It’s hard to find the perfect laptop bag. You want something that looks good but doesn’t cost a fortune. You want something that can keep your stuff safe but also be functional. And you want it to be made of leather so that you can feel like a real adult when you carry it around town.

But what if we told you that there are bags out there that fit all these criteria and more? And what if we told you that many of these bags retail for under $50?

Well, now we’ve done both! In this guide, we’ll introduce you to 10 of the best leather messenger laptop bags under $50 on the market today—and tell you exactly why each one is worth your time and money.

Best Leather Laptop Bags Under 50 Dollars for Men & Women

I am holding a leather laptop bag under 50 dollars

If you have a laptop or a MacBook, then the necessity of having one awesome bag becomes of utmost importance. A wide range of options in the context of leather laptop messenger bags floats on the market. And it wholly depends upon the choice of the buyer which one to select. But while selecting, always remember that you are not just buying a bag; you are buying a lifestyle. Yes, you heard me right.

Although the primary function of any backpack is to appropriately and safely hold your gadgets, clothes, gadgets, and accessories, they can add to your style quotient as well. This is the reason why backpack manufacturers have flooded the market with various styles and designs.

Remember that these bags don’t only provide a secure abode for your notebook but also help you stand out from the crowd.

Here we have enlisted the 10 best leather laptop bags, which not only ease your laptop carrying and provide it protection but also give some extra trendier look to you. So, check them out!

Lifewit 17″ Vintage Men’s Messenger Bag

Lifewit laptop backpack

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If you are looking for something out of the box and extraordinary, this knapsack could be your ultimate option. The only superior genuine leather is being used for the manufacturing of these bags makes them the most authentic ones to use. From the textile to the zippers, all are of excellent quality, giving them long-lasting durability.

The compartments provided are significant and indeed makes it one of the best 17-inch laptop messenger bag available on Amazon.

The compartments are surrounded with extra padded stuff and enhanced Velcro strap. This gives all the reasons for it to become an anti-shock and highly secured place for your laptop.

This knapsack is embraced with multiple pockets, which include one inner and one outer zipper pocket. Additionally, there are two pockets at the front with snaps and two inner wall pockets.

Along with these, the pockets to hold pens and mobile are additional ones. The two side pockets are also there, which have magnetic buckles in them.

Lifewit has tried to keep the design vintage and has done its best to make it comfortable enough to take it anywhere. With the dimensions of 17.5 x 5 x 13 inches, this backpack encompasses adjustable shoulder straps and a moveable mesh pad.

Wowbox 17 Inch Laptop Canvas Backpack

High capacity unisex vintage designed backpack

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While the side or cross-body bags sometimes feel a little heavy on the shoulders, the backpacks are incredibly easy to carry. The additional perk of having free hands while carrying a backpack is worth mentioning. The other major features are:

The high-quality genuine leather finish makes it incredibly appealing and fascinating. The extra padded leather straps lessen the stress on the shoulders to a great extent.
The multiple pockets in the bag give enough space to stuff it up with all the essentialities related to the laptop. There is one anti-theft pocket that ensures your accessories will remain safe and secure.

With external access to 4 pockets and internal access to 7 pockets, a person can place anything from big to small. The bag can be triply secured with pin buckles, drawstrings, and magnetic buckles. The main laptop compartment is padded, hence shockproof.

With the dimensions 18″(H) x 13″(W) x 6″, the leather backpack from Wowbox is a “must-have” bag for people who travel more frequently. The add-on of the bag is it comes with a keychain to organize the keys.

Handmadecart Leather Messenger Laptop Bags for Men and Women

Handmadecart laptop backpack for mens and womens

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Briefcases that utilize the unisex design get the most attention in the crowd. This is the reason why this product is preferred by most. Being made from 100% genuine leather, it suits perfectly both men and women as they are unique and one of a kind.

Now let us discuss some of its extraordinary features which compel anyone to have them. The leather used for the manufacturing is of top-notch quality with heavier grain. This gives it an incredibly attractive look and feel.

