Alienware AW768 Pro Gaming Mechanical Keyboard Review

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Hello, this is Olivia from Gadgetraja Team, and today I am going to review Alienware AW768 mechanical gaming keyboard.

Oh! Man, I am so excited to share my views with you guys. You know what, I bought this keyboard as an early Christmas present for myself, and till now I just love it.

So, without wasting any time, let’s take a deep dive into this review.

Build Quality of Alienware AW768 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

It has a total of 109 keys. Trust me on this. I counted each of them myself even though the number was listed on the box. Now just don’t ask me why I did so.

The switches along with the electronic board are mounted on the metal backplate, and the whole thing is wrapped in a plastic casing. The Keycaps are also made of ABS plastic and have a clean, simple font.

I know you might be like what, I am spending $100 and what I am getting is a plastic casing!

It was a bit of a bummer for me also. Unless you touch this keyboard, it feels like everything is made up of metal but as soon as you get your hands on, its definitely a plastic construction. But even then, it’s relatively weighty and solidly built, and its grip is superb.

AW768 uses kale RGB switches and is only offered with the brown switch. I personally believe that kale RGB switches achieve brighter and more vibrant colors than cherries, but that’s entirely my own personal thinking.

The brown kale switch is much like cherries have the soft tactile bumps and you can feel when you actually switch.

alienware aw768 keyboard keys detailed working picture

They have a lifespan of 50 million keystrokes, have a 45g actuation force and an actuation distance of 2 mm for the total travel distance of 4mm.

Buy at $92.99 instead of $119

Design and Lightening

Aesthetically, the gunmetal colored plastic cover looks pretty nice and sleek. It comes in a matte finish combined with the gunmetal color. Both of them does an excellent job of not picking up fingerprints, and that’s something I really wanted. You see I am a gamer and at the same time and a content writer and so I had to type a lot but as soon as I put my eyes on the keyboard everywhere it’s my fingerprints and that used to annoy me a lot.

Coming back to the design, just below the number pad you will find Alienware branding. It’s a big logo, but it’s not too intrusive and really doesn’t hurt the overall look of the keyboard.

alienware branding just below the keypad

It also comes with 16.8 million color RGB backlighting. But wait I think it’s quite important to mention that it does not have full per key RGB illumination. Now that’s something I didn’t expect it from $100 mechanical gaming keyboard. But even above that, I didn’t expect that from Alienware which is known for the Aesthetic and design.

Instead of offering you with full per key RGB illumination it provides you with 13 beautifully selected lighting zones. Each of these zones can be customised individually by creating a custom profile.

The lights are powered by Dell’s Alienware control center which lets you create custom lighting profiles. Furthermore, you can also perform certainly advanced customisations like binding record macros, editing Windows log and tolerable lighting.

The software comes integrated with 10 preset effects, and most of them are your standard color and wave spectrum cycling which basically means that you cannot customise them.

lighting presets available in aw78 keyboard

The lightning animation was also quite sluggish, but they are quite unnoticeable when you are playing games or doing your daily work. One of its noticeable preset is x-ray effect which is quite refreshing.

So even though you don’t get full control over the lighting, the controls you get is more than enough to customise the overall design.

There is also one light bar under the front part of the keyboard. That what adds the ambient effect to the overall design. The light bar, however, cannot be independently controlled with the rest of the keyboard. It just mimics the custom profiles you have created and that are active on the board at that time. Although it’s worth noting that you can set any static color to the light bar, but then again it will disappear as soon as you select a preset or a custom profile with animation effects enabled.

Furthermore, there is a full illumination for all the secondary characters on all of the keys, and that’s something that is really appreciable. It’s quite a unique feature, and you will rarely find it on other gaming keyboards.

Other Important Features

The AW768 comes with a set of five dedicated macro buttons. The sixth button helps to toggles between a set of three macro profiles. Currently, there is a set of total 15 macros available.

software settings to control the macro profile keys in the keyboard

Backlighting for the macro keys also changes respectively for each profile. It also comes with a dedicated mute button, volume and scroll wheel. I think it should be mentioned that the scroll wheel is also built of plastic and not metal.

It’s important to note that this keyboard doesn’t come with a full dedicated media buttons. There is also an additional alien button that can be set to either activate the probable light, enable the gaming mode or turned on and off the Windows log mode.

AW768 keyboard comes with alien button to control additional features

Almost all settings can be customized with the help of the software.

AW768 also uses a magnetically detachable wrist rest. However, it must be purchased separately for an additional $22. To me it’s just crazy when most other manufacturers include them with their keyboards, to begin with.

One of the most significant problems with this magnetically detachable wrist rest is that it covers up most of the under-glow effects and that’s bad. Why, well that how this Alienware gaming keyboard gets its ambient effect on the front side.

The underside of the keyboard has five rubberized pads, and they offer excellent grip. No matter how slippery your desk’s surface is, this board will not move.

Furthermore, there are two rubberized extendable legs that can be adjusted to position the keyboard to the desired angle of comfort. The LED indicators are also lovely.

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Alienware Pro Gaming Keyboard AW768 is definitely an impressive mechanical keyboard with a relatively aesthetically pleasing looking design. It comes with almost every features by today’s standards.It is comfortable to use and offers great control over the lighting effects.


Design - 95

Light Control & Animation - 80

Build Quality - 85

Extra Features - 90

Price - 90


Hands down, it's one of the most attractive gaming keyboards I have ever used. I am glad I purchased it as an early Christmas present for myself. It is super responsive and typing on it is quite more comfortable as compared to my old Alienware AW568.

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