination of Power Grill & Combi Tech that combines the excitement of microwave and Power Grill modes to cook and brown delicious meals.


  1. A very compact and attractive microwave that fits into any kitchen easily.
  2. Saves a lot of time in cooking a quick and small quantity of meal.
  3. The power button comes hand in monitoring activities such as defrosting, heating at low, medium, and high power, respectively.


  1. Not suitable for cooking a large quantity of food.
  2. The lack of digital display might cause inconvenience due to the dependency on the button system.

IFB 20 L

This is an ideal choice for high frequency and efficiency oven in the medium size oven, which offers a frequency range of up to 2450 MHz and 20 L capacity. Nuclear families with four members highly prefer it.

IFB 20SC2 convection microwave oven comes with a host of features that is perfectly suitable for your advanced culinary skills. Further, it offers multi-stage cooking that makes cooking, grilling, and baking simpler that can auto cook up to 24 menus.

The cooking experience becomes enjoyable as it is coated with magnetron and cavity that offers long-lasting performance and power. It includes an accessory kit that comes in handy when you are shifting from one dish to another in quick succession.

Since it comes with highly automated features and settings, your food gets reheated in automated time intervals and power levels. The easy to read digital numbers keep you informed on the process of cooking with level and time at every stage of the cooking process.

The additional components include one daffodil with lid with one measuring tumbler, two idli stand, which ensures easy cooking of south Indian meals. Also, a medium Square and cook lid with a roti crisper and ladies ensures delicious chapatis or rotis for a wholesome desi cuisine.


  1. It offers a lot of advanced features in the mid-range section.
  2. The stainless material offers long-lasting performance and durability for continued cooking.
  3. The combination of 230 Volts and 1200 Watts ensures low power consumption and increased cooking efficiency.


  1. No grilling or rotary mechanism is present.
  2. Convection issues are noted.

Morphy Richards Oven

Morphy Richards is a leading home appliances brand with an international reputation. This 20-liter solo microwave oven is made with the Indian microwave market in mind. As there does a rise of small and nuclear families, owe to the post-globalization economic progression.

A small family can rely on this equipment to cater to their entire culinary requirements. This solo microwave oven can be used for multipurpose such as reheating, defrosting, and of course, cooking.

The jog dials are easy to use and long-lasting with perfect aesthetics and a mirror-finish door with multiple power levels that can be chosen as per the dish you wish to cook. This feature allows you to control the temperature depending on the time frame.

The 20 L capacity of this microwave provides ample space for you to cook up delicious meals to be relished by you and your family.


  1. The presence of overheat sensory protection ensures safety by automatically shutting off the operation in the event of overheating.
  2. It comes with a turntable instruction manual, customer care list, and guarantee card.
  3. It offers five power levels that suit different cooking needs.


  1. A barbecue tray may not be adequate for a large number of dishes.
  2. Knob rotation is not smooth and requires extra effort.

LG 32 L

LG offers an all-in-one large microwave oven that cooks everything in a large quantity, which is ideally suitable for large families. This will be a valuable addition to your dream kitchen as you are planning to expand your culinary skills and explore new recipes.

If you are wondering which microwave oven is best in the large size category, this one is for you. Imagine cooking anything and everything you want with just a touch. Yes, that dream becomes a reality with this microwave oven.

From stewing to roasting to baking to browning to pasteurizing to barbecuing to diet frying to heating to steaming to grilling, this is an all-purpose oven that lets you cook really complicated dishes with relative ease.

The tactile buttons are perfect to set the temperature/timer and jog dial that is simplified and works perfectly fine for a long time. Special features include 211 Indian auto cook menu options, tact dial, pasteurize milk option.

Your food remains warm for a long time as you can custom cook with a lot of options such as a quick menu, defrost, quick defrost, and fermentation. The door has a floral design that is attractive to the eye and enhanced the look of your kitchen.

One of the jaw-dropping features it offers is the 360-degree rotation, which ensures an even cooking on a microwave oven with grill enabled by the motorized rotisserie that offers crispy and tasty barbecue and delicious grill chicken recipes with uniform roasting.