The brass fittings and hand-stitched details give it a classy appearance yet a trendier outlook. It comprises three internal compartments. Each of them endows enough space for storing all the accessories related to the laptop. The two interior zip pockets are the add-ons giving a secure place for your expensive belongings. The shoulder strap is 30 cm long, and the external dimensions are 13″ x 10″ x 4″.

Handmadecart leather briefcase is preferably for those who love to own something handcrafted and hand-stitched. So whether you are searching for a laptop bag for everyday use or for occasional purposes, this one could be a fantastic choice as it goes well with every occasion and with every outfit.

Wowbox Messenger Satchel bag for men and women

Wowbox Satchel bag

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The backpacks from Wowbox could be another excellent option to splurge upon. The wrinkly surface of the leather, which has scars and scratches, gives the person holding it a wild and retro look. As they are made up of genuine leather, the colors may be slightly different from each other. Below I have discussed a few of its outstanding features.

It is a 14” satchel that comprises four magnetic snaps along with two metal buckles for a little jazzy look. Along with the main compartment for keeping the notebook, there are additional pockets for securing books or iPads.

The inner compartments are padded to make the notebook safe from possible wear and tear. The zippers are attached to the chambers to provide extra security for the belongings.

Apart from the main compartment, there are inner slip pockets and pen holder pockets as well. The two bigger pockets for keeping the mobile or other gadgets are the extra perks that this briefcase endows to the users.

Sufficiently big and adequately sturdy, this laptop shoulder bag from Wowbox comes with 13″x10.5″x4.1″ dimensions. The shoulder strap is around 27.5- 50.5 inches long and can be adjusted as per the requirement.

HLC Unisex Real Leather Laptop Briefcase Satchel

HLC unisex laptop backpack

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If you are looking for a satchel briefcase that has an appearance of a suitcase, then the HCL Leather Unisex Briefcase Satchel could be the ultimate choice for you. Because of its design, it gives a classy feeling while holding it. Now let’s discuss some of its important features.

The inner compartment is large enough to accommodate a 15-inch laptop comfortably. Furthermore, the padded interior gives security to your notebook from every possible uncertainty.

It comprises two zipper pockets as well to keep the essential belongings safe. The goat leather provides a firm yet the supple texture and gives it a beautiful look as well. Furthermore, it looks incredibly impressive to both men and women.

The naturally treated briefcase satchel could be one of the best options if you are looking for genuine leather and a highly stylish briefcase satchel. With dimensions of 15x 11x 4 inches, it gives you ample space to keep your notebook and all the related accessories. The briefcase look gives a professional appearance to the person holding it.

Vintage Crossbody Messenger Bag by Aaron Leather

vintage looking backpack from Aaron

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This one is yet another handmade product that has a sophisticated and stylish look. It looks more like a vintage canvas bag and suits the most when held crossbody shoulder. Being suitable for every occasion, either casual or extraordinary, they can elevate your personality manifold. The major features of the product are:

Aaron utilizes vintage premium leather for the manufacturing of its bags, and this is what makes them unique and exclusive.

The stunning brown color of the leather goes really well with almost every outfit.
The two big compartments and the different side slots provide enough space to hold your device and virtually every accessory.

Along with these, there is one full-length pocket at the back of this knapsack so that relevant documents and papers can be placed securely.

There are slots for keeping pens, mobile phones, and cards or IDs as well.

With the dimension of 14.5″(W) x 11″(H) x 4″(D), it is big enough to keep a 13-inch laptop comfortably inside it. The strap is around 55 inches long and can be adjusted as per the preference of the user. It is a highly spacious shoulder backpack that can be your ultimate savior on the days when you have to hold a lot of stuff in your way.

ECOSUSI Ladies PU Leather Briefcase

ECOSUSI briefcase for womens

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I can bet once you look at the features and the outlook of this briefcase, you can’t resist owning one for yourself. This Crossbody Messenger Bag is not just for stuffing it up with your belongings but can also be used to elevate your personality. Its trendiness and elegant appearance give an impressive look to the one carrying it. Below you can read some of its important features in detail.

It is made up of top-notch PU leather and has a beautiful bow in the front, giving it quite a feminine touch. Multiple pockets and compartments provide ample of space to put all your stuff in a well-organized manner. It has not only a large compartment but also two small compartments and one zippered compartment to securely place all the stuff.

One another important feature is a zipper closure on the main compartment, which gives extra safety to the things placed inside it.
There is a padded and Velcro strap closures that can be used for a 14″ laptop, 11.5″ tablet, or 13″ MacBook or iPad.

Encompassing the dimension of 14.8 x 10.6 x 4 inches, it contains a long 55’ strap which is adjustable as well as detachable. Apart from using it as a regular laptop backpack for college, one can make use of it as a regular office briefcase or cross-body purse.

SUVOM Genuine Leather Canvas Messenger Bag

Suvom Waterproof Shoulder Briefcase

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SUVOM is another leather knapsack manufacturing company on which a person can rely for durability and easy accessibility. The additional feature of it being waterproof is like the extra perk one gets. Materials used while manufacturing is of top-notch quality and very alluring. The major features of the product are:

It made use of horse leather along with oil wax canvas to create a masterpiece in the form of a men’s laptop messenger bag. The wrinkly surface comprising scars and scratches gives a vintage look with little wildness as well.

The leather strap present in this waterproof shoulder briefcase provides extra comfort while you are holding it. Multiple pockets provide extra room for valuable belongings. One can even carry stuff like an umbrella and water bottle in it without any hassle.

An A4 magazine-size pocket at the back, along with two fronts and two side pockets, endows ample of space to put all the accessories related to the notebook. Small gadgets can also be fitted in the pockets. The wall zipper pocket provides safety to the materials.

This backpack has a dimension of 14.1″ x 4.9″ x 10.6″ and can comfortably accommodate a 14” inches notebook with all its accessories.

Jakago Retro Leather Briefcase Laptop Messenger Bag

Jakago vintage laptop briefcase satchel

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It’s a luxury to have a leather bag from Jakago. The main reason behind it is the outlook of this bag which gives a high feeling. Being made of top-notch quality PU leather, it gives some extra reasons to show off. The main features it enfolds are:

It is entirely waterproof and comes with an additional pouch for electronic accessories. It contains multiple compartments in which the two main compartments are spacious enough to embrace the laptop with ease. There is one large pocket in the front to keep the big items you have and two open pockets inside to keep small items like mobile and pens.

Its super comfortable handle is made up of leather with an adjustable strap which reduces unnecessary stress on the shoulder to a great extent.

The Jakago retro leather briefcase can be used for multiple purposes as a professional office briefcase, as a shoulder, or as a cross-body bag. No matter what style you carry, it will suit you on every occasion and with every outfit. With the dimension of 14.6 x 10.8 x 3.15 inches, it can securely keep (maximum) 14” inches screen size laptops along with all its accessories.

DHK Genuine Leather Laptop Bag

DHK 15inches messenger backpack

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Carrying a leather bag from DHK not only gives a classy look but also provides extra security to the laptop. Being made from 100% genuine goat leather DHK is one company that a person can trust blindly for its sustainability. Now let’s discuss some of its important features.

In order to make sure that customers get the best quality product, the fabric goes through rigorous testing and tanning process. This is done to retain the natural characteristics of the material.

The worth appreciable factor of this knapsack is that the products used in manufacturing it are eco-friendly and recyclable. This ensures the environment is safe as well.

The heavy-duty canvas lining provides extra protection to the knapsack and the gadgets it unfolds within. The brass fittings and durable zippers give additional security to the expensive belongings. They also provide extra durability to the product.

One can keep their notebook as big as 15” inches as it has the dimension of 15x11x4 inches. Whether you carry it as a side bag, cross body, or briefcase style, it will give a flashy look to you. No wonder you would become the center of attraction holding a leather backpack from DHK.

Which is the best Leather Laptop Bag?

After reviewing all these backpacks now, I am quite confident to suggest you Lifewit vintage messenger laptop bag. It’s the best backpack you can get with your money. It doesn’t only offer the best-in-class design but also comes with 12 different compartments.

The main laptop compartment is padded with cotton foam and is shockproof. There is one more big zipper compartment that you can use to keep your important files and documents. You can even use it to keep all your other gadgets like headphones, chargers, and other accessories without any trouble.