  1. The large space and convection feature offer multiple options such as microwave, grill, bake, etc.
  2. Incredible features such as auto-cook, pasteurization, and diet fry offer various recipe options.
  3. Convenient to use with a detailed instruction manual.


  1. Not suitable for small kitchens as the 32 L capacity tends to occupy a lot of space.
  2. Nonmetal body material may get affected in the long run.

Godrej 23 L

Godrej offers an international culinary journey that lets you install cook by experimenting with various menus and recipes you can deliciously whip up with just a touch of the button.

Its compact design lets you store it the way you like it in your modern Kitchen. This is perfectly suitable for bachelors and small families with three or more members in it.

You can rest assured with the complete safety options available with child lock option that is essential for homes with small children. Other amazing features include Touch keypad membrane that is very sensitive to touch and easy to clean.

Healthy eating is promoted with Godrej’s microwave ovens that let you cook conveniently and eat delicious foods in a healthy manner. This oven offers a wholesome cooking experience starting from healthy soups all the way to delicious desserts.

As an attractive icing on the top of a delicious cake, Godrej offers Treo Bowl set as a complimentary gift so that you can present your deliciously prepared meals in a neat manner.


  1. It is easy to install and simple to use with incredible features and cookware. Also, it requires less oil for preparation.
  2. Attractive design complimented with clear display ensures easy cooking.
  3. The stainless steel inner cabinet prevents the exquisite interior from early damage.


  1. No grill rack or turntable or chef starter kit is available.
  2. With 17 kg of weight, it falls on the heavier side compared to the other 20 L microwave ovens.

Samsung 28 L Convection Microwave Oven

In recent times, Samsung has become the best brand for microwave oven in India with its impressive collection of microwave ovens. This 28 L Convection Microwave Oven is really an all-purpose appliance with stunning features.

The incredible slim fry technology utilizes hot air circulation that results in food that is crispy on the inside and flavorful on the outside. It comes with microwave, grill, and convection heaters to avoid greasy pans and hot oil splatters.

A sleek, premium design perfectly fits your modern kitchen decor. The display is illuminated with icy blue over the setting and the clock, making it easy to read and operate. The preprogrammed recipes enable you to cook up to 15 recipes automatically.

The ceramic interior offers a smooth surface that’s easy to clean and not affected by grease or oil residue. Further, the interior is anti-bacterial and scratch-resistant, which provides long-term superior quality.

Strong odors won’t linger long into the oven as the deodorization option efficiently dissipates the bad smell out of the interior. This results in bad smell being eliminated and your food staying fresh for a long duration. It is all quite fantastic, isn’t it?


  1. The convection temperature has an incredible range starting from 40 degrees Celsius up to 230 degrees Celsius.
  2. Preheat and warm options are available with an incredible time of 30 seconds.
  3. Defrost options available in auto, power, and sensor mode with power consumption up to 2100 watts.


  1. The ceramic interior is vulnerable to breakage in the long run.
  2. The starter kit is not available with the appliance.

Microwave Cooking – An Analysis

Ever since ancient times, humans have been eating food in order to render it edible. This basic principle is applied to the advanced gadget, such as a microwave oven, as heat is generated via microwaves. As there are numerous microwave ovens available in the market, the customers are flooded with numerous options. The intention of this article is to guide you in choosing the right one for your Kitchen and your exclusive cooking purpose.

These days, the pricing for microwave ovens vary significantly in accordance with the type, size, and brand of choice. For instance, a mid-sized 25 L microwave oven will cost less compared to a large 30 Lone. Therefore, it is recommended to set a budget that’s suitable for you while planning to buy one.

Another essential thing to consider is the features. Each model comes with a different feature depending on the brand and model. Hence, take note of your cooking requirements and choose a model that is most suitable for you.

Having read this elaborate guide, you must have a fair idea of what to expect and what to look for when buying a microwave oven for your Kitchen. On the final note, cooking is supposed to be an enjoyable experience. If you have a good time preparing the meal, you can be sure that it will be delicious and will be appreciated by your dear ones who eat it. Now, what more can a homemaker ask for?

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